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Questioning the origins of Autism

New England families sue over mercury in childhood vaccines

DOVER, N.H. --A New Hampshire lawyer is representing 85 New England families that claim a mercury-based compound in vaccines caused autism and other disabilities in their children.

Michael Noonan said thimerosal, used for decades as a preservative in childhood vaccines, is a neurotoxin that damaged thousands of children.

Studies that have tracked thousands of children have found no association between autism and thimerosal. That hasn't dissuaded critics, who claim the studies are flawed.

Noonan said a big increase in autism in the 1990s coincided with an increase in the number of vaccinations children received. Several injections during a single doctor's visit hit their developing nervous systems with too much mercury, he said.

"Thimerosol was never used to enhance the vaccine or because it was good for kids," he noted.

Some of those suing have videos of their children behaving normally the day before a medical visit, then regressing the next day, demonstrating "specific cause and effect," Noonan said.

The families he represents include some children with severe disabilities, he said.

Since 2001, all vaccines given to children 6 and younger have been either thimerosal-free or contained only trace amounts of the preservative. Thimerosal has been phased out of some, but not all, adult vaccines as well.

Most doses of the flu vaccine still contain thimerosal, though manufacturers produce versions free of the preservative for use in children.

Nationally, 5,200 legal claims of damage from childhood immunizations are pending, mostly involving boys. Those suing are seeking money from the Vaccine Injury Compensation program, a government insurance pool funded by a vaccine tax. At a hearing in June, a special master, or judge, is expected to decide whether thimerosal caused autism and other disabilities critics associate with it. The U.S. Department of Justice will defend the fund and vaccine manufacturers.

If his clients and others are successful, that could open the door to individual trials.

Noonan said he would represent many more people if New Hampshire did not have a three-year deadline for lawsuits based on immunizations. He hopes the next Legislature will extend the deadline.

"It's horribly unfair," he said. "In New Hampshire, if a child is injured in any other way, the statute of limitations isn't until two years from their eighteenth birthday."


Information from: Portsmouth Herald,

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Study Disputes Link Between Vaccines, Autism

Activist Group Calls Report Misleading, Baised

A Danish study suggests childhood vaccines with a mercury-containing preservative do not appear to be linked to autism rates in Denmark.
An analysis of 30 years of data shows that autism in Denmark increased shortly before the discontinuation of thimerosal in vaccines in 1992, and continued to increase for several years even after its use was discontinued. The lead author said if thimerosal had been an important cause of autism, the condition would have declined when thimerosal was removed from vaccines in most industrialized countries. The findings are published in September's edition of the journal Pediatrics. Many parents of autistic children think increases in the number of recommended childhood vaccines are to blame for the apparent autism surge, though many scientists think that's just a coincidence. Safe Minds activist group called the report misleading and biased. The group said it's not surprising that Pediatrics published a pro-vaccine study because it said the journal's core readers are pediatricians, and they administer vaccines.

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Talking to a number of people with Autism or know someone with Autism, I hear of those with digestive problems as a common problem.

There are so many variations in Autistic people. There have been substances, medicines, and vaccines that have caused so much harm to so many.

It is up to more of us to be vigilant and watch the watchers, as they won’t watch the big Pharmaceutical companies and the American corporations that are getting more and more out of hand all over the world unless we the people demand that the FBI, the US Justice Department, Attorney Generals, and others do their jobs, and just shut up and like it as they work for us, and not the other way around.

You pay taxes demand quality and that the goods actually get delivered.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Blogger Vikingas

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