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Skirting the Freedom of Information Act

FBI releases small part of Vice President's FBI records, withholds 89 percent of files

John Byrne
Published: Tuesday June 6, 2006

Won't release any of Cheney's FBI security reviews

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has refused to turn over 89 percent of Vice President Dick Cheney's FBI records in response to a request for the records under the Freedom of Information Act.

In all, the bureau has released 112 of 1061 pages reviewed during a two-year investigation following a request by San Francisco blogger Michael Petrelis. Petrelis filed the request prior to the 2004 election. Portions of nearly all pages released have been redacted.

The release does not foreclose the possibility that the FBI may turn over more files in the future. But it remains striking -- an aide to the FBI Freedom of Information Act office told RAW STORY in February that 783 pages had been approved for release; it appears now that many of the pages were blocked from release by the department's declassification office, which is required to review all of the pages before releasing them (Read our February article here).

As a whole, the documents released do not shed substantial light on the workings of government or of Cheney's dealings with security and the law.

The first of the files relate to Cheney's FBI field review when he was appointed to serve in the Nixon White House. The request, made by Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs John Ehrlichman, was filed Aug. 28, 1969. Ehrlichman later became famous for his creation of the "Plumbers," the group at the center of the Nixon Watergate scandal. The Nixon adviser resigned in 1973 and served 18 months in prison for obstruction of justice.

The FBI declined to release the results of any of the Vice President's FBI field reviews, conducted repeatedly since 1969 for various federal appointments under several Republican Administrations. The records show that such investigations occurred in 1969, 1974 and 1989.

None of the records show any negative information uncovered about Cheney. They do however include basic information on a lawsuit filed for Freedom of Information records in 1991, when Cheney was Secretary of Defense.

According to a 1989 memorandum, "No character/efficiency ratings were shown and there was no derogatory information in his records."

RAW STORY is printing 20 of the released pages. Additional pages are available upon inquiry, though none shed significant light on Cheney's political career.

The FBI is not compelled to turn over many of the Vice President's files due to exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act. According to a letter from the bureau, records were withheld for various reasons, including: 1) that some files are classified and could jeopardize national security 2) that some files are related to the internal personnel rules and regulations of a federal agency 3) that some memorandums would only be made available through litigation 4) that some files would violate personal or medical privacy of the Vice President and 5) that some files could reasonably be interpreted as violating the confidentiality of a confidential source that provided information to the agency on a confidential basis.

Petrelis made the Freedom of Information Act request in 2004 along with a request for files relating to President George W. Bush. He requested that the files be expedited in Sept. 2004, a month before the presidential election, citing the fact that myriad pages of Sen. John Kerry’s (D-MA) FBI files had already been released. He received 20 pages on President George W. Bush in April 2005.

Read Petrelis' blog here.


The above found here on the web

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Connecticut News and Editorials:


Who'll Monitor The Monitor?

July 4, 2006, The Hartford Courant
Taxpayers who spend millions each year to support the very difficult work of the Department of Children and Families must be scratching their heads in wonderment at the latest scandal involving adults who work there.

Commissioner Darlene Dunbar has fired Raymond M. Mancuso, a longtime DCF worker who has been acting as a federal court monitor since the last one quit under a cloud.

For those who need a scorecard to keep track of this complicated business, the DCF court monitor works under the supervision of U.S. District Judge Alan H. Nevas. The monitor's job is to make sure DCF complies with court orders dating back to 1991 to improve services for abused and neglected children in foster care.

A reasonable question to ask is why Mr. Mancuso was appointed to the task in the first place. As a DCF employee who administered those services, he is hardly independent.

But back to the firing: Mr. Mancuso was dismissed from the agency recently because an internal inquiry determined he had a sexual relationship with a woman he allegedly investigated on child neglect charges more than 20 years ago. Two previous investigations of this incident were curtailed, once when the victim declined to corroborate the allegations and later because her medical provider said the victim, who has a mental illness, could not "tolerate" an investigation.

In the spring of 2005, an unnamed whistle-blower appealed to state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to reopen the longstanding matter. He subpoenaed documents from DCF and is looking into the matter with Child Advocate Jeanne Milstein. Both question Mr. Mancuso's fitness for the monitor's position. They informed Judge Nevas by letter of their concerns about Mr. Mancuso's alleged misuse of power and unethical conduct.

