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Some interesting stuff from the "CIA Orchestration 2006" Blog:

Monday, October 02, 2006


Mitt Romney and the CIA gay marriage agenda out of the liberal state which he is in charge of. Nothing against LDS - Latter Day Saints - in and of themselves, BUT we note CIA plays both sides of every coin, and it looks like Romney pushed the issue of gay marriage to get polygamy on the scoreboard. The show Big Love on cable t.v. and selective prosecution of a couple abusers in Utah [Warren Jeffs] which is also Romney territory at least since the Winter Olympics.

Why else pick Romney. CIA loyalty validation establishing him firmly in their paradigm, leveraging their asset is routine for them, and they also at least conceptually tried to float the CIA capital punishment advocacy at the same time which is an interesting contrast to gay marriage. As is polygamy.

The gay marriage advocacy [the 'CIA alternative marriage agenda' to the extent polygamy is included with the gay marriage advocacy] and the capital punishment advocacy have different nomenclature or identifiers.

Was the larger effort to push forward both unique identifiers at the same time given a third identifier with a designated project executive unique to the Statehouse in Boston? I don't know, but we're learning to ask the right questions.

End of the day they want to regulate polygamy rather than prohibit polygamy.

The only polygamy I have ever seen here in Washington D.C. happened to be same sex polygamy. Two gay guys in love with a third gay guy all lived together in what that community called a 'triad', and I am under the impression the one gay guy had a government security clearence. I have no idea what he wrote down as 'spouse' or 'partner' or who would get the insurance benefit. Let me be clear in saying I met all three men at various times, they were all very nice to me, and I believe they were at least as honest as any nonmarried heterosexual group would be under similar circumstances. On the other hand, I would not say you have a constitutional right to live like that or make an employer carry a potentially 'open' insurance burden though you do have a constitutional right to keep the government out of your house.

Houses are expensive. Why can't three guys go in on buying a house together [three buddies from college or even three guys who grew up together]. You bought the house - you certainly have the right to sit out on the porch. Three guys making out on the porch is entirely different - there is a huge gap between "don't ask - don't tell" and "show-and-tell" which a community can and will quickly react to. In my opinion, if its an honest community they will react the same way if they find one guy doing it with two - or more - girls though elements in the Mormon Church disagree. Guy hits a home run at a softball game, does he come running in to kiss all the wives? Would you make your kid turn away? All right, maybe Romney IS an honest politician in the Hillary Clinton mode for bringing these issues to the campaign trail and making us confront ourselves, but I disagree with the whole thing in its entirety - especially to the extent it is CIA orchestrated.

Having raised the issue, please drop out of the 2008 race right now. SWINE BUSH and his SWINE friends.

EVEN BETTER. for your Washington news.
Robert Gates is a professional CIA man nominated to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense.

Pelosi spilled Conrad Burns in a CIA orchestration effort.

NOW - on Bush nominating Gates [Wednesday after the election] - Pelosi
is frantically trying to distance herself from it, nominating Murtha [the following Sunday] who opposes the CIA attacks in Iraq [essentially the CIA restructuring of Iraq] and fracturing the Democratic Party on the House side.

"Let peace begin with me." Why you bag lady; you're dirty in it and it has ruined you as First Female Speaker of the House.

SWINE. SWINE. Is there not an honest man - or woman - in our nation's capital? Oh, the shameful swine. There are, but the political structures seek to marginalize them. This, ladies and gentlemen, is but another manifestation of corruption in the so-called 'New World Order.'

Attack on Conrad Burns: The Continuing Saga [after the election Nov. 2006].
Energizer bunny of a plot to take him down, it keeps going and going. Pelosi just got busted conspiring in it, taking impeachment "off the table." Of course Bush would never have agreed to the deal if it was possible he would be damaged by it. Naming the 372(c) 'allegation of justicial misconduct' designee Alcee Hastings chairman of the intelligence committee was evidently also part of the fix.

Pelosi BUSTED in a strongly circumstantial case; trying to show she isn't just a BUSH TOOL she nominated John Murtha to be the Democratic whip in the House of Representatives. Murtha advocates immediate withdrawal of American from Iraq which would conceptually be a slap at the swine; Steny Hoyer, who was elected instead by the House Democrats, does not but looks at long term redeployment.
Council on Foreign Relations wanted to slap Bush and put her up to the Murtha nomination; interesting theory but either way First Female Speaker of the House Pelosi very probably has a CIA affiliation - tell your friends you heard about it here.

PLEASE NOTE that as they have very evidently been betrayed by the CIA I support pulling the troops out of Iraq NOW, and making the CIA 'face the music' with the Europeans in Afghanistan. The idea is not to criticize Pelosi
for trying to pull the troops; the idea is to oppose the larger racketeering. CIA IN THE 'HOOD [Tester Obama 2006]

Drought conditions linger in Great Plains. Many parts of the west are recovering from years of dry conditions, while areas from Texas to the Dakotas continue to struggle. Crops and livestock remain vulnerable. USA Today, Nov. 10-12, 2006.

Ignore the CIA weather manipulation issue at your own peril. Briefly mentioned the possibility of a 'plasma structure' created by artificial radiation holding the weather pattern over the Plains States, dating back to the killer Chicago heat wave in the 1990s with precursor testing bringing tornadoes to Connecticut in 1978 [Pennsylvania 1985] if you really want to go back that far.
At one time a Philadelphia hippy named
Ira Einhorn was an information mechanism they used roughly commensurate to New York Allard Lowenstein
[two Jewish guys in competing CIA manipulation scenarios - they probably hated each other]; Einhorn got jail while it looks like Lowenstein got to scam which makes no sense but that is how the CIA put it down - anyway, Einhorn was putting out weather data in the mid to late 1970s.
Missile defense in Alaska. What they'd probably do is create a plasma structure over North Korea or anyway over the Pacific and watch the warheads travel through it; the flight characteristic may even be one way they can differentiate between actual warheads and balloons or decoys.
Though at the moment this grand strategy is being used to screw parts of Montana and the Dakotas.
Einhorn had a girlfriend named Holly Maddux from Tyler Texas. The book about Einhorn is titled Unicorn which gets into a larger CIA pardigm, but it suggests Maddux was sexually abused for a brief period around the sixth grade by her father who was a Nazi, and the cops eventually found her stuffed in a suitcase in a storage space off Einhorn's back porch. THAT is what put Einhorn down and it was CIA; end of the day Einhorn lost and 'shutting down the communication mechanism' is screwing you today [after an orchestrated - and prolonged - flight and re-capture scenario, Einhorn remains in prison in Pennsylvania].

Mitt Romney supports gun control and outlawed assault rifles in Massachusetts. Please oppose his candidacy for anything; I believe the 2nd of the ten rights included in the original BILL OF RIGHTS pertains only to assault rifles held in potential opposition to the federal government and totally ignores fowling pieces or hunting as an issue [though hunting is of great interest to me]. A trend in Washington-based media is to significantly expand usage of the word 'machine gun,' which most people take to mean a weapon capable of sustained automatic fire but some liberals suggest is any weapon which can fire more than ten shots in a row without reloading. Just say 'NO.'
has also been previously associated with Benjamin Netanyahu, noting one of my sources observed indications of deepening ties between Jewish communities and the Later Day Saints in the course of a brief visit to Salt Lake City.

North Dakota officials argue for Fighting Sioux nickname
By DAVE KOLPACK, Associated Press Writer
November 9, 2006
GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) -- An NCAA ban on the use of the University of North Dakota's Fighting Sioux nickname is unfair to the school, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem told a judge Thursday.
Stenehjem said the ban might cost Division II North Dakota (8-1, 6-1 North Central Conference) home field advantage in this year's football playoffs.
"No amount of damages the court can order would make up for that loss," Stenehjem told the judge.
Stenehjem went to court to seek a preliminary injunction to stop the NCAA from banning the nickname until a full hearing on the case is held.
UND is among a handful of schools with nicknames and logos that the NCAA considers hostile and abusive. Those schools are barred from holding postseason tournaments.

North Dakota officials sued the NCAA last month, claiming the ban is a breach of contract and violates antitrust laws. The NCAA argued that an exemption for UND would deprive the association of authority over its own championships.
Fargo attorney Wick Corwin, representing the NCAA, said it has the right to govern itself.
"NCAA events, no matter where they are held, must be conducted with respect, civility and free from any form of discrimination," Corwin said in court Thursday.
Northeast Central District Judge Lawrence Jahnke said he would not rule Thursday, but would make a decision soon.
"Obviously, this is a very emotional issue, a very controversial issue and a very sensitive issue," the judge said.
Updated on Thursday, Nov 9, 2006 3:54 pm EST

'Indian issue' started at Dartmouth maybe 1980s; somebody needs to do a time matrix to see if Laura Ingraham [CIA radio talkshow host] participated in that. The issue is CIA utilization or command of so-called civil rights structures and issue awareness.
Primary work rule of the CIA is that they have to keep busy, and from there the corruption flows like water into openings or vulnerability.
CIA gambling franchise at least pertaining to Indian casinos, attack on Burns, 'mascot naming litigation' issue probably do share overview nomenclature at a summary level.

You must be kidding.
First they kill Dru, and then they go after the school she attended? YES. A casual guess is that the Dean of Students or anyway somebody close is CIA, but I don't know that for sure and haven't looked closely at the situation.
ONE TIP maybe from February/March 2005 and I think from South Dakota rather than North Dakota. Two guys - identical twins - retired. One was federal government maybe State Department and I think the other was conceptual highway department.
They were CIA. At the time I was mainly reading the Rapid City newspaper, and whatever paper it was in did run it as a front page story with their picture [two men standing together side by side and smiling for the camera].
They COULD help. If you asked them to.

You can double click the image and it expands - wait for the larger 'expansion icon' to appear at the bottom of the expanded image and it can expand a second time.

