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The US President George W. Bush is a "Fag" Rumor, just a rumor?


I believe in Gay and Lesbian rights. An intrusion into their privacy and bedrooms is an open invitation into the US Government intruding into everyone's privacy.

With George Bush setting the stage for having Habeas Corpus suspended, a hallmark of any free society since 1215, anyone can be rounded up and arrested including any minority group, those of an opinion contrary to Bush and Co.'s, and yes, homosexuals.

Fag is a bad word to use, but if George W. Bush is a fag, wouldn't it be ironic if he, like Hitler, was alleged to be, a closet homosexual, bring wrath on the world, just because he can't come to grips with what is something that is determined at birth?

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The below found on this website:

The Truth about George W. Bush

Here you will find out the little known truth concerning President George W. Bush, Victor Ashe, the current American ambassador to Poland (formerly mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee and Exec. V.P.; C.F.O. of Fannie Mae), and their adulterous-bisexual relationship with a Las Vegas woman in 1984.

This situation took place in 1984 in the State of Tennessee. It concerns a 41 year old woman [currently residing in Las Vegas], Victor Ashe and George Bush's encounter in 1984 during the senate debates between Al Gore, Jr., Victor Ashe and Ed McAteer. She was invited to come to Tennessee by Victor Ashe. While attending one of these debates she spoke briefly with Ed McAteer (Senatorial candidate in 1984 who debated alongside Al Gore, Jr. and Victor Ashe, and was responsible in part for the emergence of the Religious Right).

Members of the mainstream media (CNN, FOX/news, Chicago Tribune) have known about this Las Vegas woman [well known in the BDSM underground] since September of 2003 yet they have done little if anything to get to the bottom of it. Like Bush's national guard service records they've given him a free pass concerning the what, where and when of his participation in the Texas Air National Guard.

We believe if the whereabouts and war-time behavior of Senator Kerry during his tour in Vietnam in the early 70's are matters of importance to the American people [according to Sinclair Broadcasting and Swift Boat Vets for Truth] then the past behavior of this President and his involvement in a homosexual situation with another man in the mid 80's is of equal importance.

When this Las Vegas woman told us about her conversation with Ed McAteer we thought it was something that should be looked into. He was being treated for cancer so we had to move quickly to open a dialogue. We believed obtaining a death bed declaration [if it came down to that] of a man of Ed McAteer's stature in the Christian community [he was called the Godfather of the Religious Right] would have held tremendous weight.?Ed [finally] coming forward to say what he witnessed or knew concerning this matter would have been unimpeachable. Ed was a staunch supporter of the state of Israel and quietly lobbied for the post of U.S. ambassador to Israel back in 2001 but was turned down for the position by none other than George W. Bush. It seems in George W. Bush's isolated bubble, ambassadorships are rewards set aside for friends and lovers only.

We initially contacted Mr. McAteer back in May of this year. He mentioned at that time Victor Ashe's sexual shenanigans were no secret in Tennessee. He seemed resentful of his party's choice to back a 'sodomite' which is why he ran as an independent. Ed was on chemotherapy and it was extremely difficult for him to talk so we deferred until late August at which time his wife [Faye] informed us he wanted to talk further but was under doctors orders to refrain from all strenuous activity. Sadly, Ed McAteer passed away on Oct. 5, 2004, before we could do a follow-up interview, he was 78. For Ed's sake [and that of his family] we hope his departure was natural [God's will], however, the timing of it all seems rather untimely in our opinion.?It bares looking into by the Tennessee authorities.?

When he passed way another writer contacted Faye and she imparted to him that Ed seemed upset upon returning from the debate in Chattanooga back in 1984. Was Ed aware of Victor Ashe and George W. Bush's bisexual behavior? Perhaps that is what upset him so.

Unfortunately he didn't get the chance to tell us what he witnessed that night that upset him or if he remembered talking with the Las Vegas woman.

The Las Vegas woman was paid $15,000 to arrange sexual liaisons involving bisexual men for George W. Bush (then private citizen) and Victor Ashe (then a Tennessee State Senator). These adulterous bisexual affairs (3 encounters in all-3 different cities) took place in the state of Tennessee during the 1984 senate debates between, Al Gore, Jr., Victor Ashe and Ed McAteer. An African-American woman was invited to participate in this adulterous sexual encounter with George W. Bush and Victor Ashe immediately following the Chattanooga senatorial debate. This woman was paid $1,500. A few years later the Las Vegas woman was detained in Washington D.C. with Victor Ashe by the Metro D.C. police. She was released but Victor was taken into custody.

So confident was this woman that Ed would have remembered her [and their meeting] she had finally come forward and was prepared to tell it all. She will swear to the authenticity of what is being imparted here, which is the reason that we built this website so we could get this information out to you.

Bush & Co. will no doubt tell the world she's insane, politically motivated thus concocting this for smear reasons. She is of sound mind and body and welcomes all inquires from the mainstream media. This woman deeply laments not having come forward back in 2000 when then Governor Bush was running for the highest office in the land against [ironically] Vice President Al Gore, Jr.

Disclosure of George W. Bush's adulterous bisexual behavior will only happen if the American public demand answers. Contact your local news organizations demanding that this truth be revealed and not go the way of his Texas Air National Guard records.

