Sunday, July 30, 2006

Connecticut, A Liar's Paradise for Judges and Cops

Full of Crap

The Connecticut Judiciary might be guilty of everything except raping alter boys behind the pew. They came up with an email where you can complain to them, about them.

Alert the media, they might actually do something to fix their BS.

The Judiciary runs everything in Connecticut. The type of toilet paper sold in the state might also be a pick of their iron hand written with metal fingers.

The Police are Armed Revenue Collectors, and the elected officials are puppets that have butts that really hurt from where they get stuck by the police and the Black Robed Mafia, the Judges.

An email I have received from the “Lie Their Faces off, Blacked Robed Mafia” within the post, click the link below.

More at TheSRV


Anonymous Anonymous said...

August 29, 2006, a fax sent and text posted on

Subject: “No Niggers or Spics Allowed.” is that what an un-welcome sign into Connecticut should read if actual unofficial policies were exposed?

To whom it may concern in Official Connecticut:

Does Ms. Rell have knowledge of the racist, get rid of non-whites and “White Trash” out of Connecticut allegedly hatched by former Governor John G. Rowland and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada with executive order #2?

Are Connecticut Officials that are given information about felonies committed by other officials guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and racketeering?

Would you want it known that Federal Taxpayers might be defrauded to the tune of millions in lost tax revenue and in dollars illegally used to retaliate against whistleblowers within and outside the system that try to expose official, corrupt criminals in Connecticut? Is CT Chief Justice William J. Sullivan the major conspirator/leader?

Should a State’s Governor and other officials do nothing when there is a massive scandal of retaliating against those that complain about Connecticut officials?

Should Connecticut have goon squads sent out to maliciously investigate and frame citizens that wish to sue for civil right violations in Connecticut, get mouthy to news reporters, that legitimately complain to elected officials, and that propose laws to elected officials asking for officials to be accountable, act legally, and act in the public’s best interest? Citizens are being ruined and imprisoned, it is a massive loss to all America.

When is there going to be more than pretend “We Care” and “We’ll Be Honest and Act in the Public’s Best Interest” schemes in Connecticut?

I, Steven G. Erickson, and others should be subpoenaed in and there should be a special prosecutor and grand jury formed to prosecute those in Connecticut that have committed crimes against humanity, that have violated civil rights, and that have broken the law. If Kristine Blake, Kathleen Dickson, Donald Christmas, Christopher Kennedy, former Attorney Jim Brewer, Writer Andrew Thibeault, Philip Inkel, Jeffrey Yeaw, and others were called to testify a whole conspiracy to rob the American people and obstruct justice would be unveiled. You jokers have gotten away with too much for far too long.

All branches of Connecticut Government, all departments, all courts, and all police departments should be shut down in Connecticut until they are operated in an honest and American way. It is my believe there is contract rigging, website hacking, covert operations, and covert retaliations going on out of the Department of Administrative Services, DAS. Please see that citizens and whistleblowers aren’t covertly thrown in mental hospitals by complicit doctors. Connecticut criminal officials need to be investigated and punished, Now! Connecticut’s political prisoners need to be freed!

* * * *

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 11:53:00 AM  

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