Monday, November 20, 2006

From the BeerCanPolitics Blog:

Hats off to Haelton and it's Mayor Lou Barretta!
60 Minutes ran a piece last night about the problems the community of Hazelton Pennsylvania is facing regarding illegal immigrantion. Hats off to Hazelton Pennsylvania mayor Lou Barretta who is showing some extraordinary leadership as Mayor of Hazelton in address the illegal immigration problem in his community. Unlike other mayors like Michael Bloomberg of New York who ignore the problem of illegal immigration and even condone lawbreaking.

Mayor Barretta has the money quote about the REAL cause of the problem:"Immigration is a job that has always been handled by the federal government. Asked why he is getting involved, Barletta tells Kroft, "Well, obviously if the federal government was doing something about it you wouldn't be here today. And I wouldn't be talking about it. "Baretta is right on where the problems lies. But, when the Federal Government fails as it has on enforcing our immigration laws it is good to see that local governments can succeed.

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I have a problem with tenants having to get permits.

Bureaucracy favors big, corporate, corrupt, and insiders are the ones that clean up.

Those in town hall can make sure that they, their families, and friends get the best deals, put others out of business and out of their properties to benefit each other.

In Stafford Springs Connecticut, other Connecticut locations, and probably areas in other states, a “White Only” policy can be instituted by going after businesses that cater and give shelters to minorities, riffraff, and those deemed, “White Trash.”

Racial profiling will be used if Tennant Permits are made national law. Connecticut abuses those that blow the whistle on corruption, that try to sue the state courts or police for having their rights violated, or that proposes laws and other legislation to hold police and members of the judiciary accountable for their actions with Civilian Oversight.

There is rampant Police, Prosecutorial, Judicial, Official, and Attorney misconduct in Connecticut. Michael H. Agranoff [click here for post] of Stafford Springs and Ellington Connecticut should be the poster child for Attorney misconduct. Lawyers are allowed to do just about as they please as they are responsible for their own flock. Those that break ranks with each other and the official abuse system, get abused. Just ask former Connecticut Attorney Jim Brewer. Brewer allegedly defended good cops against bad cops that abused them.

Bottom line, Tennant Permits will be used to further abuse the non-rich, the non-white, and those that wish to be vocal about their opinions that are contrary to the ruling, corrupt, elitists that think they own everything and can do as they please, when they please.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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