Thursday, November 09, 2006

Abusive and Out of Hand Police

Connecticut has a reputation as a state with out of hand Police Misconduct. There is a perception that Connecticut Police, especially the Connecticut State Police, are bandits in blue.

Drive through Connecticut, especially on Rt 84 from the Buckland Hills Mall to the Massachusetts border and you will see a massive amount of citizens pulled over anytime of day or night. It isn’t about correcting behavior it is about revenue collection.

The courts in Connecticut are a rubber stamp on abuse. Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct is also very high in Connecticut.

Citizens often do not have any recourse, none. No wonder people are flocking out of Connecticut to go elsewhere.

Is this all too typical cop behavior in Connecticut:


Ex-Trooper To Seek Probation

November 9, 2006
By TRACY GORDON FOX, Hartford Courant Staff Writer
LITCHFIELD -- A former state trooper on trial on charges of threatening a state marshal has accepted a plea offer to apply for a special form of probation the day his trial was to start, making it unnecessary for his attorneys to subpoena a report on the state police internal affairs division.

Dennis Henderson today will apply for accelerated rehabilitation, the special probation, which could erase the charges against him after as little as six months.

His attorney, Rob Serafinowicz, said he could not comment on any aspect of the case. Superior Court Judge Robert Brunetti in Litchfield placed a gag order on Serafinowicz after he made comments to the media about Henderson's case and its relationship to the internal affairs report.

Henderson, 39, resigned from the state police after his superiors and prosecutors said he threatened a state marshal who served him with legal papers pertaining to his divorce.

He was to go on trial on charges of threatening, disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment.

Earlier this week, Serafinowicz said he had subpoenaed the report being compiled by New York State Police and the Connecticut attorney general. He had said the report would support Henderson's claims that he was bullied by supervisors, who were trying to force him out of the department. Henderson is not named in the New York report, sources said, but his attorney says some allegations in the document mirror Henderson's claims.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal had said his office would file a motion to quash the subpoena, but that never occurred since Henderson agreed to apply for the special probation.

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My beef with Connecticut, Police, and the Courts:

Kristine Blake was out of Connecticut and out of the country when Manchester Connecticut Police took false allegations of workers not even on the same shift as Kristine Blake at the Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation. She was a whistleblower and Connecticut is about retaliation. Those that manufacture evidence, supress evidence, and commit perjury for the official abuse state, Connecticut, are rarely, if ever punished. The Kristine Blake story:

Bill Collins the former Mayor of Norwalk Connecticut addresses the Connecticut legislature regarding cops stalking and harassing the Mayor, destroying property, wearing ski masks, and the taking of suspects to warehouses where police beat up suspects. Out of control police misconduct:

Click here for video tour post of what I had in Connecticut before I complained about abusive police and before I wrote the letter to George W. Bush complaining that nothing was being done by police about the heroin and crack cocaine dealing on and near my Stafford Springs Connecticut properties on Church St.

Click here for videos on Chris Kennedy talking about Judicial Abuse.

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The New York State Police were called into Connecticut to investigate officer claims that they were being retaliated against by abusive officers in the Connecticut State Police. Citizens can’t get a fair shake complaining about police. There is intimidation and retaliation. There are past reports of Gay Bashing within the ranks of the Connecticut State Police.

If a police department’s Internal Affairs can’t act as checks and balances, anything is possible. Any kind of abuse is possible in Connecticut. White Police Officers executing African Americans results in a purposely botched trial where the officers skate on Appeal.


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