Thursday, November 30, 2006

Haunting Questions relating to the WTC on 9-11

Click Here for the USGS webpage with text and more photos explaining the above.

Click Here for a myspace blog that contains two YouTube videos regarding WTC 7.

Why were the fires still that hot, 5 days later. Why did the twin towers seem to fall at the speed of gravity in their own footprints as if it were a controlled demolition? Why was WT-7 "pulled" and also seem to fall at the speed of gravity in its own footprint with no great amount of damage? How could there have been explosives and/or thermite planted before 9-11 if it was a "surprise attack"? George W. Bush and Co. had little support for their agenda before 9-11. Did they write themselves a blank check? Did the conspirators get greedy by also downing WT-7 in such a questionable way raising so many questions of experts?

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Bush Administration Insider Says U.S. Government Behind 9/11

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Click Here for blog on Judicial Abuse and Misconduct

Click Here of the Stark Raving Viking companion blog, The SRV

9-11 is a sympton of an administration out of control. Citizen abuse is evident below in the Culture of Corruption. George W. Bush and other official criminals need to face arrest, prosectution, and prison.

The Connecticut and Republican Culture of Corruption caused me to be run out of these formerly boarded up properties after I had made luxury apartments out of them:

I testify in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Reform Commission:

Kristine Blake of the Connecticut Department of Retardation (DMR)is a whistleblower. If she had not had her passport proving she was out of the country when false allegations for retaliation were made. The other DMR employees and Manchester Connecticut Police were not punished for their part in the retaliation, abuse, and obstruction of justice. This is how Official Connecticut operates across the board. Kathleen Blake video:

Stephen Murzin saw Phil Inkel being beaten by police at a Colchester Connecticut McDonald's Hamburger restaurant. Phil Inkel had seen a teen in baggy pants being beaten by the same officers for the teen's choice of clothing. Stephen Murzin and his younger brother Ian were snatched in the middle of the night at their father's and mother's home. Richard Murzin is a former Hartford Connecticut Narcotics detective telling us that no one is safe, especially in Connecticut. Make a complaint of Police Misconduct and maybe the Connecticut State Police will come to your house in the middle of the night to falsely arrest you and beat you at the station:

Former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins talks about police vandalizing his house, wearing ski masks, and beating citizens at an abandoned factory:

Mary Alice Cook tells how Connecticut police help her husband beat her and then arrest her. An individual with expertise describes how hundreds, if not thousands of complaints regarding Connecticut police officers raping, robbing, beating, and even murdering citizens goes un-investigated:

Ritt Goldstein, in above video, proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Connecticut elected officials. He was so terrorized by Connecticut Police he sought political asylum in Sweden. That says it all. We need our US Constitution and Freedom back. We need all of our American Rights restored.


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