MKULTRA was a CIA designator for research which was divided into about 140 subprojects. Seventeen United States Senators are implanted with a wire-based neuroprosthetic developed under Subproject 119 not really addressed on the internet beyond at my site []; AIDS was developed under Subproject 110 which had the special designator ‘MKNAOMI’ supported by Subproject 78 Bio Labs [A-5] and the MKNAOMI designator is commonly referenced. In fact its somewhat misleading, in that those subprojects were unified as MKSEARCH/2. A liberal CIA executive named Allard Lowenstein served a term in the House of Representatives as a Democrat from New York and brought AIDS to Africa apparently in 1979 when the CIA initiated a long term project destroying Rhodesia [ongoing – the circumstantial argument for dictator Robert Mugabe being CIA orchestrated is compelling], and Lowenstein was also involved in using neuroprosthetics to attack a man named Dennis Sweeney. There is overlap. He used Jewish people from New York to attack Sweeney and kept stopping in Israel as he went back and forth to Africa – safe bet the Israelis got the neuroprosthetic technology and figure in attempting to suppress it today. Their only camouflage is the bizarre nature of the stuff they do - as evidenced by this site. I started with the modest ambition of documenting a CIA attack on a United States Senator [actually, on two Senators] and it just keeps going and going.
Immediately at issue is cancer and obesity type of public health issues. MKULTRA Subproject 24 relates to Tuskegee blood testing – famously syphilis. The memo notes the possibility of manufacturing the carcinogenic [Methyl Cholanthrene] even in trace amounts in the host body. So-called ‘bird flu’ is very likely a CIA development, and on the east coast white tail deer are plagued by a ‘brain wasting disease’ which is really a brain wasting/flesh preservation condition. I’ve seen an image sequence of the opposite – a brain preservation/flesh rotting condition apparently tested on American servicemen starting in the Vietnam era.

If you set about to do it – or even if you’re negligent – it is possible to both weaken human physiology and render it conditionally vulnerable to specific diseases or infection by particular viruses. Looking at CIA involvement in capital punishment and abortion, its pretty evident they play both sides of the coin. Capital punishment AND opposition to capital punishment; in abortion I think they went one better and speculate Jane Roe [Norma McCorvey] flip flopped to represent both sides of the same coin. You get pretty cynical.
Jon Tester represents one side of the human physiology paradigm. If they naturally breed oats or grain or whatever a certain way or for certain characteristics he’ll start planting it and pushing it for them, geared toward rendering the body vulnerable in certain ways or achieving some desired end in chemical composition. They use kids in drugs and to commit crimes and take them – coax them into running away – and the really galling thing is that your tax dollars underwrote the scheme and the guy gets a pension. Or he gets a guaranteed market or a little bit of a break somewhere down the road - reverse engineering the way they RECORD THEIR LITTLE DEALS is a whole science in itself. Now of course they’re trying to distance themselves from Tester,
but essentially they can’t – it’s too circumstantial an argument. It ain’t easy but tends to move in fits and starts and we are in this together, opposing the CIA orchestration of government.

[Part I of what became a two part story continued above]

Too prejudicial for campaign. What I'm willing to tell you now that the voting is over.

This was all about bio-engineering and food supply.

Liberal Democrats are killing the black people. Actually, they’re killing us all. AIDS, wasting diseases, and other invidious activities of the CIA – the beginning of a schematic history. Can’t get around them; it is Bill and Hillary Clinton at the heart of perpetuating the New World Order scheme.

MKULTRA Subproject 24 was superficially a 1954 designation for an educational meeting involving Harold Abramson [allergist and immunologist in on the death of Frank Olson] and Robert Hyde [multiple LSD application projects, apparently inducing dissociative personalities]. The TIMING of the memo is dead on the number - 1954 [no idea whether or not 4 August is significant, but that's about eight months after Olson died more-or-less across the Thanksgiving holiday 1953] - and Abramson being an immunologist may be a supporting data point. No idea what Hyde's contribution would have been.

It very much appears, however, what they’re admitting to is the tip of a HUGE iceberg threatening us all 2006, and really driving to the heart of the liberal CIA Democrat conundrum. Not only does it back into AIDS, but it backs into American POWS being held in Vietnam and subjected to medical experimentation [specifically a wasting disease], the American cancer rate and genetic engineering of grains and alteration of our food supply essentially by or at the behest of the CIA.

CIA MKULTRA Subproject 24. Memo dated 04 August 1954 [to/from redacted]. In response to your request.... [medical citations provided]. George Wolf, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois. "Chemical Induction of Cancer", 1953. see esp. 29, 44 etc. By means of a special genetic technique, Strong, JK.C.I.5, 339, 1945 induced tumors with methylcholanthrene in many different tissues. Methyl Cholanthrene is a good initiator (high tumor incidence) and a good promoter (short latent period) -p.85 Wolf.
..... If this hydrocarbon can be produced in the laboratory by chemical transformations of normal constituents of the human organism, it is possible that the substance may arise in the body through a process of abnormal metabolism - and initiate cancer [underlined].
.....Carl Max Hasselmann and Hans Otto Johne in Arch. Dermato & Syphilis 188, 693-707, 1950 reported primary multiple skin carcinoma with simultaneous tertiary syphilis. Disturbances of the cholesterol metabolism, present in syphilis cases of long standing, as well as cancer cases are discussed with respect to the chemical reaction between the physiological substances [ ] and the cancerogenic substances [ ].....

Peter Buxtun went through a series of efforts over the course of several years trying to 'out' the Tuskegee program, with awareness dating from the late sixties to final publication by an Associated Press reporter named Jean Heller on July 25 1972 - at which point the story exploded. The overall sequence very much sounds like it was CIA manipulated, implying the Agency was active in the program from 1954 to 1972 [supported by MKSEARCH/2 documentation]. It is possible Mr. Buxtun may be able to identify key participants [maybe CIA people] based on orchestrated denials or partial releases of data in that time period.
How it went down - how they got the larger medical community to go along with what they had been doing - incremental release of information and directional shift with really no one responsible.
1968. Concern raised about ethics of study.
1969. CDC reaffirms need for study.
1970. First news articles condemn Tuskegee study [but gains support of local medical society which sounds like CIA adjudication], and after that the CIA played hot and cold faucets until Jean Heller ‘somehow got the story to break’ nation-wide.
July 1970 [ALSO]. Tom Harkin goes to Con Son, the island prison off the coast of Vietnam, with Hawkins and Anderson [Congressmen] along with Don Luce and Frank Walton who presumably were associated with the CIA. Harkin takes photographs which get published in Life [magazine]. Somehow those photographs fit into the continuity paradigm but we need to review them before commenting.
July 25 1972 Tuskegee story breaks. This is not to say either Jean Heller or Peter Buxtun are CIA, were planted by or for the CIA, or are in any way associated with the CIA.
Pre-1973 evacuation of American troops. 2006 we have credible reports of rumors about Black Syph or Black Clap [venereal diseases resisting penicillin] circulating among troops in Vietnam during the war, alleging infected soldiers would be left on Con Son or on an unnamed island in the Philippines and not permitted to return to the United States.
The continuity of the syphilis issue is the point; was MKULTRA Subproject 24 transitioned across the MKSEARCH era via the infected troops in Vietnam. WE THINK YES.
April 1975 Hong Le Webb ‘evacuated’ Vung Tau by fishing boat and is picked up by the United States Navy.
1975 [ALSO]. Con Son prison was conceptually closed with the fall of South Vietnam, noting the islands [Con Dao island group] are remote and access is limited even today by both practical and regulatory concerns.
Bobby Garwood CIA manipulation issue apparently designed to further a situational dominance paradigm.
1986/1987. American prisoners evacuated from Vietnam, hospitalized in the Philippines, and returned to Vietnam in a condition of captivity.
October 1992. Ross Perot [failed] October Surprise bid to free or ‘repatriate’ at least several Americans apparently living as escaped POWs in Thai/Burmese border area [Perot is prohibited by the CIA from doing that or publicizing the issue].
Mid 1990s. Hong Le and Jim Webb marry. Bill Clinton begins to ‘revisit’ Tuskegee issue with conceptual apologies and vaginal statements effectively evading recognition of the ongoing problem. Clinton certainly DOES NOT ever recognize any continuity in CIA MKULTRA testing whether or not it is Subproject 24 as we suspect.
Clinton narrowly avoids being impeached.
2006. Bush moves to normalize relations with Vietnam, while continuing the Clinton policy of lies and evasion regarding the possibility of POWs being found alive in general and on any CIA efforts to induce a wasting disease in particular.

Your awareness is appreciated. Please keep up the good fight.

Barack Obama only made it into the Senate after the CIA trashed Jack Ryan for him in Chicago 2004. NOW he's endorsed the entire CIA slate 2006 - certainly including Jon Tester, apparently working a fundraiser for him [Tester] in San Francisco after announcing his own 'potential' candidacy for the presidency in 2008 on national television. That is just audacity.

That is not Russ Feingold or Howard Dean. Ron Wyden out of Oregon, or Tom Carper out of Deleware.
These guys are not your normal Democrats.

And it looks like everybody else but Obama that one time has pretty much abandoned CIA Tester.
That isn't going to get him anything when he's trying to get legislation out of committee. Bad as they want the Senate, you don't see Clinton
getting cosy with him. Tester has said as much, and he must run a crew - you can probably get a feel for Montana CIA looking at his supporters.

To look ahead,
Clinton is yesterday, and Obama may [or may not] be tomorrow, but Russ Feingold is today and he's competitive in 2008. Montana is a small state in a big place - if you see Max Baucus you might tell him you are VERY disappointed in how things went down this year and you are hopeful the Democrats will not repeat this in 2008.