Mr. Mancuso, through his lawyer, denies that the woman or her child were DCF clients at the time of the relationship and is appealing his firing. He says his dismissal violates his constitutional due-process rights because he was exonerated of any wrongdoing 20 years ago.

This situation raises more questions than it answers. Why didn't Ms. Dunbar raise a red flag when the judge appointed Mr. Mancuso to the court monitor's post last fall? Surely she knew he was being investigated because of past history and Mr. Blumenthal's subpoena.

Moreover, she reopened her own investigation, the one that led her to fire Mr. Mancuso, two months after he was appointed court monitor and fired him as the court-ordered improvements he oversaw are in their final stages.

This looks bad, even though Ms. Dunbar said she used an investigator from another agency to avoid a conflict of interest.

It's up to Judge Nevas to sort out this mess and take action that's in the best interest of the children. Remember them?

* * * *


Ragaglia Resigns Position

Former DCF Chief Faced Dismissal In State Hearing
July 6, 2006
By EDMUND H. MAHONY, Hartford Courant Staff Writer
A former state commissioner who was assigned to investigate fraud in state social services programs after being implicated in the Rowland administration bid-rigging scandal handed in her resignation Wednesday, just as the state was set to begin a hearing that could have led to her dismissal.

Kristine Ragaglia, former Gov. John G. Rowland's commissioner of children and families, was a peripheral player in the contracting scandals that toppled Rowland and key gubernatorial aides over the past three years. When federal prosecutors decided not to prosecute Ragaglia and after she provided them with key grand jury testimony, Ragaglia quietly moved through a series of state jobs before winding up as a fraud and recoveries manager at the state Department of Social Services.

Ragaglia's continuing state employment was doomed in early May when she became the subject of renewed controversy after the leak of grand jury testimony in which she admitted, among other things, taking pricey meals and weekend getaways from targets of the corruption probe. Gov. M. Jodi Rell, Rowland's successor, stripped Ragaglia of fraud prevention duties and ordered an investigation of how she got the job.

The Hartford law firm hired to investigate, Kainen, Escalera & McHale, quietly recommended Ragaglia's dismissal in a confidential, 38-page draft report dated June 22. Ragaglia submitted a letter of resignation Wednesday afternoon, just as the Department of Social Services was about to convene a 3 p.m. hearing on her dismissal from her $104,000-a-year job.

"Please be advised that I am resigning effective in two weeks, at the close of business July 19, 2006. I am waiving my employment rights," Ragaglia said.

Rowland appointed Ragaglia commissioner of children and families in August 1997, at a time when his administration was under pressure to improve care for troubled children and renovate or replace outdated institutions built to house those judged delinquent.

Not long after assuming the office, Ragaglia became aware that two key Rowland aides - co-chief of staff Peter N. Ellef and his deputy Lawrence E. Alibozek - were steering contracts to construction executive William A. Tomasso in return for millions of dollars in cash, gifts and other benefits. Two of those contracts involved state buildings under the control of Ragaglia's agency.

At about the same time, Ragaglia was romantically involved with Alibozek.

Although Ragaglia claims to have complained to Alibozek about the arrangement, she did not inform authorities. What's more, she sat on a committee that voted to steer work to Tomasso and instructed a subordinate to do the same, according to documents filed in court by federal prosecutors.

By late 2002, Ragaglia was cooperating with federal authorities who had learned independently of contracting irregularities involving Ellef.

Ragaglia admitted accompanying Ellef, Alibozek and Tomasso on weekend trips to New York and Boston - before Tomasso was awarded a $3.3 million contract to manage construction of the $57 million Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown. She also admitted accompanying Tomasso, Ellef and others on a trip to view a juvenile institution in Ohio that became the prototype for the Middletown project.

In 2003, Rowland decided not to reappoint Ragaglia. Under state personnel rules, Ragaglia was permitted to pursue other state employment and ultimately wound up managing a department commonly referred to as fraud and recoveries in the social services agency.