Direct all media inquires to thetruthaboutbushin84@yahoo.com

UPDATE June 5, 2006 The woman in question is Leola McConnell. She is the Liberal Democratic candidate for Governor of Nevada in 2006

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The below found here on the web:

Is Bush A Closet FAG?

(The following is a guest editorial by the powerful Hollywood advocacy group, the Film Actors Guild, or FAG.)

For years now, we at FAG have argued that we must change our policies towards the tiny, besieged state of North Korea. The Bush Administration has been threatening that country with war and ultimatums, pushing the world to the brink of disaster. This hard-right, neocon policy is not only dangerous, it is also immoral and ignorant.

So it has been a great surprise for us to learn, in the wake of the Administration's non-response to North Korea's nuclear test, that when push comes to shove President Bush is really a closet FAG pretending to be a war-monger. We applaud this paradigmatic shift in the President's policies.

It is hard to believe that all along, the President was really a FAG. In his famous State of the Union address in 2002, Bush labeled North Korea a member of the "Axis of Evil," and openly threatened that nation with military action should it try to acquire weapons of mass destruction: "The United States of America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons."

The bellicose Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, backed that up a day later, telling reporters, "If I were in Iran or North Korea or Iraq and I heard the president of the United States say what he said last night about weapons of mass destruction ... I don't think there would be a lot of ambiguity as to the view he holds of those problems and their behavior."

Until recently, most people unambiguously took this to mean that Bush would sooner attack with military force than allow North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons. Only the North Koreans knew that he was really a closet FAG, as evidenced by their post-speech response, in which they characterized Bush's speech as a "loud-mouthed threat."

Compare this to the FAG policy: We support empty rhetoric backed by inaction. We believe that the way to resolve conflict with a dangerous regime is by backing up that empty rhetoric with watered-down UN resolutions.

So whose policy has won out? The fascistic neocon/Republican policy, or FAG's?

Look at the facts. On the eve of North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile test in July, members of the Bush Administration said that they would "not allow" the test to take place, and openly threatened to shoot the missile down with the vaunted new anti-missile system, which, they claimed, was already operational. However, when the actual missile tests took place, the Bush Administration not only didn't attack, but they backed off, pretended that the missile was not a threat, and tried to hush the whole thing up. In other words, they revealed for the first time that they were borrowing a page straight from the FAG playbook.

FAG was still on guard when the North Koreans announced their recent nuclear test. The Bush Administration warned of tough measures, saying that they wouldn't allow it.

After the nuclear explosion, however, the White House response was pure, vintage FAG. They spread disinformation claiming that no nuclear test took place, implementing a FAG strategy of "when in fear, deny reality"; at the same time, they took up the matter with the UN, the one organization which FAG loves more than bathhouses. True to form, the UN passed a watered-down resolution with toothless sanctions, and Bush and Rice talked up that resolution as if it accomplished something.

This week, with another test looming, the Bush administration warned North Korea to desist or, in the words of the great FAG icon Hans Brix, "We will be very angry with you... and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are."

But just in case even a UN resolution might provoke North Korea, Bush went the extra FAG mile by announcing that he had "no intention" of attacking. Other administration officials have since bent over backwards to assure the North Koreans that America does not intend to attack. They do not even hide their cowardice. And indeed, why should they?

We believe it is time to call a FAG a FAG. The Bush Administration can no longer keep its true political orientation a dirty secret. A policy of empty rhetoric, combined with toothless resolutions to the UN, and humiliating standowns, is exactly the sort of policy we have been advocating for years now. It is not our intention merely to claim credit -- that wouldn't be the FAG way, but rather the BITCHY way. However, we do believe in straight-forward honesty.

The point is this. Mr. President, FAG stands behind you on your North Korean policy. FAG has your rear covered. And we will continue to cover your rear so long as you continue to behave like a FAG. Something tells us, we're going to be bedfellows for another two years, and we look forward to every minute.

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added Oct. 25, 2006, 7:45 AM EST:

The Keith Oberman, MSNBC show host, speaks out again on Bush lies and the suspension of Habeas Corpus, click here for YouTube Video. Link was placed in first comment of this post.

Speaking out about Connecticut Official Corruption took me out of my Classic Corvette (pictured in post) to junky old wrecks (also pictured), click here

Complaining about Crack Cocaine and Heroin
being sold off my front yard and near my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties caused me to lose these fine pets and much more, click here for pictures and post.

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This in by email, posted Oct. 29, 2006, 5 AM EST:

This is a short poem made up entirely of actual quotations from George W. Bush.

These have been arranged, only for aesthetic purposes, by Washington Post writer, Richard Thompson.

A wonderful poem like this is too good not to share.


I think we all agree, the past is over.

This is still a dangerous world.

It's a world of madmen and uncertainty
And potential mental losses.

Is our children learning?

Will the highways of the InternetBecome more few?

How many hands have I shaked?

They misunderestimate me.

I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity.

I know that the human being
And the fish can coexist.

Families is where our nation finds hope,Where our wings take dream.

Put food on your family!

Knock down the tollbooth!

Vulcanize society!

Make the pie higher!

I am the Decider!

(Pass this on. Help cure Mad Cowboy disease in the next election)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a very well versed commentary regarding the signing of The Military Commisions Act of 2006. Talk about hitting the Nail on the Head...


I also have it embedded on my Blog for the time being if you'd care to view it there. Peace.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 1:43:00 AM  

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