I support Conrad Burns. Compared to a CIA candidate who is the other man in a two person race, I HUGELY without reservation support Conrad Burns. Please vote, and
please vote for Conrad Burns.

Montana: Supporters Take to Streets to Get Burns Over the Top, Washington Post, Nov 06 2006 page A9. Tom Olsen in Billings complained about 'overkill' or saturation in the campaign. Understood. Any other campaign but this one and against the threat in Virginia as well - understood. Montana, you need to vote for Burns but that doesn't end it. The CIA will still be hanging over your heads, and they do not usually give you an opportunity to vote yes or no on their operations. This needs to be REAL CLEAR, and you can see they're setting their guys up for 2008.

Please vote, and please vote for Conrad Burns.

What an incredible year.

Late breaking Sunday UPDATE: Word on the streets of D.C. is that Webb's wife, Hong Le Webb, is in on the POW issue. I don't know how - expecting the worst, she is a securities lawyer and may arrange payments from the United States to the Vietnamese government for holding the Americans prisoner or something like that. Liberals are capable of rationalizing that type of thing and CIA liberals are double bad; certainly neither of them - Webb or his wife - have ever spoken of getting the POWs back. Ross Perot tried in 1992, and Webb had a chance but didn't support him then. Busy in Hollywood I suppose.

This is almost beyond belief. Raw audacity the Democrats would run the guy, but this is the team that Tester is a part of. Did the conspirators ever meet in Washington D.C. for instance; no idea. At this point its looking like bringing the group into the Senate somehow fit into the larger Bush plan, perhaps including further betrayal in Iraq. The New York Israeli lobby wants a permanent American military presence on the ground in the Middle East which is why the Democrats at the national level are not backing Lamont against Lieberman in Connecticut [the lack of support discussed in The Hill, a political tip sheet in Washington, 11/01/2006].

Montana needs two unencumbered votes on it in the Senate; please support Conrad Burns and
oppose CIA Tester.

PLEASE VOTE, and please vote for Burns.

Swine Bush is going to 'normalize relations' with Vietnam, and they're still holding about two thousand of our guys as prisoners of war. At one time they were held on the island in the lake above Hanoi, but the North Vietnamese couldn't maximize the value of electronic warfare technicians and a guess is that some went to China.
CIA Jon Tester is the Democrat candidate for United States Senate from Montana, but he is NOT the only CIA candidate the Democrats have put up in 2006. The Secretary of the Navy right around the time some prisoners were brought to Subic Bay, nursed back to health in the Navy hospital there, and RETURNED to Vietnam in a condition of captivity [C-130 trip each way] was JIM WEBB,

who has a Vietnamese wife practicing as a securities lawyer in Washington D.C. as Bush IS opening with Vietnam [IS - nothing you can do about that now],

and Webb IS now the Democrat candidate for the United States Senate from Virginia.

Fraud and deception. There's a class of them. Its Tester in a larger pattern of corruption. You want to say to at least leave Webb's wife out of it, but you know darn well the wife made the guy additionally attractive to them. SWINE.

PLEASE SUPPORT CONRAD BURNS. Oppose Jon Tester, oppose the CIA, and in particular oppose the CIA takeover of the Democratic Party. This shameful.

Burns Montana 2006. Please vote strong, and please oppose cheating at the polls.

Public Enemy No. 1. This is who did it to you. Charles Schumer is a wealthy Democrat from New York. The CIA left him a phone message saying they had Tester lined up, and he apparently didn’t look any further.

This is a young guy who worked hard and has an interesting story, but the Democrats and CIA liberal media have ruthlessly pedaled him up and down the eastern seaboard so hard people see through it. Russ Feingold is the Democrat I like, and I’m not dismissive of Howard Dean – both of whom have a better handle on issues Montana needs to address. Not my job to witch hunt for the Democrats, but I think they’re being very cynically misled by the people who buried Jack Ryan in 2004. The CIA is trying to leverage their asset.

Gun control should not be an issue - in part because the CIA hugely manipulates it - but also because it isn't central to the message of the Democratic Party. They use it because its a dependecy issue and not an empowering issue [it locks their constituency to them as opposed to driving toward the larger issue of personal freedom and responsibility]. In Montana you have that particular aspect of the problem solved, but at the national level they're little kids with it. They will try to stick it in if you turn your back.
I trust Dean to be smarter than that [don't trust him so much as to think he doesn't want it, but trust him to be smarter than trying to sneak it in], and I would think Max Baucus could take the message to the national party if enough people talked to him about it.
Barak Obama supports gun control. Flat out he does, and that should lose in Montana 2008. Not ducking it. Not silence on it. Oppose it. Once again you need to be voting.

Please vote, and please vote for Conrad Burns 2006.

Please OPPOSE CHEATING at the polls.

Of course
Chuck Schumer is not really public enemy number one, but he definitely does not speak for all Democrats. I think Hillary Clinton is out – New York is too far out of step with the rest of the country, and they didn’t show a lot of confidence in fixing Jeanine Pirro who by the grace of God blundered out as early as she did. Running the Obama cover might have been the CIA putting a crimp in her [Hillary's] style; Mark Warner of Virginia dropped out of the 2008 race but he didn’t drop out for Hillary.

Jon Tester is CIA.

Conrad Burns is a seated United States Senator up for reelection being attacked by the CIA, which President Bush adroitly tried to sidestep in visiting Montana for momentum on a western swing. Oh yeah; first they slammed Burns and now they need him. Montana needs him too. You can be cynical.

If you read this whole blogspot you will get mad; what they’ve done is just audacity and that’s only the part they’ve already done. ‘Stacking the deck,’ manipulation, cheating – and where they’re trying to go from here is ‘beyond the pale.’

Burns is a candidate;
Tester is a conspiracy.

I support Burns but admit Montana deserves two choices.

This year Montana only has one.

What the heck – if you are a Democrat, go ahead and write in “John Morrison.” That would definitely be a message. A big name Senator from New York,
Charles Schumer, was in charge of recruiting Senate candidates for the Democrats on a nationwide basis and he didn’t work very hard for you. Was 'the Tester scenario' something they told him they’d take care of in a ‘chance encounter’ the CIA arranged in a corridor, in a meeting they held across a desk, or in a phone message they left him?

I hope you do vote, but really Montana needs to drive hard into the Senate putting this – catastrophe? aberration? ‘bizarre situation’ by any standard – in the rearview mirror, and I ask you to
please vote for Conrad Burns.

Conrad Burns Montana 2006.

Alcee Hastings was a federal judge
– ousted in 1989 – who set the standard for judicial misconduct in the District of Columbia [pictured here with Janet Reno apparently post-ouster; defrocked parish priest with the Pope]. An allegation of judicial misconduct used to be called the 372(c), and this one guy was the benchmark. Noting a jury DID NOT find him guilty, three federal judges sat on him to hold him down while another two beat the crap out of him. FBI wiretapping and surveillance suggesting the guy solicited a bribe, and the Senate impeached him.

Hastings promptly ran for the House of Representatives from Florida, won, and the Democrats put him on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Where he now sits as a senior minority member, perhaps to be made chairman when the Democrats take control of the House. Swine in any case, and hugely diminishing our democracy while encouraging corruption and repression in places like China, there are two obvious alternatives - either the Democrats have gone stark raving mad, or impeaching Hastings and throwing him off the bench was a CIA scam to begin with. Either way its fraudulent and diminishes our democracy but saying the Democrats have gone mad is actually the lesser of two evils because if it was a CIA game there were five other judges and a fixed jury in on it too. In Washington D.C.; in buildings perhaps not ‘spitting distance’ from each other if you limited yourself to just one spit but a few good spits would certainly get you door-to-door.

John Kerry doesn’t need to apologize to the troops for a joke gone wrong – John Kerry needs to apologize to the nation for participating in a phony Bush orchestrated election crisis scam. This is disgraceful, this leadership ain’t Mike Mansfield, and these aren’t your mother’s Democrats.

Please do not add CIA Tester to this mix. You want to ‘send a message.’ I want to send a message too. Jon Tester is not the message to send.

Conrad Burns: right for Montana right now.

A fuller picture is starting to emerge. CIA leverages their capabilities and operations; trying to place one of their guys they decided to attack Conrad Burns. Scary - there are a bunch of guys like Tester floating around in other states but the CIA decided to try for situational dominance in seating two Democrats from Montana.
What is the backside to the structure attacking Burns? Well, I think its starting to emerge.
Minerals Management Service
gave '$3.4 billion dollars to the Office of Trust Fund Management on behalf of 41 Indian tribes and 20,000 individuals since 1982.'
There is very probably CIA in there somewhere.
That is probably one aspect of how they held the Indians in the CIA gambling franchise.
R.M. "Johnnie" Burton is director, but Lucy Querques Denett [Assistant Director] has been with the section/agency since 1982 and would be in a position to see it if she isn't in it herself; she is cross staffed as Assistant Program Director (Acting) of Royalty in Kind.
Deborah Gibbs Tschudy is Deputy Associate Director and also designated as Chief/Assistant Program Director [Acting] Onshore and Offshore Compliance and Asset Management.
The group is split up; Burton is in Washington D.C. but the other two are in Denver and headquarters of the domestic branch of the CIA moved to Denver in 2004/2005.

Please support Conrad Burns and oppose the CIA Tester orchestration.

My name is Andy Bestor. I got jumped by the Japanese when I was working construction in Tokyo 1992~1996. They chase me - the CIA is in on it, but on the run I've picked up a lot: George Bush is trying to throw the election in Montana to Jon Tester who seemingly has a nasty CIA affiliation.

Accordingly, I developed a snappy
'BUSH TESTER QUISLING 2006' graphic - FINALLY posted. George Bush is a snake and I am hopeful people let him know they don't approve of what he's done to Conrad Burns.

Please support Conrad Burns.

Oppose Bush and Tester. Turns out Bush is sensative to being identified with Quisling; well he should have thought of that before he decided to attack Senator Burns.

