Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is Lyme Disease bigger and more expensive than A.I.D.S./H.I.V. in the USA?

Well Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed. Nobody is watching the watchers. Profits can be made on B.S. and insurance companies can not pay out on B.S. An informed public would solve this problem, but the current fear of an out of control American Government may prevent the world from knowing the actual truth.

Lyme is a recurring fever, there is no known cure yet. The effective treatment can cost in excess of $100,000 per individual for a year’s treatment. Lyme will relapse and a patient needs continuing treatment. Those that are out to profit on the lies and not pay out insurance on lies have friends in the White House and in the State of Connecticut, as Yale has power beyond the Connecticut borders. Do you remember the lies and the hype of HIV AIDS?

Study a little of bioweapons research and how pharmaceutical companies operate above and below radar and a pattern and mode of operation is revealed.

People are being harmed. Children are being harmed. Families suffer. Those that have connected the dots and that speak out suffer the consequences of going against very powerful people and organizations that are doing all they can to keep the truth from coming out.

There are telephone book volumes, reams of paper, and so much data it can boggle the mind. Because of this, the American people and the world is mostly in the dark.

I don’t think I have Lyme Disease or any other condition to my knowledge, so I am not speaking out on this issue because of a personal beef.

My personal beef is that we don’t seem to have what our forefathers expounded on, freedom, and a system with checks and balances. Police and Judges legislate from the bench and secret meetings, elected officials are only for show, there is no accountability and we are taxed and ruled without real representation, if the courts and police operate without oversight, accountability, and transgressors punished.

Try doing a word search without quotes on Lyme Disease, maybe put Connecticut in, maybe put in Yale University, or maybe even try putting Kathleen Dickson in.

I just blogged a little on this subject on MySpace.com and found myself banned on Connecticut related forums. I blogged on the subject on www.freespeech.com and the site went down just minutes later.

Jackasses rule and you, your kids, America, and the world is now suffering. Is this ok with you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm putting together a book on the source of Lyme and other "emerging viruses". I have late stage Lyme, as do two other family members. Google "Camp Detrick", or "Operation Paperclip" or WWII German and Japanese scientists hired to work at (then called) Camp Detrick in Maryland. Plum Island. Stealth viruses that are impossible to diagnose and have no cure. Bastards.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 11:31:00 PM  

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