Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fund the Corruption in Connecticut with a Party

More and more kids are taken away from good parents in Connecticut to defraud all taxpayers, minorities and the poor are being abused in record numbers in Corruptikut's Corrupticourts, Free Speech is punished with arrest and prison, and let's celebrate a somewhat new gun grabbing initiative called, "Turn in your Neighbor", if you think your neighbor has guns and might be unbalanced, you can turn him or her in and their house is raided and the guns are taken away, and with all false allegations, they are acted upon, "No Questions Asked."

When a couple has an argument the most ruthless and the first to the trigger on a false accusation can exact permanent results. A corrupt state government, courts, and police are all too willing to knowingly take a false accusations to suck in confiscated assets, cash, and get federal tax dollars for arrests, processing, trials, and incarceration. Welcome to the new America, the "Connecticut Way".

Why not actually turn in a psychotic police officer, judge, prosecutor, elected official, or one of their organized crime syndicate friends when you know their address, that they are truly dangerous, and have firearms in their house?

Let's party and celebrate! Happy New Year!!!

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Rell Team Works To Get Ball Rolling
December 31, 2006
By JOANN KLIMKIEWICZ, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

It is cold and cavernous, an 88,000-square-foot space that packed in pro wrestling fans last weekend and next weekend will host thousands of bikers and their rumbling rides.

So standing in the vast Connecticut Expo Center, forgive us if it's a tad difficult to envision just how this yawning space will be transformed into a glittering setting fit for a governor and her nearly 2,000 guests.

"It's a great venue for boxing," says Victor Dellaripa, the expo center's executive director, scanning the floor Thursday morning as workers draped swaths of glossy blue fabric from the ceiling.

But one for the grand affair that is Gov. M. Jodi Rell's first inaugural ball - and the first the state has seen in eight years?

"Well, you've got to decorate it up. It is an old BJ's warehouse," Dellaripa says. And over the next two days in this one-story building amid car dealerships and fast food joints in Hartford's North Meadows, "they'll go all day and night. It's a lot of labor."

About 30,000 square feet of carpeting. Close to 9,000 feet of fabric ceiling swags. Three hundred specially installed fixtures beaming 600 amps of theatrical lighting. And enough roses and French tulips to fleck the vast hall in the shade of sunshine yellow that is Rell's chosen color.

And you thought planning your holiday dinner party was stressful?

Presiding over this organized chaos is Catherine Marx, the director of Rell's eastern Connecticut office. The responsibility of mounting the gala in exactly 30 days fell squarely, if unexpectedly, on Marx's shoulders when the First Company Governor's Foot Guard decided earlier this month it could not. The foot guard has organized the ball since 1791, but this year found that a long-awaited ruling on whether it could host the event, based on new ethics laws, left the group with insufficient time.

Marx stepped up to the task at the request of Rell, who offered only these directives:

Make it fun and festive.

Make it yellow and blue.

Make sure you hire Tirebiter, the Top 40s band from Canton that played her 60th birthday bash.

"There was never a question of whether or not we would have this ball. There was no time to doubt it," Marx says. "We just needed to get it done."

Without so much as a moment to flinch, the vendors were contacted. About 1,000 invitations went out. And up went a website advertising the ball and steering the public to purchase tickets, which will be sold until Tuesday at noon: $4,000 buys a 20-guest private box, $1,750 a 10-person table and $150 a general admission ticket.

The budget to put on such an event: Approaching $300,000, funded solely by ticket purchases.

It's an event of a scale Marx has never encountered. "I don't think my daughter's 12th birthday counts," she says, laughing.

But from a makeshift headquarters in the state armory building in Hartford, in an office just large enough to fit two computers, two phones and a staff of four, Marx is plotting a gala steeped in as much elegance and tradition as she believes the first inaugural ball of the 21st century deserves.

"This is really a moment for Hartford, for Connecticut, to sparkle and to celebrate," Marx says. "It's really important we don't forget or ignore our traditions."

And in some ways, the inaugural committee is breaking tradition to keep that tradition.

An event The Courant once described as "a tailgating party in black tie," the ball was long held at the armory, with attendees either carting in their own food and booze or hiring an outside caterer.

But post-9/11 restrictions no longer allow the armory to be used for such an event. Enter the expo center, site of Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez's last two inaugural balls. The expo center contractually caters with Boston Culinary Group, which has locations in Connecticut, and uses Demers Exposition Services, of Middletown, for decorating and setup.

"They really know how to snazz up the place and make it special," says Jackie Mandyck, who organized both of Perez's inaugural galas and has lent Marx some guidance.