Jon Tester CIA.

Tester went organic in 1987 or 19 years ago and the timing of that is pretty interesting within the context of depopulating the Great Plains.

Buffalo Commons, Lorna Thackeray, Billings Gazette, June 18 2005. .... a couple academics from New Jersey suggested 18 years ago that the future of the Great Plains might lie in returning to a less developed past..... FRANK and DEBORAH POPPER... "I think, on the whole, it went from a completely crazy, Martian idea to a respected minority opinion," Frank Popper said.

At the same time, Bush may be pushing some people in. A couple from Houston moved up to eastern Montana and their move got quite a bit of publicity – he had run a big hotel next to Enron and she was in software or maybe it was the other way around, but ‘the manner it was announced’ and the media sources used makes the story about the move look orchestrated in retrospect. You shouldn’t have to worry about neighbors being part of some bizarre surveillance mechanism or CIA scheme. Tester is part of the problem, and Conrad Burns is not.

Conrad Burns is better. Burns is certainly not Agency [he's trying to defend himself from them], and I support Burns.

Lending a hand, Mike Dennison, Billings Gazette, October 30 2006. 'Demos hope Schweitzer popularity translates into legislative victories.' Not photographed standing on the lawn with CIA Jon Tester it won't [or anyway it looks like Tester in the background].
Absentee ballot number hitting record level, Charles S. Johnson, Gazette Oct. 30. That sounds like you've got the right idea Montana.
Bush is going to be in town on Thursday and I hope somebody takes him to the woodshed over the games he's been playing.
THE FEAR is that he's going to try to claim he helped Conrad Burns when nothing could be further from the truth. I'm supporting Senator Burns and
Bush has been a tremendous part of the problem attacking him.

Audacity -
Bush went to Virginia and still tried to undermine Senator Allen, who had to 'distance himself from Bush's remarks' but hopefully will win because NOBODY wants CIA candidates.

I do not support all Republican candidates or oppose all Democrats, but Conrad Burns is a good man.
Bush, on the other hand, is a snake in the grass;
believing they tried to cut some deal in attacking Senator Burns I think I can honestly ask you to please support Burns and
oppose Bush/Tester. I think that's what I'd call it, with Karl Rove mixed in there somewhere as another snake and that whole bunch makes me sick.

Counting on you to deliver.

Dru Sjodin, kidnapped, raped, and murdered, with media campaign and subsequent death prosecution in expansion of the CIA capital punishment advocacy.

What aspects of that was Jon Tester in on? What makes me think he was at least peripheral to it? To my surprise there's now a feeling in Washington D.C. that the Sjodin case - which we understand was at the other end of North Dakota - somehow caught 'Montana weather' though the extent to which it had impact isn't clear. Maybe they talked it in generalities before making their move, or maybe they had a team 'loiter' till the moment came.

Sjodin isn't the only case: Donald Fell, prosecuted by the federal government in Vermont as part of the CIA capital punishment advocacy is another. At issue is a narrow range of crimes which can draw 'fed death' even in states which have not been receptive to undertaking executions on their own, and Sjodin exactly meets the criteria.
Jon Tester has a CIA affiliation - is it run out of somewhere over the mountains like Spokane [police raping boys and a helicopter pilot in the reserves who was a mass murderer] or somewhere east as in Minneapolis. How is the domestic CIA structured: state-by-state or on a regional basis? Maybe some variation of both: a regional basis out of Denver [which would more likely put Tester in play for involvement], with a state-by-state direct link out of Washington D.C. which I bet is where they track 'CIA-in-the-statehouse' issues.
Ask him. Tester might enjoy talking about it [ain't just him or just Democrats - M.Jodi Rell, CIA Governor of Connecticut is Republican and up to her ears in it]. DO NOT let him treat the Sjodin allegation dismissively. He may NOT have shared awareness of the instance at the time, but he DEFINITELY does know they're in the statehouse, they're in death, and as the case unfolded over the years he had significant suspicions about it in his own mind if he didn't have absolute direct validation. There was a team on the ground plus surveillance in addition to the media contact which would have provided a hard link anyway, whether or not he went himself or knew of the teams which had.

That is so extreme - he'd go himself?
CIA is a weird outfit - I expect they'd see it as step in unification and confirmation; in turn it would be a little 'war story' or team participation effort he could refer back to. There could be mutually compelling reasons for him to jump in the truck and drive for twelve hours each way or something like that. He may lead a team, in which case this might be an example of leadership and sacrifice they could obliquely refer to in team building.

Its a serious thing - murder one of a pretty girl with commensurate national media campaign and death prosecution. I'm sure the CIA tries to leverage it in every way possible.

Rain could spoil record sugar beet harvest; About 2 weeks of good weather needed to get job done, farmers say, Jim Gransbery, Billings Gazette, October 26 2006.
You can believe this or not at your own peril - it is becoming clear the CIA orchestrates weather with a HAARP technology [High frequency Active Auroral Research Project].
Mad about the droughts [probably a plasma structure stabilized over the plains states]?
Go ahead and blame
Jon Tester.
Want to make them tell the truth about what is going on?
You should vote for Conrad Burns.

Not a subject matter expert on it, people say that working with the CIA, the Federal Reserve made money cheap in the 1970s into the 1980s, and then abruptly jacked the leash once the farmers were in debt and wiped them out. They simply confiscated the farmer's equity as a CIA funding mechanism, same as the 'savings & loan' crisis.
Jon Tester is not your friend. I see the weather manipulation as ultimately a land valuation issue, and think they're up to it again.
We have to stop them, and I trust Conrad Burns a heck of a lot more than their tool
Jon Tester.
Max Baucus says he's done more for Montana than Burns?
Max Baucus
wants a piece of the debate? Start talking the real issues and watch him dance.
[From previous] ..."Conrad Burns 'broke' as we used to say, or 'went off' on fire fighters who he felt hadn't done enough to save some buildings last summer and I would be very interested to hear what he really was thinking about that"...
Maybe Burns is trying to tell you something.

Jon Tester and Ted Kaczynski: CIA Montana.

One of them is running for the United States Senate. I'm not sure it's the right one. Say what you want about the guy; Kaczynski is pretty smart, and could certainly modify his admittedly somewhat extreme environmental positions which, like Tester's organic farming, appear to have been 'CIA-influenced' anyway.

What about the Minute Men, Ruby Ridge, and all the weird crap?
I can't speak to all of it - my only real comment is that Oklahoma City hinged on the Branch Davidians previous and the CIA definitely will endlessly leverage its efforts. Welcome to the world of Jon Tester.

This blog [website] does NOT oppose all Democrats or support all Republicans.
I exactly support Conrad Burns and oppose Jon Tester
without reservation.
Solidly Republican, Suddenly in Doubt; GOP Faces Unlikely Challenges in West, Blaine Harden, Washington Post, October 24 2006 on, among others, Bill Sali of Idaho. I very much like Larry Craig, Senator from Idaho, but it sounds like Bill Sali is out of line with his own people - or that is what the Post would have you believe with a citation to an older female Republican and he only narrowly took the primary. Sali claims there is a link between abortion and breast cancer; doctors do lie without doubt but I trust women who live it more than a politician talking 'on stage.' Lowest abortion rate in the country 2004 was Kentucky with just over 7 abortions per thousand live births, California and New York were high for the states at slightly over thirty per thousand, and District of Columbia was literally off the chart at sixty abortions per thousand live births. You read the paper twice about the public schools here and you'll oppose abortion too; Sali doesn't have to be forcing a link between breast cancer and abortion.
In Calif., Charlie Brown Could Have The Last Laugh, Shailagh Murray, Post Oct 24 2006 on a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel named Charlie Brown running as a Democrat in California. "Brown lined up precinct captains and courted labor unions and other left-leaning organizations"..... Bull. I worked Chicago construction, and in my recollection the labor movement there might have been broadly populist but it was hardly "left-leaning": Ronald Reagan ran the Screen Actors Guild. You wanting to raise the minimum wage doesn't make you a radical, but this gets specifically back to Jon Tester and the game he is playing in Montana. In California, they looked at the Air Force Colonel's membership in the ACLU and tried to hit him over the head with it, claiming the ACLU defended the North American Man / Boy Love Association which John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch have written about. THAT is definitely the CIA which Jon Tester is linked to - both the pervert Association to begin with AND the ACLU defending it.

You talk to Jon Tester about his CIA affiliation and its possible he'll admit to it, but claim that he hasn't done anything like the corruption of the ACLU or its just talk about the kids or whatever. NO WAY. Do not believe that - they are corrupt to the core, and he is part of it. I very much believe that Roe v. Wade was CIA-orchestrated, with Jane Roe [Norma McCorvey] now reversing to be pro-life after all the trouble its caused - that is Jon Tester and that is the CIA playing both sides of the coin in Montana.
I claim that if Norma McCorvey gets CIA money or support somehow it should be made public because the case was pivotal in American law.
Unibomber. Conrad Burns 'broke' as we used to say, or 'went off' on fire fighters who he felt hadn't done enough to save some buildings last summer and I would be very interested to hear what he really was thinking about that. If something can be orchestrated, the CIA will do it - don't even pause or hesitate.

The larger point is that the CIA is corruption, it is in Montana, and Jon Tester is a BIG part of it as their candidate for the United States Senate.

Deaf kids smell a rat - protests over 'situational dominance' at Gallaudet.