In a letter informing Ragaglia of her possible dismissal from the social services department, social services Commissioner Patricia A. Wilson-Coker accused Ragaglia of inappropriate conduct, deliberate violation of state ethics law and DCF policies, neglect of her duties as commissioner and acting detrimental to the interests of the DCF.

In a response, one of Ragaglia's lawyers, Kathleen Eldergill, denied Ragaglia violated ethics laws and DCF policy and disputed, without elaboration, many of Wilson-Coker's "allegations" or "conclusions." Neither Eldergill nor Ragaglia could be reached Wednesday.

* * * *

July 05, 2006

A Trip to “Bizzarro Land”

I went to Norwich Court in Connecticut today.

Phil Inkel was arrested before the agreed turn in date, so I assume he was bagged just to squash his suit against Connecticut in Federal Court. The Judge that decides Phil’s fate is a defendant in Phil’s suit. I’m not sure if Lipshits is a Magistrate or Judge, but was presiding.

Phil can’t pay for a lawyer as he’s in prison and penniless, so for all intents and purposes he’s been denied counsel. He can’t compel witnesses in his defense. Can you say “Kangaroo Court”?

Phil doesn’t have the child support money for 3 of his kids. He has work as a stone mason, but how can he support his current wife, their 4 kids, and the one on the way if he’s in jail? If they bag his wife Meredith to completely squash the Inkel’s suit claiming their civil rights were violated, Meredith will give birth strapped to a gurney, in handcuffs and shackles, and the baby will be taken into State of Connecticut custody. That is win/win for Connecticut as they get even more of your Federal Tax Dollars, Dollars well spent?

Before the Inkel case was seen, a “Mr. Weaver” was seen by the court. He owed back child support, can’t read, and asked for his “special needs” or handicap to be accommodated, and heaven forbid the State of Connecticut actually follow Federal guidelines such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. Mr. Weaver was able to work the last 2 weeks as a roofer after not being able to be employed as too many Father’s, because they are displaced Fathers, are criminals with a record (ie a Connecticut displaced Father) often unable to work, actually got a job and a week and a half’s work, didn’t give all the money to the mother of his children, wasting it on roofing tools to do his job, so he is held at your expense for contempt of court. So instead of him roofing to support his kids, now you the Federal Tax Payer pay to prosecute this sorry individual, keep him locked up, and pay for the upbringing of his kids.

The US economy is tanking. This is just one reason why. Federal Taxpayers pay to take other tax payers offline and to break up families, making children unwilling wards of the State.

I had trouble thinking Patriotic thoughts yesterday, July 4th, I thought of where I leave to go from Asshole Central …

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Blogger Vikingas

* * * *

July 03, 2006

Exposing the real cop and court agenda

means prison for the exposer/whistleblower.

Everyone that I know that has complained to the cops about cops, to DCF about DCF, and the courts about misconduct of prosecutors and judges, and/or exposes official perjury, manufacturing of evidence, withholding of evidence, jury rigging, and/or State Racketeering, gets bagged themselves.

All officials in Connecticut have something to hide or someone to hide. There is a state of fear within official Connecticut. Expose wrongdoing of other officials, nothing is done, and then get toasted yourself. It is one big lie. It is one big scam.

The Inkels in East Haddam Connecticut are neither the Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family, but they might be the modern day version of Little House on the Prairie meets Nightmare on Elm Street (Which is Official Connecticut).

Please check out the official documents and pay attention to dates and what the officials and their caregivers are accused of with the enclosed documents for proof. Click here

Bottom line, report a crime in Connecticut, and whether you are an official or not, you might just get bagged for having been a Good Samaritan.

Each case should be considered separately, and then as a whole, as a pattern. Chris Kennedy, Jeffrey Yeaw, and Kathleen Dickson were allegedly deemed the more responsible parent and were allegedly a victim of violence at the hands of the other parent. Each complained, was retaliated against for having complained about a Connecticut official, their kids were awarded to the abusive, irresponsible parent, and the complainer/whistleblower suffered and still suffers Connecticut official harassment and retaliation.

Their children are also victims of the system. There stories are each times a 1000 or maybe 10,000 just in Connecticut, and similar abuse is happening all over the US.