The lighting and fabric, the flowers and carpeting, the music and nibbles will all pull together to give the drafty space a warmth and a glow, she says.

Ah, but pulling it all together.

"It'll be crazy. And a week beforehand, I'm sure it's a bit of a whirlwind for Catherine," Mandyck says. "But the adrenaline she'll feel when she walks into that room, when the governor walks into that room - it's going to be an amazing moment for her. It's why I went back for a second time."

It's hectic buildup to a frenzied day, says Boston Culinary's Dave Sugrue. But the payoff is worth it on what he calls "Execution Day."

"It's a tremendous amount of coordination. It's a huge undertaking. But this is what our company is really good at," Sugrue says. The company was just tapped to do food services at the Super Bowl in Miami and cater multiple events taking place down there.

For Rell's inaugural ball, Sugrue estimates it will take about 170 employees to prepare and serve more than 9,000 individual hors d'oeuvres, 2,000 pieces of desserts, 600 pounds of roasted rib eye beef, 400 pounds of pork loin and 300 pounds of pasta.

To make it all happen, the catering company has to haul in 12 holding ovens, eight convection ovens and a large tractor-trailer refrigeration system to supplement the expo center's kitchen facilities.

"We'll start preparing Monday and build up from there ... all the way through the day of," Sugrue says. As in any large-scale event, there may be a few glitches. "But I like to say I have a backup plan. And a backup to the backup plan."

All told, it will probably take about 300 people to put on Wednesday's affair. That's the estimate of Scott Ling, president of Demers.

Like a sergeant reviewing a strategic map of his mission, Ling stands in the expo center before a large-scale drawing of the event's floor plan and translates its web of colored circles and squares: Access paths for workers to scurry, unseen and unobstructed, around the perimeter of the floor. Two large video screens to project the red-carpet entrance and military escort. Nine food stations. Five drink stations. Thirty people to staff coat check alone.

This is not some ticket-and-stub operation. We're talking bar codes, headsets and lockdown storage - all just to handle coats.

"That's actually one of the hardest jobs of the night," Ling says. "Think about it: Coming in is a piece of cake. Coming out you have 2,000 people who usually leave within the same half-hour. That's where it gets difficult."

This is not the largest-scale event Ling's company has ever put on. But it is the most high-profile. Which adds to the adrenaline of the day, he says.

"We've done functions in here with more people and bigger budgets. But nobody from the paper ever came to interview us about the Lego event or the IBM event. There's more of a magnifying glass on this, you know?"

If anyone knows, it's Marx.

On Thursday afternoon she's back at her inaugural base in the armory, standing over a seating chart, tacking company names such as Dominion Resources and Northeast Utilities onto sections for box-seating. Staff members Haley McConaghy and Eric Ducey, recent college graduates who helped on the Rell campaign, answer the ever-ringing phones and tackle to-do lists.

And then begins a wave of people picking up their admission tickets.

Holding the 10 for herself and her fellow revelers from Yale-New Haven Hospital, Ann Hogan says she's looking forward to the ball. It has been too long since the last one. And she's intrigued by the new venue and catering style.

"I think this will feel like one celebration, like one party, whereas before it was like a lot of little parties," says Hogan, the hospital's coordinator for government and community relations. "Before it was almost like tailgating."

A few moments later, another guest stops in for his tickets.

"So, how's it going?" he asks Marx.

"We're getting there," she says. "We're getting there."

For more information about Gov. Rell's inaugural ball, or to purchase tickets, visit or call 860-524-4967.

Contact Joann Klimkiewicz at

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Make a Police Misconduct Complaint, Have Your Guns Taken Away

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30 years in prison for pissing off a judge?

Friday, December 29, 2006

What is low back pain, and what causes it?

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Make a Police Misconduct Complaint, Have Your Guns Taken Away

I talked with a friend of mine earlier today.

He had previously made a complaint of misconduct regarding a Connecticut State Police Trooper assaulting him after he was arrested in retaliation for having made a complaint against Judge Jonathan Kaplan for blocking his exit out of the court with his car, following him around the court, calling Prosecutor Chris Parakilas to fix cases, taking my friends kids away based on his ancestry and racial stereotypes spouting off on a racist rant on the record, and for retaliating against my friend for having complained about police and the unfair Connecticut court system.

A Connecticut State Police Detective, allegedly Dan Cargill, called my friend and asked a bunch of personal questions and told my friend that he had to turn all his firearms into police for having made a police misconduct complaint. What!!!???

We the People should not be terrorized by Police in our homes, at our jobs, and out on the roads. We should let them know we pay them, we are the boss, and they best better start acting like it, with protection, service, and respect.