At issue is a 'New World Order' scenario of encroaching on the deaf community 'at its heart' with a 'divide and conquer' strategy represented by an unpopular choice for presidency of the college [scheduled to take office in January]. She can utilize sign language and is 'strong' or forceful in the gestures, but she learned it late in life and kids blow passed her in fluency. It is the only college for the deaf in the United States [and its historic, chartered just after the Civil War or something] and the kids want someone at the top of the game, opposing what is pretty clearly a 'fix' candidate though they probably cannot precisely characterize where the fix is coming from. In turn, she - Jane. K. Fernandes - says that "What we are dealing with on the campus is anarchy and terrorism" and that is just bizarre. It's a bunch of pissed off deaf kids. Sure they're intuitive, but being deaf also has great 'immediacy' - somebody who is deaf is there in it 24/365 - which is hard for an outside force [the CIA or whoever] to erode.

The kids know that once it goes it ain't coming back. There probably are some deaf people in Montana - there may even be or have been a state school for deaf kids - but the larger pattern of activity is what we look at here. The immediate POINT is that the people doing it will flat out lie, deny, or try to diminish what is going on: being patronizing or condescending probably REALLY infuriates that crowd which is good. The public should be so active. What Jon Tester is doing is ultimately contemptuous of the voter and 'democracy' which is wrong. Definitely salute the deaf kids who refuse to be categorized or blinded and aren't putting up with the crap.

Jon Tester CIA.

Conrad Burns is better. Burns is certainly not Agency [he's trying to defend himself from them], and I support Burns.

Tester has a degree in music - my guess is they told him they were going to take his job away [or just went ahead and did it] but offered him an alternative which has turned out to be this deal with the devil. They probably did not say they were going to use him to diminish the principles of democracy or attack the people of Montana - that was a gradual 'evolution of thought' process. There is corruption in conspiracy and insider dealing - Tester will almost certainly admit to that, claiming he educates himself against it and hasn't 'fallen into the rut' though he will admit some Agency people have.

Jon Tester has fallen into the rut and is corrupt in it. Don't believe him when he tries to deny it.

At the same time, its important you don't underestimate them; the CIA is very good at what they do. I ask you oppose Tester. Insist on individual accountability - Tester isn't a young person or ignorant - but you need to oppose all of it. Gay marriage in Massachusetts is CIA and that should eliminate Mitt Romney. It's BOTH parties, but who really cut the deal with Bush to attack Burns and go after Montana. The choices aren't endless.

Hillary Clinton - CIA for sure.

Question: in the late 1990s, was Tester on the radar screen and where do you see something like that? I was litigating against what I eventually realized was a 'CIA Capital Punishment Advocacy' - CIA infiltration of state legislatures as reflected in expansion of capital punishment and near universal adaptation of the 'lethal injection death process.' Uniform intoxication standards and seat belt laws are less dramatic indicators; it is important to understand the CIA will try to control arguments on both sides of any coin. It was never just Tester but they had someone else - at least one other person - as well.

Did Senator [then-First Lady] Clinton meet or know Tester in the late 1990s. I'm not sure, but the CIA will try to leverage assets. My guess is they probably did 'meet', if only obliquely across a room or them flashing her to him in a crowd. At a convention if he was a delegate would be one obvious guess. Christmas card or paper trail - doubtful.
Alternately, it's a long shot but not impossible - Hillary Clinton supposedly laundered drug money through state bond agencies while she worked at the Rose Law Firm in the 1980s, and at some points in time drugs were brought in through Montana. In fact the savings & loan crisis - a CIA funding mechanism - also touched on Montana. There might be a more immediate tie than one would suppose.

Both Clintons will deny all affiliation with the CIA but the evidence is fairly circumstantial. The CIA tried to give weapons to the Contras but the M-16s they had were old and faulty; apparently there was a problem at the bolt face in early models. The Clintons then moved an old and respected weapons manufacturing concern - Iver Johnson - to Arkansas for the rework job. Iver Johnson also continued with their pre-existing product line however, and the only assault rifle I ever owned was manufactured by the CIA under Bill Clinton in Arkansas; .30 caliber carbine with an action that was rougher than a dirt road gone to washboard but I'll say this for it - it was cheap.

What is kind of humorous is that - maybe not in public but if you can get close to him in private - you can ask Ted Kennedy whether or not all of this is true. Instinctively you guess that fact is stranger than fiction, but this is much closer than that even.

From an article in The Weekly Standard, the more-or-less official intellectual weight behind Bush and the so-called conservative values, by Matthew Continetti, associate editor.

On October 17, Tester visited St. Vincent Health Care hospital in Billings, where he ate lunch with a group of doctors. For a hospital dining room, the food didn't seem too healthy: The entrées on offer were chicken fried steak and ham. Tester grabbed a plate and started eating. The conversation was polite. One of the doctors mentioned he once spent a summer in Big Sandy. Tester got excited. They discussed the "big white house" about 30 miles outside of town that the MacNamara ranching family built long ago. Every so often Tester would turn to Sharla and ask her a question.

Then the talk turned serious. The doctors started complaining about malpractice lawsuits. It became clear that these medical professionals felt heavy pressure not only from lawyers sniffing out the next kill but also from government bureaucrats and needy patients. They saw health care not simply in terms of the uninsured, but as a complicated tradeoff involving cost control, access to services, and quality of care. Someone asked Tester what should be done. He clearly had no idea what to say, so he opened the floor to suggestions. After a little more discussion he asked, "So what's the solution?"

"You tell us," one of the doctors replied.

"You guys are in the field," Tester said. "I know how to grease a combine, okay?"

Everyone laughed and smiled, but Tester's smile was the widest of them all.

[So Jon Tester just gave your vote on health care to the CIA, or at best he's kicking around who's responsibility it is - my criticisms in brackets].

Tester is not what you would call a detail-oriented politician. He tends to stick to generalities... He never mentions which specific health care policies he would adopt, saying only that all options should be "on the table." [Has Burns taken options off the table?] He avoids confrontation. As I watched Tester interact with voters, I never heard him ask anyone for their vote.
[Interestingly, that is real Bush CIA. They aren't confrontational beyond the occasional 'false front' - the issue is duplicity. Bush never vetoes but makes conditional].

....When I asked him when he would support the use of military force overseas, he said, "Last resort. You've exhausted all other options, then you use military force." [as opposed to Burns, who is known to be quick to the gun]. He wouldn't say much more. Eventually he added that he supported the war in Afghanistan, "You bet." When I asked him about the Patriot Act, which he has said he would like to see repealed, he softened his language. "We ought not to cut the judicial branch out of it," he said. "If it can't meet constitutional muster, it's got to be scrapped."

[So Jon Tester and Hillary Clinton aren't going to scrap or repeal the so-called Patriot Act because the CIA won't let them; they're going to dance with it when it should be scrapped and I trust Burns a heck of a lot more on that than Tester].

...[T]he nation's most influential liberal blogger, Markos Moulitsas, wrote on his website Daily Kos when Tester won the Democratic primary... people-power matters.
What is clear [ ] is that Moulitsas has done everything he can to champion Tester's candidacy.... [T]he bloggers are attracted to Tester's populism, his antiwar politics, his criticisms of the Patriot Act, and his authenticity [no way is affiliation with the CIA 'authenticity'].

But Moulitsas also believes Tester and other Western Democrats represent the beginning of a new political animal--what he calls the Libertarian Democrat.

In this analysis, traditional libertarians err in seeing the government as the greatest threat to individual freedom.

Corporations also threaten personal liberty, Moulitsas writes on his website and in a recent essay for the Cato Institute.

So the Libertarian Democrat uses government power to limit the freedom-inhibiting tendencies of global capitalism while also guarding against abuses of government power.

"A Libertarian Dem gets that no one is truly free if they fear for their health, so social net programs are important to allow individuals to continue to live happily into their old age," Moulitsas wrote in a June 7 post. "Same with health care. And so on."

My comment: CIA Southwest Airlines is attacking the pensions, health care, and job benefits of every worker in the industry - THAT'S A LIBERTARIAN DEM?!? Tester does not have any special plans - he's just going to rely on the CIA to ride the pony home, trying to modify their plans now and then for the gallery, and they'll throw him some easy scores for good publicity with the folks back home.
READ PLAIN WITH THE BACKGROUND MADE CLEAR: In this analysis, [he says] traditional libertarians err in seeing the CIA MANIPULATION OF government as the greatest threat to individual freedom.
Corporations also threaten personal liberty [but they are increasingly CIA-driven; Hillary Clinton was on the board of Wal-Mart when they were developing their attack strategy, preparing to instigate the Chinese invasion as opposed to splitting China/Brazil or even, heaven forbid, keeping some manufacturing domestic], Moulitsas writes on his website and in a recent essay for the Cato Institute.

CIA plays both sides of the coin.

[T]he Libertarian Democrat uses government power to limit the freedom-inhibiting tendencies of global capitalism WHICH THE CIA INSTIGATED TO BEGIN WITH while also guarding against abuses of government power WHICH THE CIA IS BEHIND.

Democrats don't have special credibility in that.

The one thing they got right - PEOPLE POWER. Yes, better believe Conrad Burns should be reelected, arguing that he is 'people power' as opposed to Tester who is duplicity and CIA.

My fear in writing this blogspot is that it is so totally oriented toward the CIA that readers can overdose on it or even come to treat the issue dismissively. I can point to Dru Sjodin for sure, because everybody of voting age just lived through that huge publicity effort together, but the crimes were in North Dakota and Minnesota rather than Montana [that we know of]. Eastern part of the state and along the Canadian border there has been talk about murders and 'protected corruption' though I cannot point to an absolute example as pristine as Sjodin [at one point I thought I heard 'Harve' mentioned].
What I do know. Chased by the Japanese I went screaming through Montana a couple of times, and I would guess its conceptually possible to 'size' or reverse engineer the CIA presence in Montana off my name in their files or in files of the FBI which the CIA people might reasonably have access to. For exactly that reason they probably won't let you just walk in and read those files but I'll give you a taste of it; there are foreign students at colleges in Montana who have acted in the Asian surveillance mechanism, and bikers susceptible to participation in threat mechanisms.