There is across the board abuse, and you the Federal Taxpayers pay to fund the abuse, incarcerating whistleblowers as political prisoners, pay for malicious investigations and prosecutions, for the Kangaroo Court Actions, for placing kids that should not have been taken away that are too often sexually and physically abused in foster homes, and for the long term repercussions of states living in the short term defrauding Federal Taxpayers, selling America’s soul in the Long Term.

Links to videos and audios seem to be under some type of hokey play. The www is sometimes needed and then it isn’t, but almost all my links to audios and videos can be found on, and by clicking on “Steve Erickson’s America” in the upper left hand corner of the website.

Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State


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July 02, 2006

The Connecticut Police “NT”

Translation: Nigger Ticket


Minorities, White Trash, and others that don’t have as much money as Connecticut’s Criminal Blue Blood elite need to be intimidated and blocked from any quality of life or comfort, lest they feel free, and American, to mingle, work and be anywhere.

The “Nigger Ticket” has several meanings to police in Connecticut. You can be fined $95 for not having a lit license plate light. If the officer writes you a ticket, doesn’t give it to you, and throws away the recipient copy, you’ll have an arrest warrant issued for you.

If living is too costly, scary, and lacking of quality, Connecticut Commercial Elitist want you to move out of Connecticut, minus your assets, cash, and children, so they can defraud the rest of America out of their Federal Tax Dollars.

* * * *

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?

* * * *

Free For All, Beat, Rape, and Murder as they please, Police

Excerpt: Why is it that brutal cops in Connecticut almost always get away with assaulting innocent civilians?

The simple answer is police chiefs and supervisors - as well as prosecutors - rarely have the guts or integrity to enforce the law when someone wearing a badge breaks it.

Race can play an issue, though the cops who engage in such beatings generally are indiscriminate when it comes to choosing victims.


From the Cool Justice Report (blog):

How Do You Spell Whitewash?

News & Commentary
The Cool Justice Report
July 1, 2006

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report,

Better call CNN, The New York Times and, what the heck, even Fox News: Stratford, Connecticut is being hailed as one of the few towns in the United States without a race problem.

The proclamation came from a registrar of voters, Louis DeCilio, who is refusing to attend diversity seminars mandated by Mayor James Miron. There is no bias problem in Stratford, Decilio asserted.

This calls to mind the guy caught inflagrante delicto with a mistress, who told his wife: “Are you going to believe your eyes or what I am telling you?”

Decilio doesn’t need diversity training, he needs a mental competency exam. His life in fantasyland makes me wonder about the reliability of voting records in Stratford.

Of course, it’s a comfortable world to inhabit, where a supposedly enlightened state like Connecticut doesn’t have discrimination in housing, education or health care based on race or class. This is a world view that needs to be confronted and shattered in the name of justice.

I encountered the Ostriches of Stratford three years ago in a bizarre and despicable police case. In this case, Stratford police knowingly kept an innocent black man in jail for six months.

“The town says it did nothing wrong,” civil rights lawyer Burton Weinstein noted at the time. “The fact that they say they did nothing wrong says a great deal about the town.”

The unjust jailing of Kenneth Murvin – who was in Florida at the time of the purse snatching for which he was charged – cost the citizens of Stratford $450,000 in a settlement and substantial legal fees. Typically, the town tried to hide this information from its citizens. It was uncovered only after Freedom of Information requests and aggressive reporting.

It took Milford police – who were investigating a similar purse snatching in cooperation with Stratford police—about 20 minutes to verify Murvin’s alibis. U.S. District Court Judge Alan Nevas wailed on the Stratford detectives for various misdeeds, primarily failing to disclose exculpatory evidence or tell colleagues and prosecutors that probable cause for an arrest no longer existed.

After stealing the freedom of a black man, one of the detectives was promoted.

I tried to bring this up with the Stratford police chief, Michael Imbro, after a Stratford officer assaulted a young black girl and a black town councilman this year.

“I don’t want to hear about it,” Imbro said.

Imbro, who rose through the local ranks, is an example of the inbreeding that results in insular and unaccountable law enforcement. What Stratford needs now is an outsider to lead the department and clean up the mess. No change will occur unless the Ostriches of Stratford – including the mayor, the chief and various other officials—are pressured relentlessly over the long haul to do the right thing.

