Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Protection for Stupid and Dishonest Workers for DCF, the Courts, and Police


Say true, and alarming things about incompetent, arrogant, and sociopathic employees of the taxpayers for the State of Connecticut, and they have a secret band of morons to take you down. They have powerful unions to make sure the people lack any rights or ability to redress grievances. Speak out, talk to newspaper reporters, get bagged, go to jail, I did.

I wrote letters to the editor about Barnie Fifism and Supreme Across the Asshole Hairism in the Connecticut State Police, and they spent your tax dollars to harass and frame me. You paid for a mock trial and for my imprisonment as a political prisoner that was guilty of connecting the dots and having the balls to actually tell people. Bad, Bad Steven, telling the truth about lying liars. I can see why now that if you are too smart the state of Connecticut doesn’t want to employ you, they want to throw you in prison. Smart people can write and might have some morals. Dumb people can have morals too, they just can’t explain why.

Apply to your local State Agency for Evilness training.

There might be a “pretend” way for citizens to actually get justice in Hartford tonight.

More below.

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Court Reform Panel Travels

Hartford Courant Staff Writer

August 1 2006

The Governor’s Commission on Judicial Reform is hitting the road to solicit public input for its efforts to find ways to make state courts and documents more open and accessible to the public.

Five hearings are planned around the state, beginning with the Legislative Office Building and including sessions in Norwalk, East Haven, Norwich and Waterbury.

The first session is tonight at 7 in Room 2C of the Legislative Office Building. Speakers will be able to sign up beginning at 6:30 p.m., and will be limited to five minutes of testimony.

Other hearings are scheduled Monday in the East Forum at Norwalk Community College; Aug. 10 at the East Haven Senior Center on Taylor Avenue; Aug. 15 in the Council Chambers of Norwich City Hall and Aug. 17 in the Council Chambers of Waterbury City Hall. All sessions will begin at 7 p.m. with the sign-in sheet available at 6:30 p.m.

The public may also e-mail comments to judicialreform@cga.ct.gov or submit written testimony at hearings, but written testimony must be accompanied by 10 copies.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell encouraged residents to weigh in with the task force she created in May in the wake of a scandal over former Chief Justice William J. Sullivan’s withholding release of a controversial ruling to aid a colleague’s chances of succeeding him as chief justice.

“The commission has been surveying judicial rules, policies and procedures regarding access to court operations, and will eventually make a set of recommendations to me,” Rell said in prepared statement.

Rell set a deadline of Oct. 1 for the commission to report its findings and recommendations.

Copyright 2006, Hartford Courant

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