The current policy of the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs is to discredit and arrest those that complain. The Department of Administration Services is supposed to oversee the police and they are a procurement department that is allegedly a domestic spying operation. Do you see a conflict of interest? Is Connecticut a ridiculous state to live and work in?

Well, more and more people are leaving with their lives and families intact. More are also leaving after official and police corruption has shattered their lives forever.

Don't be a victim, don't live or drive through Connecticut.

Complain to your Attorney General of your state and demand justice for your state's victims of racist, abusive courts and police in Connecticut.

Click Here for post: "To FN Lazy to Protect and Serve?"

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lock up your valuables, hide your wife and daughters

Here comes the Connecticut Police, famous not for protection and service, not for courtesy, but more and more for raping and robbing citizens, beating them for whatever reason, White Officers executing Blacks where the prosecutor purposely botches the case so the Racist Officer skates on Appeal, for manufacturing evidence, perjury, suppressing evidence, witness tampering, obstructing justice, dealing drugs, abusing drugs and alcohol, contributing to the delinquency of minors, creating teen "informant gangs" where the only way out means beatings or prison or worse, creating a climate of fear and mistrust, increasing crime rates, and although most officers are probably good, the "Bad Ones" are wrecking the reputation of all officers, nationwide.

It is time to contact Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell and elected officials and demand that the Connecticut State Police be dismantled and what remains have anything to do with police or law enforcement stripped off their uniforms and remaining cars. Connecticut does need a "Highway Patrol". After New York State Police Internal Affairs issued their report of Connecticut State Police Officers' conduct, there just is no fixing this abortion of justice. Police absolutely cannot police themselves.

The Department of Administrative Services is set to "help" investigate police misconduct complaints in Connecticut. Department of Administrative Services awards contracts and has financial duties. Isn't it conflict of interest that such a department could cover their own misconduct and shady deals? The Department of Administration Services is more than rumored to be mainly a Domestic Spying operation. Lisa Masterson in the UK was allegedly hacked by the Department of Administrative services as she had tried to expose a fraud involving Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, officials in Connecticut as regard to the Lyme Disease fraud in testing and treatment.

Citizens need to feel safe from beatings, retaliation for Free Speech or in proposing legislation to elected officials. Women need to feel that police are safe to go to, not that they might be another Connecticut Police Officer rape victim. The elderly should not be beaten by officers and then charged with assaulting an officer, because an officer was rude and a veteran and honest retired citizen is rude right back.

We the people should feel that police are not out to rip us off or to wreck are small businesses when we are in competition with their "connected" friends.

Towns and cities need their own police. Calls into police should have a courteous voice answering, as we the people pay the bills.

Police should not have a "100 Club" where they falsely arrest citizens without probable cause and true evidence. Incarceration, divorce, and other costly social detriments arise. Should we let officials be so callous and carefree as they wreck our lives for fun? Click Here for post on the "100 Club".

Why hasn't former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada been arrested? Didn't he misappropriate Homeland Security funds? Didn't he demote the highest ranking police woman out of his office, was he afraid of ethics being instilled into the Connecticut State Police? Why can an official such as Spada, be out golfing, be carted around, chauffeured at taxpayer expense when a dirtbag refuses to do an honest, ethical job and then fraudulently turns in paperwork to cover up his crimes and the rip off of all taxpayers, nationwide?

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

Click Here for:

Ground Zero for Wrecking America's Youth and the Economy

post involves DCF misconduct and abuse of citizens, families, and children nationally

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To FN Lazy to Protect and Serve?

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Officer Charged With Taking Eatery's Lobster, Shrimp
December 28, 2006
By DAVID FUNKHOUSER, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

MADISON -- Veteran police Officer Joseph Gambardella was charged Wednesday with burglary and larceny after being caught on videotape stealing several hundred dollars' worth of lobster and shrimp from a popular seafood restaurant in the dead of night last October, police said.

Gambardella, 48, is a 15-year veteran of the Madison department who made $127,000 in salary and extra-duty pay last year. He turned himself in to state police in Bethany on Wednesday morning and was released on a written promise to appear in court Jan. 4.

Police say he stole $924 worth of lobster and $18.60 worth of shrimp from Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale Restaurant in two separate incidents in which he pretended to be responding to break-ins.

"It's very disappointing," said Madison Lt. Robert Stimpson. "I wouldn't say it's a shock; we've all known that this thing's been under investigation for a while."

Gambardella was put on paid leave in October after the thefts came to light. Madison police asked the state police Central Division Major Crime Squad to investigate.

Reached at his Guilford home, Gambardella declined to comment. His lawyer, Hugh Keefe of New Haven, said Gambardella would plead not guilty. He described his client as a respected member of the community and the police force.

