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Cops scan the horizon, not for criminals, but for anyone with a video camera. Rodney King would be an unknown, had it not been for a video camera. Had the LA Cops known they were being videoed, it would be taken as “evidence” and the evidence would be lost. There has to be protection for those who videotape as that is really the only evidence that will stick against a cop. If there were videos of White Cops shooting African Americans, execution style, Corruptikut’s Courts would not be able to pull a fast one to give racist cops a soft landing.
-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

OUTSIDE FEDERAL COURT in Hartford Friday, attorney Jon Schoenhorn, left, talks with client Francisco Acevedo Jr. They sought a restraining order allowing Acevedo to graduate after an incident in which he took video pictures of a police officer. (JOHN LONG) Jun. 16, 2006 Copyright 2006, Hartford Courant

Student Is Charged In Camera Incident Seeks Court Order To Join Graduation
June 17, 2006 By LYNNE TUOHY, Courant Staff Writer

WEST HARTFORD -- It was a busy day at Conard High School Thursday, what with the release of scores of crickets in the cafeteria as a senior prank and the arrest of student council president Francisco Acevedo Jr., after he video-recorded what he said was excessive use of force by a police officer in the midst of the chaos.

Acevedo was suspended and faces the prospect of not being able to graduate with his classmates Wednesday or attend the school's post-graduation party. Acevedo, 18, and his attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, were in federal court Friday seeking a restraining order that would permit Acevedo to graduate. They also want a judge to order West Hartford police not to tamper with or destroy Acevedo's digital camera and memory card, which Officer James Parizo took from him at the school.

The case was assigned to U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill, who was out of state Friday, but has scheduled a telephone conference with both sides Monday morning.Schoenhorn claims Acevedo's constitutional free speech rights were violated, and that the suspension was in retaliation for a school walkout by more than 100 students Acevedo led in May to protest proposed harsh immigration laws.

School officials told Acevedo he was being suspended for disrespect and insubordination because he challenged Vice Principal Irene Zytka's order that he put his camera away. Acevedo said he put the camera away, then told Zytka, "I have every right to record the police using force and it seemed like he was going to beat him up," according to the affidavit filed in federal court.

"It makes me mad," Acevedo said Friday.

"I spent four years at that high school working my butt off. I'm the school president. I lead a walkout, and they take it all out on me at the last minute."

West Hartford Police Chief James Stillacci said he could not discuss the case because the other student arrested - the one Acevedo said was the target of excessive force by Parizo - is 17.

Under the state's new youthful offender law, the identities of those ages 16 and 17 who are arrested are concealed until a decision is made on whether they are granted youthful offender status, which means the case and its proceedings remain confidential. Even though Acevedo is 18, he shares the police incident report with the 17-year-old, and the police and court reports are sealed.

"I have read the report, and there's another side of the story," Strillacci said.

The chief did say the camera and memory card were safely stored in the evidence vault. He would not permit a reporter to view the video, saying, "It's part of the case file."

Strillacci said Parizo was back at work Friday as the high school's resource officer, a job he has held for about 18 months

Acevedo was charged with breach of peace and interfering with a police officer. He and the other student were handcuffed at the school, taken to the police station in the back of a cruiser, fingerprinted and booked. Acevedo said he was in a cell for about two hours before being released."

Police do not have to take someone into custody for a misdemeanor," Schoenhorn said.

"In my opinion it was done in retribution for the videotaping."

Conard Principal A. Chuck Landroche and Zytka did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Landroche suspended Acevedo for five school days, which includes graduation day Wednesday.

Acevedo said he happened to have his digital camera, which can take brief video strands, in school Thursday because that was the last day of school for seniors. He said he was heading toward the cafeteria for lunch at about 11:35 a.m. when he saw crowds of students and learned about the cricket release. Acevedo said he took out his camera to take some pictures, and started using its video function. .

Acevedo said he focused on Parizo when he saw the officer, who was trying to make his way through the crowd, "shoving the kid around."

The 17-year-old was trying to push Parizo's hands away, Acevedo said.

Acevedo said it appeared Parizo was starting to pull his baton out of its holster. At that point, Acevedo said, he told Parizo: "I've got you on tape. I'm videotaping this and you're using force on this kid. Chill out."

At that point, Acevedo said, Zytka yelled at him to put away the camera.

Acevedo acknowledged that he raised his voice when he challenged Zytka, in part to make himself heard over the noisy scene.

"There was a bunch of crickets let out. Everyone was screaming. It was chaotic already," he said.

Acevedo accompanied Zytka to the office and Parizo brought the other student there. Zytka told Acevedo to leave the school, but Parizo arrested him instead, Acevedo said.

While Acevedo was waiting in the office, he reviewed a portion of his video. He said it depicts what he described, and that Zytka can be heard yelling at him to stop.

"I am concerned about whether this videotape is going to survive," Schoenhorn said.

In his complaint, Schoenhorn said Acevedo's arrest was a "ruse" by Parizo so the officer could seize the recording.

Schoenhorn also claims Acevedo's constitutional search and seizure rights were violated, because Parizo seized the camera without a warrant.

Schoenhorn said in his civil rights complaint that Acevedo would be irreparably harmed if he is not allowed to attend graduation as a result of constitutionally protected conduct.

"In particular, [Acevedo,] a high school senior summarily suspended for the remainder of his school career, claims that his rights were violated because he recorded with a camera misconduct on school grounds by a police officer, then asserted his right to do so, when told to cease his activities," the complaint reads.