It is serious, and it is there. Which colleges and when - the immediate problem is that I don't remember. It was a couple times; once to Great Falls and Helena in a loop out of the Idaho panhandle, once to the Custer battlefield at Little Big Horn [I was impressed with the cemetary which also buried vets from subsequent wars] and then a pass heading west down state road in the center of the state after I came up out of Wyoming - that took a couple days [beef rancher was having an auction I was a few weeks early for and couldn't attend but he let me see the stock - I had cash at the time and periodically thought about holding beef if a guy was going in on it with me], the first time I ever went was driving early morning into Butte and you do get the feeling its a little bit of a rough and tumble populist town.

Conrad Burns is the man.
CIA-associated Jon Tester is NOT the man.

George W. Bush teaming with Hillary Clinton to throw the races:
Pressing Senate Bid With Sharp Tongue and Strong Resolve, Marc Santora, New York Times October 20 2006 page A20.
It would be hard to imagine a race with two such strikingly different candidates. Mrs. Clinton has a comfortable suburban upbringing, counted the nation's elite as her peers at Wellesley College and Yale Law School and became the first woman to be made full partner at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas [ed. - without going into the allegation about laundering drug money through state bond issues].
Mr. Spencer, 59, was an orphan and a community college dropout who enlisted in the Army [in 1966, and by 1968, he was in Vietnam, where he led a combat platoon south of Danang... He is reluctant to talk about his time in battle. But he has no regrets about going. "We were on a mission to help the South Vietnamese people," he said. Mr. Spencer was awarded the Bronze Star for his service.
George Kline, 58, [ ] served under Mr. Spencer's command. "He was never a dictator type," Mr. Kline said. "But he spoke his mind. And he also had a nice dose of healthy sarcasm"].
He [Mr. Spencer] battled and overcame alcoholism, worked in construction, built his own cleaning business and became mayor of Yonkers, New York's fourth-largest city. He governed as a tax cutting, law-and-order conservative....
Yet he is also deeply frustrated by the lack of support he has received from the national Republican Party, despite its deep antipathy toward Mrs. Clinton. He also has received little help from either Gov. George E. Pataki or former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, whom Mr. Spencer has criticized as too liberal.
In a recent interview with the syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak, Mr. Spencer said the lack of support made him feel like he had been

"stabbed in the back."

Him with Burns and Allen. Spencer sounds a heck of a lot better than Clinton to me; heck of a long shot [Yankees throw games so bad its pathetic] but New York could yet come through.

No doubt about it, Bush and the Democrats in conspiracy are doing all sorts of sneaky stuff they shouldn't be doing at the expense of pursuing security matters they should be taking care of.
Report: Security gaps in prison; [ALL EDITIONS]
CAROL EISENBERG. NEWSDAY WASHINGTON BUREAU. Newsday. (Combined editions). Long Island, N.Y.: Oct 4, 2006. pg. A.23
WASHINGTON - A terror suspect may be secretly wiretapped by the U.S. government. But once convicted and sent to prison, he has much less to worry about from Big Brother, according to a new Justice Department report.
Federal prison officials do not read all the letters to and from convicted terrorists.... Nor do officials adequately monitor telephone conversations, cellblock talks or prison visits by family and friends, the report concluded.
"The threat remains that terrorist and other high-risk inmates can use mail and verbal communications to conduct terrorist or criminal activities while incarcerated," it said.
Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn was rated the worst of 10 federal prisons when it came to random monitoring of inmates' mail - reading 0.3 percent of all mail in one given week last year.
... Moreover, media reports last year revealed that three men convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and incarcerated in a federal prison in Florence, Colo., wrote more than 90 letters to Islamic extremists from their prison cells - including more than a dozen to men linked to the March 11, 2004, attacks on Madrid commuter trains. The Madrid attacks killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,700.
"Today's report confirms our worst fears: The Bureau of Prisons continues to be incompetent when it comes to detecting possible terrorist activity in federal prisons," said Sen. Charles Schumer (D- N.Y.), who had asked for the investigation.
"Given past evidence of terrorists communicating with active terror cells from inside prison walls, it is inexcusable that the Bureau of Prisons is not monitoring high-risk prisoners more closely. ... Starting immediately, we need to see much more aggressive ... efforts."

So the Democrats and liberals unleashed the CIA on Montana. Shrewd. Putting their wolves on your sheep. Did the CIA drive Unibomber whether or not their people were out there on the ground. Forces can be working both ways; it seemed harmless and the young guys love the overtime. Fairly compelling talk in Washington D.C. is that Hamas is entirely a Mossad orchestration, and Hezbollah is entirely CIA dating from Richard Helms leaving the Agency for Tehran as Watergate was building in early 1973 [he wanted 'deniability' on forcing Nixon out; the more I read the more I think Nixon was framed though in many respects 'they had his number']. The Mossad runs Hamas via the Israeli prison system - they actually use prisoners as a way to both monitor and control the operations, with some individuals additionally implanted. The CIA has a whole different style in running Hezbollah - what I call 'Vichy collaboration' as opposed to occupation. This has caused conflict between the Israelis and Americans at the top, and tension through the midlevel ranks on a 'trickle down' basis.
The CIA doesn't care to translate the calls and mail even with the Bureau of Prison funding because its peripheral to them, while its central to the Israeli style of management. So the Israelis asked Senator Schumer - Lutheran from Missouri - to get on it and he evidently did; the pack of them - lock, stock, and barrel - is corrupted in it. In a nutshell I guess I would offer that as one example of why they are after Burns who is pretty much clean and want to swap in Tester who is already very much part of that game.

Of course Schumer is from New York. For the most part I don't like the way people's religious beliefs get generalized and don't much go there unless they're conspicuous in it, other than that Lieberman is the Senator representing Israel who is facing a CIA attack in Connecticut by an opponent who can only talk about something close to 270 degrees of the 360 degree circle. Nobody can talk about the last part -Lieberman's support of Israel as problematic - for fear of incurring the wrath of the Jews.
And I actually like Lieberman, at least as opposed to a CIA candidate who is in it with Bush and Clinton, pretty much stratifying society and legitimizing them forcing serfdom on you.

The Homeland Security group in Montana ought to make this required reading.

The larger political picture has Mark Warner stepping down in Virginia for Obama in 2008. The CIA took down a guy named Jack Ryan in Chicago to seat Obama in 2004 which actually has interesting parallels to them taking down John Morrison, and this latest development is not a healthy sign [word must be out that Obama is a 'fix' candidate; The Audacity of Hope I guess]. Beyond opposition to the conspiracy and gaming, Conrad Burns represents the conservative opposition to gun control, while Jon Tester can only offer his opinion, and doesn't have a group in Congress remotely behind him on it which he pretty much admits.

The Organic Myth; Pastoral ideals are getting trampled as organic food goes mass market, Diane Brady, Business Week, October 16 2006 page 51.
"It would be great to get all our food within a 10-mile radius of our house," he says. "But once you're in organic, you have to source globally." Chairman and CEO Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Farm ["main facility is a state-of-the-art industrial plant just off the airport strip in Londonderry N.H."].
There simply aren't enough organic cows in the U.S., never mind the organic grain to feed them, to go around...
That's asinine, and may reflect CIA-orchestration in trade or so-called 'globalization' at an overview level [Wal-Mart forming unions in China while hammering workers at home for example] and in food supply and organic foods at an immediate level [Southwest Air attacking wage structure in the airline industry as 'evidenced' by their fuel hedging across 2005 which gets into a long discussion reverse-engineering CIA energy policy for example].
The problem for the people of Montana is that
Jon Tester started out on a school board [not unusual for a politician] which was near immediately then associated with a possible CIA litigation paradigm [bizarre, corrupt, and preclusionary for a politician], most recently going on to take down John Morrison. Hugely ominous, the CIA involvement is increasing rather than decreasing or even leveling. Tester is CIA start-to-finish or A-to-Z, now 'on the gain' or accelerating.

I like Conrad Burns fine, and think he does a good job in the United States Senate for Montana.
1. He IS being attacked by the CIA - no 'maybe' - and I set out to write a blog which would document the attack.

2. I also like some Democrats - Ron Wyden [Or], Tom Carper [Del], Byron Dorgan [ND], and to the best of my knowledge - after some observation - I've concluded they are not behind the attack on Conrad Burns. Instead there seems to be a small power clique in Congress [Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton - who used to sit on the board of Wal-Mart] deliberately setting out to topple Burns as part of a larger scheme to take control of the legislative branch from the Republicans. George W. Bush is working with the CIA from the other side to give it away in absolutely shameful ways which disgrace the whole system, but by-in-large the conspiracy is not widespread. In fact its possibly entirely limited to Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush which illustrates the power those two have.
On October 17 2006 I wrote that the people who I consider to be 'regular Democrats' weren't in on the conspiracy to take down Burns. You can say what you want about 'east and west coast liberals,' but Wyden is from Oregon and Carper is from Deleware and they're both normal guys. It's the people from New York and California who racketeer; Hillary Clinton probably doesn't make a lot of moves without telling Dianne Feinstein [Calif] what she's doing.
On October 18 2006 there was a brief indicator to the effect somebody's staffers are running around Capital Hill in Washington D.C. trying to arrange some strong anti-Burns sentiment among the regular Democrats. I say it can't be done without empowering a CIA threat mechanism which is perfectly capable of turning and biting the hand holding the leash as we see here in Abramoff.