"There are videotapes that at times are not what they appear to be," Keefe said.

In the early morning of Aug. 4, Gambardella radioed Madison dispatch to say he had found a door open at Lenny and Joe's at 1301 Boston Post Road and would check it out, according to a state police affidavit. He later reported everything appeared OK, secured the door and left.

When owner Joseph Schreck opened the restaurant later that morning, he noticed several bags of lobster meat and shrimp missing.

A day or two later, Gambardella walked into Lenny and Joe's and introduced himself. He asked Schreck if anything had been discovered missing after the recent alarm, the affidavit states.

Schreck said nothing about the missing seafood because, he told police, he believed the matter may have involved his staff, and he wanted to handle it himself. That's when he installed a video surveillance camera.

Early on the morning of Oct. 9, the store's alarm went off. Gambardella again reported he had found an open door at the restaurant during a check. Without waiting for backup, he told dispatch he was entering the restaurant to look for perpetrators.

Schreck noticed more lobster missing the next day and reviewed the videotape. On it he saw Gambardella walk straight to the cooler with a large plastic bag in his hand, the affidavit states. After little more than a minute, the affidavit continues, Gambardella left the cooler carrying an "expanded and weighed down" bag.

The camera caught Gambardella walking out and then returning to the cooler for about 20 seconds with a white cloth towel. The video also captured Gambardella talking on a wall phone to someone police believe was a representative of the store's alarm company.

Schreck then took his complaint to the police.

Gambardella faces up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for two charges of burglary in the third degree, a felony. He also faces two charges of larceny in the fifth degree, a misdemeanor.

Gambardella remains on paid administrative leave. His base salary is $53,000.

Contact David K. Funkhouser at

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The "Red Flag" of Abuse

Why would a state that keeps drastically losing population keep building more and more prisons and youth detention centers. Why would a state that has a stagnant and shrinking tax base keep spending more and more, expanding state government, hiring more and more workers to work on the taxpayer dime?

How does the math work?

Well, the more citizens that get "processed" by the system, arrested, take state run classes, are on probation, parole, are incarcerated, have their kids removed, and are in mental hospitals, the more the State gets in the nation's federal tax dollars. You pay to help ruin America, one family and child at a time.

Connecticut courts are notorious for being completely out of control. No rules are followed and their in pandemonium on the people. Separate and Unequal is maintained. Whistle blowers are barbecued and ruined for life. Families are being broken up for profit. Children are ruined for life and are a state's future credit card to charge to lock up yet another human being.

Stafford Springs town police and Connecticut State Police had refused to protect and serve me. I was threatened and then attacked on my property. I was not looking for trouble, but my attacker was. I went to prison losing everything for having a "Big Mouth".

I had spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing up boarded up, downtown Connecticut rental properties. I was railroaded to prison based on police perjury for having wanted honest policing and ethical courts of law. You paid Federal Tax Dollars for a fixed trial to railroad me to prison.

You paid at least $76/day for each day I stayed in prison to deprive me of my home, job, and family. Did you pay this woman, click for story, $10,000 with your Federal Tax Dollars to date me to try and set me up for a DUI, where I get pulled over, have drugs planted on me, police beat me up and charge me with assaulting them, and I wake up in the hospital to face ten to twenty years in prison. That plan failed and many back ups were tried until the police finally got me out in the open, my own yard after I was beaten by one of their police informants.

There are cop gangs where youths are either severely beaten or worse just for trying to get out of a Connecticut Police gang. Many are called informants. Drugs are sold, citizens are beaten, citizens are killed. Police are raping, beating, robbing, and killing citizens. Just look at the New York State Police Internal Affairs report on the Connecticut State Police, as the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs was too abusive to even officers complaining about other police officers abusing them.

Stephen Murzin came home from the Marines to see Phil Inkel being beaten at a Colchester Connecticut Connecticut McDonald's. Colcester Officers Thomas and Nardella paid police informant Todd Vashon $10,000 to kill Phil Inkel and or Stephen Murzin. Vashon punked out and went to authorities. Although there was probable cause to arrest the officers, they were never punished for a "Murder for Hire" plot. Stephen Murzin was stabbed by another Felon police informant, 13 times, two others were also stabbed. The Felon, who was on probation, got no prison time. Stephen Murzin was arrested in the hospital when he woke up by the police officers that he has accused of beating he and his brother. You, the taxpayer are paying for this kind of daily abuse. Click Here for more information.

The policy for complainers regarding Connecticut Police was to discredit and then arrest citizens. Those that wanted justice are in prisons. Connecticut holds political prisoners at probably record numbers.

