Monday, August 21, 2006

Bush-Speak and Out and Out Lies, Translating ASSHOLE-eaze

Bush is now speaking live. He is talking about spreading Freedom to the World, What!!!???

Absolute fucking liar, who is actually buying this crap?

He said he knew nothing about the levies failing with high probability before Hurricane Katrina hit in New Orleans, then later on the record, a video clip, proved he is absolutely full of crap.

Someone once deemed absolutely full of crap, can’t be un-filled with crap.

The rich rate, only, and Bush friends only rate. Everybody else is just for mining of money and other needed materials and assets for the Bushie Rich.

I am starting to question whether or not Bush knew the WTC would be hit beforehand. These people will stop at nothing.

The speeches to rally the people might have been written before the planes even hit and the explosives planted in the towers as a controlled demolition.

It is so easy to compare an out of control administration to Stalin or Hitler, but when the Nazi and KKK handbook seems to be used as a reference book in the White House, I am beginning to question absolutely everything regarding Bush and the Out of Control Regime of Hate.

So hearing Bush remark how he was born in Connecticut, and that he should stay out of Connecticut, what does he know that the rest of us don’t?

Bushkie is pissed that he didn’t carry Connecticut in an election, he is obviously pissed about that. So if he won’t go into Connecticut, and if you read between the lines of Maniacal Asshole-eaze he might be warning his friends to the next pre-known terrorist attack, ground zero, Connecticut.

All rights for everyone could be suspended worldwide.

Bush is that much of a complete asshole. What Freedom!!!???

We then could rally around Bush as the new world leader, and we need not have an election as there would be a New World Order King of Crap, Bush.

Piece of shit should have never been allowed to have a ground war in Iraq, and if shithead gets to attack Iran and Syria, kiss your ass good-bye. Where do you plan to spend your nuclear Winter Vacation?

Absolutely don’t be silent on this one.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Vikingas


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