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Connecticut Judge rewarded for violating Civil Rights and the US Constitution, promoted

Enfield judge gets new post in Meriden
By Jennifer Hoyt, Journal Inquirer 06/30/2006

ENFIELD - Superior Court Judge Howard Scheinblum will soon be leaving the courthouse he has presided over for four years.

The state Judicial Branch has transferred Scheinblum to the Meriden Judicial District and G.A. 7 Courthouse, where he will preside over three otherjudges.

Beginning Sept. 4, Scheinblum's post as presiding judge in Enfield will be taken over by Judge Richard W. Dyer, who is currently presiding over the Middletown Courthouse for Juvenile Matters.

Dyer already had two brief assignments in the Enfield courthouse in 1995 and 2002.

Rhonda Stearley-Hebert, manager of communications at the state Judicial Branch, said such transfers are a "usual course of business."

Every year the chief court administrator and the deputy chief administrator make transfer decisions, Stearley-Hebert said.

Scheinblum, 65, will leave the court on Aug. 14, to begin a vacation. He'll go straight from vacation to his new assignment in Meriden on Sept. 4, he said.

Scheinblum said it will be hard to leave Enfield Superior Court.

"I love everybody here," he said. "For four years you become a family."

Scheinblum called himself a "workaholic," and said his staff has been very accommodating of this addiction.

Scheinblum said he's enjoyed the fast pace at the Enfield court, where there aren't any trials.

"I love the constant change of personalities," he said. "There's never adull moment. I like the rock n' roll of the arraignment court."

Staff throughout the courthouse said Friday they were disappointed that Scheinblum is leaving Enfield.

Douglas A. Ovian, a senior assistant public defender at the court, said he has watched Scheinblum's career for decades.

"I tried to emulate his example of being a determined advocate for myclients, as he had been," Ovian said.

Ovian said he's been pleased to appear before Scheinblum "in a courthouse where his concern and compassion for all of the parties before him has been the mark of his tenure."

Maria L. Reed-Cook, clerk of the court, said her office will "sorely miss"Scheinblum.

Sharon Rosato, the court reporter, said Scheinblum's "no-nonsense" style hasmade her job easy.

"He runs a tight ship," she said. "He controls his courtroom."

Scheinblum, who is originally from Hartford, received his undergraduate degree from Middlebury College and his law degree from Boston University.

Scheinblum worked in Hartford as a defense lawyer for 26 years, at whichpoint he told his wife he was ready for a change.

"I'm going to become a judge or move to Florida and sell shoes," he recalledsaying.

In 1990 Scheinblum's career path was solidified when he was sworn in as a judge and was assigned to the Tolland Judicial District Courthouse.

For 12 years he worked in courts in West Hartford, New Britain, Hartford, and Waterbury, before going to Enfield in 2002.

In April the legislature reappointed Scheinblum to an eight-year termdespite controversy he attracted during a Judiciary Committee hearing on there appointment.

During the hearing it was revealed that he had infringed upon the role ofprosecutors and tried to negotiate a plea directly with a criminal defendant. The committee overwhelmingly backed Scheinblum despite the criticisms raised against him.

Sixteen years after he was sworn in, Scheinblum said the decision to become a judge was "the best thing" he ever did.

"I love being a judge," Scheinblum said.

"I love helping people, and I believe I have over the years."

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Schienblum, toasted, not fried, at the March 21, 2006 Legislative Judiciary hearing, Hartford, Connecticut

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