Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Evil Ones


The Evil is in our midst.

It should be obvious to all.

The mentality of those that will tell lies to take children away to benefit from huge paychecks and working half as many years as everyone else and getting a fat pension.

There are police officers willing to threaten and intimidate their own in to acting for the group, not the public.

There are judges that can go home after knowingly ruining lives and sending completely innocent citizens to the slaughter of the human spirit, and they actually gain pleasure from the misery of others.

Elected Officials, like Defense Lawyers, are at the mercy to the Police State.

New England might be a choice spot for an enemy to land a nuclear weapon or some sort of dirty bomb.

Not only are we Americans allowing our officials to be complete assholes domestically, they are complete asshole internationally.

Breaking up families, lying, murdering, ripping off the public, and being sociopaths is too often American Government, Local, State, and Federal.

I hope I have made tracks to a safe area with those I care about most when the Love Grows Cold from the chronic abuse of too many, or heaven forbid, a message is firmly nailed to America’s Forehead, affixed with a nail, with the word “Asshole” prominently displayed.


Anonymous Kathleen said...

As far as a dirty bomb, go to my website and read the story about dirty bombs and Pfizer.

It's on the "Government Secret Leaker's" page.

Monday, August 07, 2006 10:02:00 PM  

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