* * * *
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“I’m with stupid”
Do you remember back when shirts said that with glitter irons-ons with a hand pointing one way or the other?

I was discussing a play about heaven and hell tonight, there is a play we couldn’t come up with the name of. If has 3 people unknowingly sentenced to hell, they hadn’t known they had died and couldn’t get out of a room with two people they absolutely couldn’t stand.

We drew parallels and wondered if we had done something wrong in a past life and got sentenced to Connecticut, just to live there and be with the overabundance of assholes.

I got banned from the “Connecticut” forum on that has about 5500 members for being the Connecticut anti-cheerleader. I posted audios and videos, with as few words as possible … you know me …

A reason why no one should even drive through Connecticut, and why America should be demanding things be cleaned up in Connecticut. The world could be a better place.

* * * *

Attorney Barbara Johnson a Massachusetts attorney serving a client from Maine in a Connecticut court, has a website , and it is anti-crooked, crappy, and thin skinned shit bag judges.

Laugh out loud as Barbara tells it like it is. 50 min interview, quick download

Judge Jonathan Kaplan allegedly didn’t like her website, , that could be an indictment of his lack of character and fairness, so Judge Jonathan Kaplan allegedly called about 30 or so Judges in Massachusetts to get them to write letters to disbar Barbara.

Some Judges she had been in front for more than a decade. Kaplan is a shitbag, should be arrested, and should be properly judged and thrown in prison, in my opinion. Does Kaplan think of himself as a God and that he can do whatever he wants, when he wants. This is bad behavior of a spoiled child.

This judge is a criminal and should be locked up.

If a sack of shit judge will do that to an attorney that he just like what is on her website, image how you might do if you were in that Rockville Vernon Connecticut Courtroom that is run illegally, Unconstitutionally, and completely without morals.

This audio proves it.

* * * *

Ritt Goldstein Dec 1996 hearing on police brutality and law-breaking. The police union is like the mafia, says the Mayor of Norwalk

Jason Gebhardt- Falsely Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome; not allowed a defense

Audiofile with parents June 13, 2006 Use Windows Media Player to play this telephone interview Prosecutor Dave Shannon, Judge Gary White, This is a must hear if you’re thinking of living or staying in Connecticut

DMR death threats
DMR’s Kristine Blake “Drop the (law) suit or you’re dead!” Fox 61 TV (stay tuned, it is in two parts)

Department of Mental Retardation’s and DMHAS’ Incompetence Leads to Deaths June 12, 2006 (NEW)

Erickson Interview Kristine Blake Audio June 6, 2006 (this tells how Connecticut operates in a nutshell)

Erickson Video Kristine Blake Video Interview June 6, 2006

Steve Murzin’s_"Homeland Security" murder attempt, stabbed 13 times (audio file)

Murzin 1994 TV Interview Beaten by Police, false arrest

Steve Murzin’s lawyer, F. Mac Buckley, speaks, Channel 8 newsclip, 1994

Steve Murzin speaks about being stabbed and the events at the hospital May 22, 2006 imagine being almost stabbed to death in a sneak attack and getting arrested when you wake up.

The perp that almost killed Murzin and stabbed two others got probation. I got a year in prison, 3 years probation for pepper spraying a mugger in my dark driveway. Judge Kaplan is shitbag, corrupt judge, I had tried to have him removed for bias in civil case BEFORE I was attacked on my property at night from behind. I’m the only one in the history of Connecticut as far as I know to get prison for Breach of Peace, and Assault 3rd, guilty or not.

What a jackass.

Colchester Police request Phil Inkel to be murdered TV Interview

Inkel (video) informs legislators about police shooting off their guns around his baby, and then stealing the data he was collecting for US Attorney John Durham

Inkel update Erickson Interview June 6, 2006

Inkel update Erickson June 7, 2006

Steve Erickson Interviews Meredith Inkel

Short Video Clip of Meredith Inkel (Winamp)

Inkel’s documents- 3 attempts to get the judge to sign an order based on no actual lab evidence- a falsified “Order of Custody"

Cathy Ellison, wife of policemen. Fun times with an out of control man , Cathy Ellison a cops’s exwife, Audio file interview Beatings, Stealing Dope and other goodies, like fireworks, from cars pulled over, DCF workers dancing on the tables at the bar with the cops, More from Debauchery, Party and Screw, Central- This sure explains a lot, as far as the DCF lying to the police all the time, each of them giving each other whatever they want. Cops can be too drunk and high to return cruisers for the next shift in Connecticut. Tax Dollars well spent, yeah right.

* * * *

This post is dedicated to Phil and Meredith Inkel, of East Haddam, Connecticut, formerly of Colchester, two parents that have endured constant official harassment, the illegal DCF kidnapping of their children, illegal gag orders, not being allowed a lawyer, not being allowed to dispute false allegations and witnesses, not allowed to call witnesses in their behalf, and face each going to prison, and the courts won’t even allow family members to take in the kids, they are to be ripped off and adopted out.

I really can’t believe all the shit Connecticut Authorities are getting away with. After a decade of abuse their lives and family might be permanently wrecked in a Connecticut court, Wednesday. Is that ok with you. Phil even tried to escape the Connecticut abuse, leaving to Alaska, Connecticut authorities falsely claimed that Phil Inkel was a felon capable of heinous acts and murder and was arrested in Alaska, when the authorities in Alaska learned that Connecticut is full of shit.

Sodom and Gomorra = Connecticut


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