Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Near Death Experiences, Psychological trauma, and coping skills

The year of the Gypsy Moths in New England of around 1981 caused me to have a near death experience.

I almost went into shock, my skin felt like it was on fire, and I went into a cold shower and sat under the cold stream, fully clothed for about a half hour before being rushed to the hospital.

During such a time, we humans, contemplate our own mortality.

I am having that sort of problem right now, and would want to get out my final words, if that were the case. I don't know if I faced death today, or am facing death today, but the severe allergic reaction I'm having and having not gone to the hospital, the thought crossed my mind of ceasing to be among the living.

I would want America and the world to know what is going on in Connecticut as regards to how the national economy and the general quality of life condition of Connecticut residents and others elsewhere, is going on unchecked.

Lisa Masterson a resident of England (the UK) was critical of Yale and the pharmaceutical company, Baxter, had her kids taken away, a police raid on her house, and was placed in a mental hospital to silence her. Kathleen Dickson was critical of Yale Unitiversity and their parter in the US, Smith Kline Beecham, and also exposed Lyme Crimes, an internation Big Pharma Fraud/Scam and she was treated equally bad, a political prisoner, held in a mental hospital.

The United States of America is the world's Big Brother.

Americans are losing their homes, health insurance, jobs, arresting as imprisoning as many Americans as possible, having as many State Court Cases as possible, putting as many people in court ordered programs as possible, placing kids up for adoption or placed in foster homes, and your family’s unity could also be put in jeopardy due to Federal incentives paid to states- YOUR FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS.

There is no power of elected officials in a climate where judges, prosecutors, police, and other investigators have no quality control, accountability and have a virtual immunity from prosecuton.

Retaliation against whistleblowers is now the norm.

Judges have given themselves the power to do as they please. Judges, State and Federal, legislate from the bench and there is no separation of powers, America is not a Democratic Republic, but has become or always was, A POLICE STATE.

Other States in the US may follow Connecticut’s lead as many of the richest and most powerful people in the Nation, live in Connecticut and/or have ties to Connecticut.

The US is a world power. Therefore Connecticut might be help break the moral fiber and the Quality of Life worldwide.

Connecticut is holding political prisoners in greater numbers. Criticize the Government, powerful institutions like Yale University and Big Pharma, lodging complaints against officials, prosecutors, police, and judges for misconduct and/or have proof of illegal official polices, racketeering, profiteering, and official perjury, obstruction of justice- THE HARMING OF THE GENERAL POPULATION, then you’ll face arrest, being committed to a mental hospital, police threats and beatings, possibly having an “accident” causing death, bogus trials, and imprisonment.

Before I die, whenever that may be, I want the world to know what Connecticut sociopaths are up to- THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND BASIC HUMAN DIGNITY WORLDWIDE.

A Class Action that an American Court refused to consider and Mainstream Corporate Media refused to report


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