Thursday, November 02, 2006

Host Olbermann tells Bush he has no clue

Olbermann lets Bush have it regarding US Senator Kerry's latest comments.

Olberman tearing into King George

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A viewer's response:

Here's what Keith Olbermann said last night:

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And here is the response I sent him.

November 2, 2006

Dear Mr. Olbermann,

You were precisely correct when on November 1 you said that George Bush is only pretending to be too stupid to understand what John Kerry meant in his joke. However, there is something much more insidious going on.

I ask you to consider this:

Bush supporters, too, are *pretending* not to understand what John Kerry meant. That is, the rank-and-file voters themselves, those who support Bush, are just as guilty as Bush is of *pretending* not to understand. And it is only with their pretense, coordinated with George Bush's pretense, that Bush can carry it off. If no one went along with Bush's pretense, he would be left swinging in the wind, all alone. But Bush's supporters know that if they go along with Bush's ruse, it makes it almost as though what Bush says is true.

But the problem is even much greater than that. Bush supporters know much more than that. They also know that there were no WMD found in Iraq, but they *pretend* they do not know. They know that there were no ties between Saddam and al-Qaeda, but they *pretend* they do not know. They know that things are going very badly in Iraq, but they *pretend* they do not know. Just like Bush knows what Kerry meant but he pretends he doesn't in order to "win," Bush's supporters know that George Bush is a liar and that he is a grave danger to our country, but they *pretend* they do not know so that they can "win."

What I am saying is that George Bush has created a fantasy world in which we are all living, but the fantasy world cannot exist just because Bush creates is. Bush has to have believers to make his fantasy world come to life. And that is where Bush supporters come in. Bush supporters only "pretend" they believe what Bush says, but their pretended belief, even though it is only pretended, is what gives any heft to the fantasy that Bush has woven. If Bush supporters didn't pretend to believe Bush's fantasy, his lies would fall flat at his feet as soon as they left his mouth, and you wouldn't have to try so hard to race every day to blow away his fog lies as fast as he can spout them.

What I am saying is that Bush is not the problem. By himself, he is nothing and he has no power, and his lies have no teeth. It is only with his supporters that he has been able to hoodwink our country as long as he has. That is to say, Bush supporters are the real problem. They are the ones who put Bush in office. They are the ones who keep him there. They are the ones who pretend to believe his lies and who make us all have to work so hard to keep our head above his raging river of lies. They are the ones who are responsible for the Iraq war. They are the ones who are to blame for the 1,819 American soldiers who have died in the Iraq war so far. They are the ones, Mr. Olbermann.

Dear Mr. Olbermann, it is Bush's supporters who are really to blame. It is Bush's supporters who owe America an apology. It is Bush's supporters who do not want to take responsibility for what they have done. And it is Bush's supporters at whom we must point our collective fingers in accusation and hold accountable for what they have done to our country. For it is truly they who are to blame. They are the true wellspring from which all the problems have come. They are the source, and the first thing that must be done to solve this problem is to acknowledge the problem for what it is. We must start acknowledging that it is actually Bush's supporters who are to blame for all that Bush has done to our country. And it is time that we all start holding the individual Bush supporters in our personal lives accountable for what they have done, starting by holding them accountable for every single American soldier who has died in vain in Iraq because they gave Bush the power to take us to war.

So, Mr. Olbermann, I hope you will consider this. I hope you will consider your dealings with Bush supporters, if in fact you have such dealings, and I hope that, in the same way that you have pierced right through Bush's pretense and gotten to the truth of the matter, you will also pierce right through the persistent pretense perpetrated by Bush's supporters.

And I hope that if you reach the same conclusion that I have, that Bush's supporters are largely not stupid dupes but are actually willing accomplices, that Bush's supporters only feign ignorance and stupidity, and that Bush's supporters are therefore consentually complicit in all of the offenses that Bush has perpetrated upon our country, because they have given him the power to do it, then I hope that, upon reaching this conclusion, you will offer a comment to our country calling out not just George Bush, and not just the people who work for him, but also all of his supporters, the ones who stand in line with us at the grocery store, the ones who drive with us on the freeways, the ones who sit with us in church, the ones who stand with us by the water cooler at work, the ones who live next door to us, and maybe even the ones who live within our own homes.

Mr. Olbermann, I hope that, with the powerful megaphone you have been given, you will reveal the crux of the matter to us so that we can base our actions on what is fundamental and true, that it is Bush supporters who are truly to blame and who owe us all an apology.

Sincerely, and with the greatest respect,

Matt Xxxxx, PhD

XXXX N. Xxxxxxxx Road, Apt. XXX
Chicago, IL 60640


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