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Why do many official criminals still get pensions?


A citizen committing lesser crimes does prison time and loses everything. How is it Justice to either not prosecute official criminals or go as lightly as possible on them? Are there agreements not to turn in the rest of the official crew bent on ripping off and abusing the general public?

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Fraud Trial Opens Today Ex-State Police Major's Defense May Cast His Arrest As Politically Motivated

May 25, 2006 By TRACY GORDON FOX, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

MERIDEN -- The list of witnesses former state police Maj. Greg Senick plans to call in his defense includes dignitaries one might expect to see at a high-powered political event, not a criminal trial for larceny.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell and her chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody, made the list. So did Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano; Public Works Commissioner James Fleming; Fleming's attorney, Anna Faceto; and H. Ross Garber, counsel to former Gov. John Rowland.

Several former top state police officials, including former Commissioner Arthur Spada and former Col. Timothy Barry, also may be called. Testimony in the trial is set to begin today in Superior Court in Meriden.

Senick, 49, is accused of defrauding the state and conspiring to bill the state $10,321 for work on a house at the former Altobello property where, under the terms of a state lease, he lived for $150 a month.

So why would Senick's attorney, James Wade, call the governor and other top state officials for his defense? According to documents filed in the case, Wade may be trying to show that Senick was not a greedy state employee, as prosecutors will try to prove, but that he was used as a political football by Rell in the days after she became governor, and by Morano.

The documents suggest Wade may be trying to argue that Morano, using his recently formed Public Integrity Unit, brought charges against Senick to show he was being tough on alleged corruption.

The charges against Senick were announced the day of Rell's inauguration. She succeeded Rowland, who resigned in the midst of a federal corruption probe. Spada initially placed Senick on paid leave, the usual action taken when a trooper is arrested in connection with a nonviolent crime. But during a meeting in Moody's office shortly after Senick's arrest, Rell ordered Spada to place Senick on unpaid leave, and then went before reporters and television cameras to talk about her actions.

Rell told the media that Senick's arrest illustrated her concern about the state's "culture of corruption," and said, "that is why I took swift and immediate and decisive action."

After Senick was suspended without pay, the state agreed to pay him month by month, and he retired five months later with a state pension.

Senick is facing two criminal counts of first-degree larceny and a conspiracy charge. He was forced to retire from his $102,000-a-year job before an internal affairs investigation into his actions could be completed.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is suing Senick for "tens of thousands of dollars" in rent, plumbing repairs and snow-removal costs that he "illegally avoided" by living in a state-owned home for as little as $1 a year, Blumenthal has said.

Blumenthal Wednesday would not comment on whether his investigation may come up in the criminal trial, but said "we're pursuing our action vigorously and we're anticipating a trial nearly next year.

"The state is claiming that, under the terms of the lease, Senick was required to pay for all maintenance, including plumbing and heating repairs, lawn care, snow and ice removal and repair and replacement of windows.

But investigators for the public integrity unit of the chief state's attorney's office discovered that Senick had asked the property management firm to make repairs and do maintenance.

Documents in court - including a lengthy deposition of Dawn Hellier, an attorney for the state police - say Hellier originally approved a memorandum of understanding for Senick to live at the house.

Whether Hellier will be forced to answer the questions as a witness during the trial will be determined by the judge when the proceedings begin today.

Also to be determined is whether witnesses such as Rell will be compelled to testify.

"This case involves some intricate legal maneuvering by Mr. Senick's attorneys, therefore we are not going to comment," said Adam Liegeot, a Rell spokesman.

Neither side would comment on the witnesses or their strategies.

"It would be inappropriate to comment," Morano said.

"Any comment from the state will be made in the courtroom."

Wade also declined to comment on the case.

Spada, a former Superior Court judge, who likely will be called as a witness, reiterated his loyalty to Senick.

"I reaffirm my faith and confidence in Maj. Senick," Spada said.

"He is truly one of the finest Connecticut state troopers in the history of the department. I truly believe he will be vindicated and justice will be done."

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It is my opinion that Spada is a complete jackass and is somehow involved in profiteering and the covering up of official crimes. Click the name, former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it me or isn't Greg Senick INNOCENT until proven guilty? This trial is nothing other than a political stunt by the Rell administration. Rell goes after Greg Senick THE SAME DAY she gets into office?!?! Looks a little too planned to me. I'm a republican and god forbid I vote for her re-election. The state will not win this idiotic case. Bold statement to call Arthur Spada a jackass when you don't know him. Granted I don't know him either but what basis do you have to go on to make such a statement? Calling him a jackass is uncalled for but then again it gives me the right to say that you are the JACKASS for making the comment.

Sunday, June 04, 2006 8:36:00 PM  
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my links no longer go to posts intended.

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