It is encouraging to hear, meanwhile, that a rally to protest Stratford’s reprehensible mishandling of recent brutality complaints is scheduled for Saturday, July 8, at town hall.

Why is it that brutal cops in Connecticut almost always get away with assaulting innocent civilians?

The simple answer is police chiefs and supervisors - as well as prosecutors - rarely have the guts or integrity to enforce the law when someone wearing a badge breaks it.

Race can play an issue, though the cops who engage in such beatings generally are indiscriminate when it comes to choosing victims.

As a reporter and investigator, I have examined hundreds of police brutality cases in Connecticut over the past 30 years. For many officers, brutality is a routine part of the job. Citizens can count on being assaulted if they ask a cop why he is beating someone else. In reality, such citizens are witnesses to crimes. Their statements—if taken and used properly—can constitute probable cause for an arrest. This routinely happens when the perpetrator is a civilian. When a cop is the perpetrator, arrests only happen when there are citizen uprisings, numerous witnesses and videotape. Even then, cops usually get to keep their jobs and are let off with accelerated rehabilitation.

When I investigated one hundred such cases in Hartford in the 1980s and early 1990s, officers told me colleagues routinely lie to protect each other. So-called internal review boards generally take the word of an officer over a civilian. These investigations also serve cops by gathering evidence—legitimate or not—that can ward off civil rights lawsuits. I usually advise clients not to go to internal affairs divisions in Connecticut because they are tools of an establishment that protects itself.

Stratford’s current volatile situation probably should have resulted in the arrest of the cop who assaulted the civilians in March.

Here’s what happened:

Town Councilman Alvin O’Neal saw officer David Gugliotti punching a girl in the face and slamming her on the hood of his cruiser. The girl’s parents credit O’Neal with saving her life. For this, O’Neal was arrested. He had told the officer to stop punching the girl. Statements by O’Neal, the girl and other witnesses could constitute probable cause for the arrest of Gugliotti. Police supervisors or the chief could have arrested him on the spot. But, they didn’t.

In April, I asked Chief Imbro whether he had taken the officer’s gun. He refused to answer.

This officer, David Gugliotti, clearly seems to be a threat to the safety of the community. What is Stratford going to do about? I asked that question in April, then predicted: probably nothing.

What can citizens do? Stand up and demand justice from your public servants. The July 8 rally should be the first of many. Also, take complaints directly to the local state’s attorney, who will likely forward them to the chief state’s attorney.
Don’t waste time with police internal affairs departments. Don’t cooperate. Just say, “Lawyer.” Make sure it’s a good lawyer who knows something about civil rights litigation, police brutality and cover-ups.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Mayor Miron, The King Ostrich, announced on June 9 there was not enough evidence to charge or discipline Gugliotti for brutality

“Given the vastly disparate versions of events … no reasonable conclusion can be drawn,” Mayor Ostrich said.

Mayor Ostrich fails to take into account the propensity of police officers to lie in such cases. Mayor Ostrich shirked his responsibility to evaluate the credibility of witnesses. Mayor Ostrich has no guts. Seems he can’t even get a registrar to go to diversity and sensitivity training. I guess that kind of insubordination is OK in Stratford.

The heroes in this case, as it continues to unfold, could be rank and file citizens who won’t tolerate incompetence, cover-ups and lies. They might join with the Connecticut State Conference of NAACP branches for the rally and related activities.

Credit Wayne Winston of the Greater Bridgeport NAACP, among others, with pressing the issue. Winston cited two other racist incidents during the last 60 days in a letter he submitted to the local paper. He also compared DeCilio, with some justification, to the legendary segregationist politicians like George Wallace and Strom Thurmond.

“They spouted their racially insensitive views in 1966, and this is the year 2006,” Winston said. “If he [DeCilio] thinks there should be no concern for racism in Stratford, then he may want to convince [some] fellow town residents…”

In one recent incident, Winston said, a white man almost ran down 16-year-old black youth who had been walking in his own neighborhood. He grazed the youngster with a mirror on his shiny red pick-up truck, Winston said, and then the driver yelled, “Come fix this you f---ing nigger.”

