Sunday, October 01, 2006

America’s Trickle Up Economy

There really is nothing produced in America. The economy is being outsourced. The few rich people are getting richer. The poor are processed for the rich to get richer. Scams are the only thing producing money in America

No, not really, not completely, Bush and his cronies only seem to be interested in areas of the world that have oil and drugs. So what does this country do, really?

Arresting people, confining people, taking kids away, selling drugs, taxing liquor, gambling, whoring, pimping, telling lies, drugging, selling drugs, consuming, pulling scams, stealing from and wrecking the productive, what does America really do anymore? The shell game and America is now a sham.

That would be the reason Bush wants to blow everything up, the world will eventually figure out that you can’t produce nothing as a nation, owe everyone money, have a trade deficit, and have a pretend currency without having to do something drastic.

Blowing up the world, taking everyone else’s stuff, and suspending human rights worldwide is the twisted plan. I don’t think the asshole really had a plan, it is the only plan left you are that spoiled a brat when the world finds out you are a real piece of shit sociopath.

If you are going to dominate the world you need a military. To keep Niggers, White Trash, and minorities in their places, they have to be kept separate, unequal, away from the pie, and labeled as criminals serving time, on drugs and alcohol and unemployable. Well, those that would be most valuable to an army for fighting men and women aren’t eligible to be in the military. That is good for the world, bad for world domination and a strong economy. You can’t take the assets and wreck the productivity of the producers in a nation indefinitely to prop up a pretend economy indefinitely.

Putting everyone that figures it out is the reason for suspending free speech. Yes, Americans, as a whole, just could be that stupid and lazy to just let it happen.

Americans should have a sit in, not work, and the world should not give a Bush nation anything until an asshole is not out to blow everything up and take everyone else’s shit is stopped. Let’s do something before it is too late.

Even Kings have to earn respect. Other than being a dangerous psychopath, why should anyone even pay heed to Bush? Well, then, let’s derail a complete Jackass.


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