Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bigger than Watergate, Big Pharma is scamming everybody everywhere


Canada should be absolutely pissed at the US.

Pristine lands are now infected with Lyme Disease.

How did a soft body tick borne disease from Africa first discovered as a tropical disease, I repeat “tropical” disease, by the British in World War I, end up as a hard body tick disease that is in a Bio-Weapons/Big Pharma hotspot, the Connecticut coast?

There is no vaccine.

There is no cure.

Ceftriaxone might be the only effective drug to combat Lyme. Being able to live a normal life again, means 100’s of thousands of dollars in medicine and doctors visits annually. You can imagine the scared officials and corporate scumbags that are worried that you’ll find out and they will face the music for their crimes.

If you get bit by a tick, don’t wait for the red circle that may or may not appear, get a course of antibiotics prescribed and administered as soon as possible, don’t delay.

If you delay, spirochetes can be found in your brain and in your spine, these ancient critters could live in a sulfur environment of early earth, they are one mean MF, and are simply stealthy and terminate and wreak havoc without end.

Think of the Terminator the movie in disease form.

Your brain will swell against your cranial cavity, you’ll have a head-ache that can’t be escaped and if you are given courses of the only known drug that will combat Lyme, Cetriaxone, at 12k to $15,000 a month for six or so months at a time. The infection never goes away, you’ll need the drug again, and again. Insurance companies could go bankrupt in a New York minute.

AIDS/HIV (A.I.D.S./H.I.V.) is expensive, imagine patients that live longer and need such an expensive drug, the outbreak might not even be measurable thanks to those that wish to profit at your expense.

The secret is so alarming to Big Pharma and the Official Cover-up committee, that those citizens and parents that are sick, those yet undiagnosed, mothers that pass on the Lyme Disease to the unborn, and those that find out that Lyme Disease is a recurring, never ending nightmare, are subject to the largest cover-up the world may have ever have seen.

Yale University allegedly had the patent to the only effective test for Lyme.

The disease has many stages, different markers are present at each stage.

You don’t have to have arthritis of the knee to have Lyme. So don’t let the lying liars scam you.

So many diseases are undiagnosed Lyme.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s, and so many other diseases are either misdiagnosed Lyme or are brought on as complications of Lyme and possibly dangerous ineffective Lyme treatments such as the drug Lyme-Rx or Lyme-Rix (LymeRix) that was pulled off the market after Kathleen Dickson, an expert in the field, testified in front of the FDA, and a major health crisis due solely to a dangerous Big Pharma fraud was averted. Her testimony can be still found if you google her name and get cached copies of some of the webpages that seem to be disappearing as more and more official criminals get nervous of exposure.

Yale seemed to forget it had an effective test, when it came out with a vaccine. I think Yale’s real name should be “Spies R Us”

There is no possible way to have a vaccine for Lyme.

Smith Kline Beecham and Yale are pulling one of the biggest scams, ever.

Baxter and Yale are currently screwing all the citizens they can over in the UK. Just ask Lisa Masterson, an expert in the London area that suffered the same type of official abuse for just trying to expose an immense international fraud.

Try either using google or search engine and put in Plum Island. Try to find the cache version. It is a bio-weapons lab. Why do prevailing winds from the island off Long Island Sound, New York seem to come just past Lyme Connecticut, does that seem strange that suddenly a tropical disease should suddenly pop up in Connecticut?

Official Connecticut doesn’t want people to just to up and leave the infection ground zero. The cover-up involved not exterminating an explosion of deer, jeopardizing the health of millions. The epidemic is a dirty secret, the genie is out of the bottle, and official Connecticut is hiding that scam and so many others.

Unless this criminal empire can be curbed, I would advise the US government and free, American States, to put up around Connecticut, install border control guards, guard towers, search lights, machine gun nests, electronic surveillance of “buffer zones” and maybe make a freer area, such as Cuba a state if they are willing and want to make a couple of changes that Connecticut can or will not make, not to lose a star on the American flag. Connecticut should be forced to surrender its affiliation with America and the word “Constitution” be removed from license plates.

I would like to have artwork for the above post. I was thinking a butt should represent the state, and you know just where the highway would run, with a sign saying, “Welcome to Corruptikut” off to the side. It could be hairy and infected, with ticks all over it. There could be other parasites shown and labeled “DCF”, “Connecticut State Police”, and Corrupticourts.

Call Governor Rell and all Connecticut legislators, Federal and State, ask them if they know the name Steven G. Erickson, and tell them I said, “How do you like me now?”

Connecticut, you can send your goon squad after me again. Find out who send this person out after me in 1999, and you’ll know a major player in the major Racketeering and Fraud Department of Official Connecticut.

More information on Lyme Disease, click here

the SRV on Lyme


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