Both parties caucus on Tuesdays, and in the weeks before the end of the session there was an effort made to FORCE BUSH OUT. A pattern of hospitalizations suggests he radiated and essentially murdered William Rehnquist, then-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in 2004 and May/June/July 2005 though we have no idea what the impeachment paper would actually say or whether the Senators would just threaten to go public with that on television.
Forget about the war in Iraq - the presidency is meant to be a powerful position which the party out of office always accuses the seated party of abusing. For sure Bush violated the Constitution in the attacks on Rehnquist though, and now we see him coming the other way in attacking Senator Burns [if you're going to violate the Constitution, really trample it and get some kicks in][the Clintons ran the CIA during the mobilization period prior to the attack on Burns, but Bush apparently kicked off the operational activity to actually take him down]. End of the day the Senators are going to be sorry they didn't throw him out when they were in caucus on it. Who obstructed the effort - my guess is that on the Democrat's side it was Senator Clinton, and on the Republican side it was people like Saxby Chambliss and Senator Cornyn.

3. This blog discusses the context of the attack on Burns, and tries to provide concepts and nomenclature for public use in discussion and debate; the ultimate CONCLUSION, however, is that the Democrats do not have a candidate opposing Burns.
In Jon Tester they have naught but a CIA-characterized orchestration which will never be able to serve the State of Montana, at least in part because that's what Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush wanted. Dating Tester to the late 1990s I cannot help but see him as a Hillary Clinton construction; this is actually a classic case and I'd put his picture next to her name in the dictionary.

You're welcome to read on.

CIA trying to 'assume virtue' in mass media.

You can double click on the images to expand them, and wait for an icon to appear at the bottom to expand them again, but I wrote the important part here.New Law Cripples Internet Gambling, Banks Are Barred From Handling Transactions, Frank Ahrens, Washington Post, October 14 2006 page 1. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte (R-Va.)[if not "affiliated with" certainly proximate to the CIA attack on George Allen], said he opposes all gambling, citing its "ill effects on society," but particularly Internet gambling, which led him to draft the legislation in the summer. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn) attached Goodlatte's bill to the port-security measure to ensure its passage and Bush's signature....

Please DO NOT vote for Bill Frist in any presidential campaign. We don't support gambling either, but what they're trying to do with this is preserve a 'CIA-exclusive franchise and revenue mechanism' which evades legislative oversight. Literally ‘enforcement of the CIA gambling franchise’ continuing in the paper 10/14/06 as in the ongoing attack on Conrad Burns. Is that concrete evidence they cheated with Tester to knock out John Morrison – no, but it indicates the attack is pervasive to the point they weren’t going to leave it to chance and the last minute.

Does Jon Tester opposed gambling, including at the Indian casinos? If he does he should say so.

The CIA activity is not hard to find once you know what you’re looking for. Frist, Hastert, Santorum [R-Pa, who, with DeLay greatly expanded the number of lobbyists in Washington commensurate to preserving the Bush Administration’s expansion of government] – there definitely are bad Republicans here who deserve to be removed from Congress. Without doubt. The PROBLEM is that the CIA is conspiring to PRESERVE the bad Republicans in place and ELIMINATE the good ones like Burns who they pretty clearly recognize as a thorn in their side, attempting to replace him with a ‘pick’ candidate they’ve been grooming for years going back at least to the school board days which we’ll look at.

Keep your eye on the ball – it ain’t the ‘party affiliation’ which is important or a mark of integrity one way or the other. Its the man. Please continue to support Conrad Burns.
Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte (R-Va.)may not be "affiliated with" the CIA attack on George Allen in Virginia but he's certainly proximate to it and was writing the legislation right around the time the CIA-orchestrated controversy down there blew up. It isn't Burns in particular or limited to specific issues; they just want the guys 'who won't go their way' OUT and out now.
FASCINATING INSIGHT: In both these cases - Burns and Allen - the Senators typically don't just roll over for them but this time did 'what they thought the CIA wanted' because it seemed relatively trivial and compared to what the CIA usually does they figured nobody was going to get hurt. 'Macaca' - Allen did say that but only because he figured that him taking a few punches in media was better than the CIA causing a child to die of exposure in a border crossing which they have been known to do. Now its 'CIA-high school' - they're like a bunch of little kids trying to combine and attack the adults. Petulant.

Jon Tester was in on taking down John Morrison dirty and then stealing his ideas.

By blogswarm bio. The embattled 2006 U.S. senate campaign of Montana State Auditor John Morrison was dealt a devasting blow with the latest revelations about his conduct. When the ethics scandal broke the initial focus was on the political implications, but there is now a growing emphasis on the ethics.
The Billings Gazette's scoop two weeks ago included the following: Morrison also acknowledged that he gave Harding $1,000 during their brief relationship in 1998, describing it as a loan [...] She said the money was a gift from Morrison, not a loan. When candidates file to run for statewide office in Montana, they file a Form D-1 disclosing "an interest that currently is valued at $1,000 or more." So if it was a loan, it should have been disclosed......

In other words, had Morrison given the woman $950 or even $999 we'd be talking a whole different picture. What a bunch of swine. That blogger [writer] may have been CIA orchestrated.

This is John Morrison. As part of a 'CIA persona' whether or not he means it [it was part of what made him attractive to them whether or not he initiated it], Jon Tester apparently feels driving a pickup truck in Washington D.C. would help improve life in Montana. It won't, beyond the CIA's inclination to open the spigot or shut it. Point blank Morrison would have been the better man of the two of them; the Senate has a rigid dress code and Conrad Burns is an expert in taking that 'western attitude' exactly as far as he can without opening the door to people diminishing the concept or reducing Montana because of it. Understanding the inclination, be aware the party structure significantly 'channels' attempted lateral movement and the bureaucracy will fight it; Senator Burns has that down cold - the inside game is his - and is there is no further gain for Montana in trying to erode 'the establishment' here.

My name is Andy Bestor, I live in Washington D.C. - actually I got chased here by the Japanese which was kind of like running to first base and then standing on it in baseball, and - with the vultures circling - I pretty much make it my business to work with whoever you send. In 1996 I was at the Western Writers convention in Albuquerque New Mexico with some people from Montana who might vaguely recall the situation.
I like Senator Burns fine, but could go the other way just as well.
The IMMEDIATE PROBLEM is that Burns is being attacked by the CIA, and it is critically important you understand two things:

1. 'Burns being attacked'
is part of a longer range CIA effort
which includes BOTH specifically targeting Montana AND maintaining control of 'the CIA gambling franchise' which we are discovering to be a CIA funding mechanism effectively beyond legislative oversight. What I am bitter about - before you get carried away in Mike Mansfield stories, be sure to note those guys laid the ground work for a lot of problems that have been the devil to reign in.
2. This is a 'winnable' fight.
Bizarre and unfortunate, the CIA attacked Connecticut and New Jersey in the Summer of 2004. George Tenet, director of the CIA, stepped down in June, the governor of New Jersey was knocked down in July, the governor of Connecticut was knocked down in August, and Porter Goss was sworn in as the new director of the CIA in September - conceptually keeping their hands clean. Jon Corzine, who was in the United States Senate, then went to bat for New Jersey and in turn knocked down Richard Codey, the CIA Vichy collaborator.
It can be done.
Of course the fight continues: NOW they're going after New Jersey again, and very possibly will attempt VOTER FRAUD at the polls.

That - 'voter fraud at the polls' - is the single thing which worries me most about Montana. Virtually any drop off in voting [a low turn out] is going to make it easier for them to cheat, they will cheat [they will immediate float 'poll figures' in media showing this to be 'pre-ordained'], and it is almost hard to blame the poll officials for it - of course they're obligated not to cheat, but they were up against the CIA [definite - without question] with one hand tied behind their back to the extent this isn't something that's easy to talk about.
And talking about it might have gotten them in trouble. A car accident. That is not what you teach children about democracy - its important to vote because the other guy is gaming with the CIA on a long term basis and you're trying to diminish his ability to manipulate the system as well as trying to support the honest poll officials; cry beloved country but its true.

Did they cheat at the polls in knocking down Morrison - if there was cheating it was leveraged a number of different ways:
knocking down Morrison,
as a rehearsal for attacking Burns,
to extend their ties into various communities and levels of state government,
and ultimately as a way of asserting 'situational dominance' which is a whole topic of its own.

Morrison - aside from the one infidelity - looked good to me and quite frankly there are people in Washington D.C. with more than the one strike against them; why didn't the CIA go with him instead of Tester to begin with?
No idea. My best guess is that his father was apparently a Supreme Court justice in Montana and perhaps couldn't be corrupted in their gaming.

The 'blog excerpt' printed above was very possibly CIA-originated. Problem for Burns is that to fight he probably will have to bring some outside people in, and Tester is going to try to use that against him.

What else about Tester?
The CIA in organic farming - in fact, the CIA in anything related to food supply including bio-engineered wheat and chemicals in soft drinks [certain],
the CIA in the effort to de-populate the great plains states [certain],
the CIA in a possible 'Havre-specific' construction [there isn't always fire where there's smoke but it pays to be aware of the situation],
and 'big music' generally ever since the Miles Copeland CIA Police controversy, which is definitely going to be a worry with Pearl Jam.

Jon Tester served on a school board that immediately got hit with a bunch of lawsuits. One was initiated by the ACLU. Unfortunately, to my great regret -
and Conrad Burns never plays games with "the L word" or any of that crap attacking liberals at least in Washington because that won't help him when he pulls for Montana -
the ACLU is significantly in bed with the CIA. I was jumped by the Japanese when I worked construction in Tokyo 1994~1995; I took off on the run and they've chased me across two oceans and three continents for now over a decade of close interaction also with American elements, and the most CIA people I've ever seen in one spot was on the steps of the Supreme Court building trying to covertly influence judicial process in the
United States. If Tester is in bed with that - as it very much appears he is - that should be preclusionary.

Is the CIA in the Montana State House - they're in forty nine others. Was Tester somebody they went to if not their 'focal' or local agent? Don't know for sure but it was him or somebody else.

George Tenet and Conrad Burns - once they were on speaking terms if not friends.

The CIA will not work just one side of the coin. Lock on it. Where they work, they definitely work both sides of the coin, and that is the scary thing the people of Montana are immediately confronted with.