“I guess his crime,” Winston said, “was walking while black on a city street.”

The other incident, Winston said, involved a white Stratford woman yelling at a black couple at a gas station in Trumbull: “You niggers need to be hung.” She was arrested by a black officer who was told, Winston said, “Thanks for the help, nigger.”

How do you spell Whitewash? Try S-T-R-A-T-F-O-R-D, F-A-I-R-F-I-E-L-D C-O-U-N-T-Y, C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-C-U-T, U-S-A.

Andy Thibault, author of Law & Justice In Everyday Life and a private investigator, is a mentor in the MFA writing program at Western Connecticut State University, consulting editor for the literary journal Connecticut Review and adjunct professor at the University of Hartford’s Hillyer College. Website,, and Blog,

Posted by andythibault on Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 8:50 AM

* * * *

Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?

* * * *

Police Officers allegedly paid Todd Vashon $10,000 to kill Phil Inkel

Vashon allegedly got scared and returned the cash to the cops.

The cops were never arrested.

Phil now sits in a prison cell and has endured harassment for over a decade. He tried to escape the abuse in Connecticut, traveling to Alaska. Connecticut officials lied and put out a false felony national data base record for Phil and Phil was held as a person of interest in a murder in while he was in Alaska. Like others are more and more, they discovered Connecticut is full of shit.

Your Federal Tax Dollars are being used for harassment, the holding of political prisoners, the suffering of children, murder for hire, and all sorts of State sponsored crimes and scams. More

The Cop’s Murder for hire plot

* * * *

The below emailed to:
July 6, 2006, at approx 2 PM EST

To Whom It May Concern:

At the Connecticut Judicial Branch. An open email to:

Judge Jonathan Kaplan knowingly sentenced me to prison, after I had tried to have him removed for bias in Civil cases. I had written him a nasty letter telling Judge Jonathan Kaplan of what I thought of him to the general address of the court with the Haas/Erickson docket #.

Kaplan didn’t recuse himself, for the Rockville GA 19 Connecticut Court Case Docket # Docket # CR01-0074672 and retaliated against me as he has done probably often in the past. The trial cost taxpayers money to retaliate, a personal vendetta. My small businesses failed and I was forced out of my retirement, home, and out of the sum total of my life’s work, estranging me from my daughter and family, causing untold damage. The economy is being ruined by Judges like Kaplan.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan needs to be arrested and hauled away in handcuffs to be tried in a legitimate court of law, and if found guilty, imprisoned for a long, long time.

I believe Judge Jonathan Kaplan was in contact with former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, which is illegal collusion, in railroading me to prison in an illegal trial after a false arrest.

I believe Kaplan and Spada should be prosecuted for Racketeering, Obstructing Justice, and for violating my Constitutional Rights.

Kaplan’s opening statement to me was that I was guilty and going to prison, BEFORE the trial even began. My attorney told me that Kaplan wouldn’t allow him to defend me or to dispute the prosecutor or police. What!!!???

I invested years of my life and 100’s of thousands of dollars, and was attacked on my property and pepper spray the Felon that threatened my life after he jumped me from behind. Kaplan knowingly sentenced me to prison in retaliation for my trying to have him fired and for having upset police by what I wrote in newspapers, printed in letters to the editor, and for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials.

Kaplan also allegedly took Chris Kennedy’s kids away after telling Chris on the record that he is Irish, there is strife in Ireland, and he is taking Chris’ kids away. What!!!???

Please do a word search on my name, “Steven G. Erickson” and you’ll find plenty of information.

I am posting this email to you on:

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730

Enfield, CT 06083-0730

P.S. I notified Chief Justice William Sullivan of my complaints against Kaplan and regarding the Racketeering and Obstruction of Justice. If Sullivan didn’t pass it on to an investigating body, Sullivan should be charged with obstructing justice, racketeering, and other crimes. Not investigating citizen complaints about Judges to the Judiciary is illegal and Unconstitutional. Please act in the Public’s best interest and for the US Constitution, please see to it Kaplan, Sullivan, and other criminals in the Connecticut court system are arrested and tried. I would like to see them be tried and convicted for treason and then hung.

* * * *

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