I don't like Tester being in organic farming when other farmers apparently 'aren't quite cutting it' or aren't able to qualify for the certification when it looks like 'certification' may reflect a CIA selectivity characteristic rather than finite criteria. Does everybody have the same chance at the market, or do other people's deals seem to always 'fall apart at the last minute.' You want to talk about 'corruption or the appearance of corruption,' be sure to start right there.

I grew up in dairy. If you messed up and soap got in the milk tank they can send a special truck - or the truck could make a special run for it. Later on in Chicago construction I had a boss who was allergic to wheat, and I definitely understand why you want to keep the grains separate when you harvest. It probably is a 'best practice' to document cleaning your cutter and rigs anyway, and in a 'high end' market that isn't unreasonable.
Open secret Washington D.C. - people here think the CIA was behind the
E. coli spinach contamination in California. In nature it probably isn't a problem, but farmers should understand the CIA would delight in contaminating your harvestors with some incredibly persistant strain of wheat mold infection they manufactured in a lab but pretend came from China.
More immediately, plant products are used in drug manufacturing - what do farmers do when they harvest for a drug company? Bet there are damn tight restrictions. At some point, however, if the measures get draconian rather than productive in maintaining quality control there's a pretty good chance somebody is gaming in the market.
A long term survey of organic food supplies might reveal a surprising degree of CIA involvement for a number of reasons and at a number of levels; there is a 'culture' associated with organic food that is probably very vulnerable to corruption. Ironically, Tester's involvement in organic farming 'figuring into the attack on Burns' makes me think that whole market is something Burns should investigate, though obviously he can't do it now until after the election or he's going to be accused of attacking his opponent for political gain.

And Tester can't both be in bed with the CIA on that and be arguing he's trying to correct the de-population of the plains states. BOGUS.

My apparently unique problem with the Clinton Administration. They had ADM. They owned ADM on a corruption bust, and my guess is that if the FBI hadn't acted fast with a walk in informer the CIA probably would have moved to shut that down but anyway they had ADM.
Anywhere else in the world, you go to your boss with something like that and they'll damn sure ask about the other 50% of the market. If you have ADM, what about Cargill?
Clinton wouldn't do it.
Please note I do not argue to put those guys out of business - they handle everything up to and including cocoa in Africa which probably serves to capitalize those markets. At the same time, the government is trying to subsidize the farmer and not the investor, there are issues in bio-engineered food supplies which need to be addressed, and a CIA guy named Allard Lowenstein essentially broke Rhodesia with a dictator named Mugabe - turning the 'bread basket of Africa' into the dust of Zimbabwe. The issues are bigger than one individual and they have an impact far from Montana but the fight is where you find it.
The CIA is attacking Conrad Burns and he will fight - in fact he has fought and is only upset by the extent to which he previously thought 'supporting them' was a positive step to take in advancing American values,
while Jon Tester has pretty evidently sold out in it and and if you 'share awareness' and ask him hard questions he probably doesn't make any bones about it.
It is important the markets be clean; grain is traded in Chicago but what about organic? I like oates as opposed to wheat and would welcome literally 'an organic oat' market - you want the growers to be certified; fine, so long as it isn't by the CIA. Quaker should not have a lock on the shelf by my refrigerator. There is no 'silver lining' to being attacked by the CIA, but really a number of reform issues are represented by Tester [unfortunately in corruption] and hopefully this will lead to greater inquiry.

With that as our introduction:

Conrad Burns is a seated United States Senator being attacked by the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], if not immediately 'at the behest of the Bush Administration' than with the knowledge and implicit permission of the Bush Administration. I argue that is wrong, seek to educate the public in the nature of the attack, and ultimately hope to force the CIA into absolute total compliance with the letter of the law in Title 50 Section 401 et seq. [including NO domestic activities], which is one of the bodies of law conceptually restricting the activities of the CIA and protecting the American people.

This is not a long story to tell.

Allen Dulles, Meyer Lansky, Jimmy Hoffa, Kirk Kerkorian - the latter pictured on a construction site in Vegas. Essentially, the CIA set up a funding mechanism evading legislative oversight by working with the Mafia to utilize union pension funds in developing Las Vegas FROM THE 1940s, arguably starting before the CIA was even chartered.
CIA orchestration pre-CIA, as was the Tuskegee syphilis experiment which President Clinton apologized for but certainly never explained.

Ultimately the casinos and hotels in Vegas were migrated from overt Mafia control to corporate structures which increased the dollar value of the CIA revenue stream if not the value of their property holdings in Vegas.

Bidders to Borrow Against Harrah's Real Estate, Dennis K.Berman with Christina Binkley and Peter Sanders, Wall Street Journal Oct. 7-8, 2006. Apollo Management and Texas Pacific Group have assembled five banks - and potentially one more to back their plan to take over the country's largest gambling concern....[discusses the commercial mortgage backed securities market or CMBS which actually backs into CIA involvment in real estate, then noting] "Harrah's 15 billion market capitalization and $11 billion in existing debt."
Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Deutsche Bank AG [interesting tie in potential expansion of the CIA franchise], JP Morgan Chase & Co., Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. - and potentially Credit Suisse Group - all are participating in the lending, and the terms leave room for a raised bid....
Scary to the extent that's essentially CIA driven.

Kirk Kerkorian is still a player, emerging to attack the United Auto Workers at General Motors, but that only became clear recently - 2005/2006 - after Jack Abramoff had moved forward in either expanding or at least preserving the 'CIA gambling franchise' with the Indian tribes.

The union pension funds no longer drive the development of Las Vegas but the revenue stream endures - a guess is that Senator Burns thought it was a great thing for the Indians 'to have a piece of' and leapt at the opportunity to bring them in, with visions of everything from computers in schools to rehab clinics and bison management programs dancing in his head. 'Indians' and 'casinos' did not intuitively link in early 20th Century American history - a second guess is that the CIA brought the gambling to the Indians [in the late 1970s or 1980s] to begin with.

In fairness to the man, it should also be noted the CIA or anyway Abramoff apparently approached Senator Burns relatively immediately in the 'post-9/11 environment' when everybody was particularly vulnerable to patriotic yearnings however idiotic. Burns was originally elected in 1988. NOW it is becoming very evident Bush is working toward some 'New World Order' scheme immediately visible in shootings at middle and high schools, the CIA is not to be trusted, and while the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the longer-term attack on Burns MAY TURN OUT TO IN FACT BE RELATED nobody remotely had any sense of that at the time.

Could the Abramoff involvment perhaps mean the Jewish community or Israelis are getting a piece of the Indian gambling revenue stream - or want a piece of it,
and view[ed] Senator Burns as an obstacle[?]. Be very careful here; 'not voting for Burns' may invoke the law of unintended consequences.
Senator Clinton is running essentially unopposed in New York which has a strong Jewish community, and a source recently brought word of emergent Jewish ties to the LDS Church in Salt Lake City.

"You don't want me to stab him with that kitchen knife."
"No. You just set him up, punch him all you can, and maybe break some furniture over his head. We'll get the Indian tribes to actually cut him and make him bleed pain; we'll go to them ahead of time and work that out because they're in the deal anyway. Don't be ridiculous - we're much more professional than that."

The CIA attack upon the United Auto Workers now being undertaken by Kirk Kerkorian could arguably be seen as funny to the extent that particular union was notorious as a funding source for Allard Lowenstein and a host of liberal advocacies within the CIA, but of course it isn't really funny. There is larger pain involved. Some Indian casinos go out of business, and some cause fights within the community.
Senator Burns has always been a strong voice for open government and pragmatic solutions in the face of what Reagan called "the fetish of complexity" which characterizes Washington D.C.,
NOW I am hoping he'll come roaring back, looking to significantly expose the CIA manipulation and restrict the Agency to the letter of the Title 50 statutes, but nobody - not his opponent and not the other party - remotely proposed that before.

Part of the problem is that the other party can't act to the extent they're involved in CIA activity at an executive and even managerial level, hoping but doubting Senator Clinton will completely detail her involvement in CIA matters for public consideration well ahead of any presidential candidacy. On the Republican side, Senator McCain may also be tied in the reciprocity concept.

Having walked you through the whole sequence I can say now what you would not have understood at the beginning. Tester is closer to George Bush than Conrad Burns is, and I don't like Bush because he's racketeering and he's sanctimonious in his racketeering. They should make it overt, though nobody in either party has which leaves us with a 'warped democracy': Jon Tester will deny being as close to Bush as he is, and Burns is getting real thin on it but he probably can't acknowledge being as mad about the CIA attack as he really is.

Obviously I totally oppose Jon Tester in Montana over the CIA affiliation. The one 'partisan' or larger insight I can offer from Washington D.C. - Tester claims to support gun ownership and in fairness to him he individually probably does, but the Democrats generally do not and the CIA actively campaigns for restrictions on gun ownership. School shootings, including the Amish school shooting which actually touched a lot of bases for them.
What is it like being a critic of the CIA in Washington D.C.? - I recently spent a lot of time litigating against the CIA 'Capital Punishment Advocacy' [their sneak moves bringing the death penalty into Connecticut, the Dakotas, and Vermont] and opposed the 'murder of infants trapped in car seats' across the summer of 2005.
A 'structural' problem the Democrats face is that they end up naturally backing the CIA [mandating car seats] while Republicans tend to oppose the CIA or at least their invidious activities. The man I feel sorry for, beyond being outraged by the attack on Senator Burns, is Howard Dean who is well intended in trying to [re]establish a fifty state party; the fear is that he's opening the door to a lot of CIA activity. Butte has a progressive tradition and I wouldn't deny that - I prize that. Supporting Conrad Burns right here and now is definitely not shutting any doors in 2008, but your immediate awareness and efforts for Montana are very much appreciated.

Please make the efforts.

Thank you.

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