The conditions are often horrid, abusive, and inhumane. There are Black and White sections of Connecticut prisons.

When I was held at Hartford Correctional Institute there were not enough cells. I was put in a holding cell where there was not enough room. Inmates were lying under benches and sitting on the toilet. Those that were coming off drugs and alcohol were throwing up and soiling themselves. Imagine the horror if it was you. Married couples that argue, are arrested, placed on probation, can end up as inmates for a simple violation of probation. The prison is for anyone of any age.

I was placed in the cafeteria, there were 2 overflowing toilets without seats for hundreds of inmates. I was placed near the entrance of the prison and there were guards coming in and out all hours calling us "smelly pigs" I was sleep deprived and the conditions are inhumane. No American should have to endure what I did and too many others of this country or not, do in American Prisons.

Pools of blood would show up on the floors daily and even more often as inmate on inmate assaults are all too common. Guards would encourage fights and abuse for entertainment. At anytime a guard can tell you to get up against the wall, kick your ankles apart with boots, bruising your ankles, having you pull your pants down as many times as they want in a day, openly, where you have to spread your ass wide to show the inside, turn around and move your testicles around for a guard's sick pleasure.

I tried to get a information out to the Hartford Courant as Federal Inspectors came to the prison. Guards woke us up at 3 to 4 AM near Halloween 2002 and had us hide our bedding. The Federal Inspectors were delayed as guards watched the cameras and jockeyed hundreds of us around the inspectors to hide the abuse and inhumane conditions. Hundreds of us were locked up in shower areas after inspectors had seen these areas.

Captain Murphy told me I was “kicked out” on Hartford Correctional in Connecticut for being an asshole. I tried to inform the media.

Minorities in Connecticut are kept out of most housing, neighborhoods, and jobs by corrupt police and kangaroo courts. The rest of America pays in higher taxes and more and more reduced freedoms. The quality of live for average people and families will continue to plummet until something is done.

Silence signifies acceptance. Don’t be silent.

The United States Prison Population increased tenfold from 1980 to 1999. Level today have gone way beyond. Are we truly the land of the "FREE"?

Click Here for the Steven G. Erickson story with YouTube videos.

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State Prisons Bulging Again
9:21 AM EST, December 26, 2006
Associated Press, The Hartford Courant

HARTFORD, Conn. -- State officials say Connecticut's prison population has again boomed to the level it was three years ago when overcrowding forced the state to ship some prisoners to Virginia.

Figures show that the increase, which comes after three years of decline, is especially sharp among prisoners awaiting trial.

The prison population jumped from about 17,700 in 2001 to 19,200 in 2003. It was less than 10,000 in 1990.

The big increase spurred lawmakers to examine alternatives to prison, especially for drug addicts and nonviolent offenders.

The population steadily declined in 2004 and 2005, dipping below 18,000 again at the beginning of this year.

But it crept up to 18,500 in the middle of this year and surpassed 19,000 this fall, said Brian Garnett, a spokesman for the Department of Correction.

The state has had to house prisoners in gymnasiums at a few prisons, he said. State Correction officials have asked federal immigration authorities if they can remove illegal immigrants from state prisons.

They're also asked judges in the state if they can release more defendants awaiting trial on nonviolent charges instead of jailing them on bond.

"It's not a mandate" to the judges, Garnett said. "But it's a way to give us some breathing room."

It would cut the number of inmates awaiting trial, a group that typically accounts for about 25 percent of the jail and prison population, Department of Correction statistics show.


Information from: The Advocate,

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why not modern steam powered cars?

Maybe anything that will burn can produce steam. The power and torque of a steam engine is legendary. If the per mile cost were way cheaper than gas and trash, methane from dumps and agriculture, fuel oils, wood, coal, and other energy sources could be burned cleanly, maybe we could tell the fossil fuel produces to go screw.


Here is where the steam car really shines.

The steam engine develops maximum torque at minimal revolutions, right from the start, therefore, no clutch or transmission is needed. This torque is not inconsequential either. The simple Stanley 20 HP two cylinder engine develops at maximum, some 640 lbs/ft of torque. The legendary Doble at maximum pressure develops 2200 lbs/ft of torque on the crankshaft. These levels can not be matched by anything in any normal automobile, plus, the engines just loaf along at highway speeds. Their gear ratios between the engine crankshafts and the axle shafts is usually 1-1/2 to one, bringing silent and vibrationless operation, and also delivering extremely long engine life.

This massive torque produces high acceleration rates, not easily equaled by their contemporary gasoline engined cousins. Their performance is exemplary.

The only driver input is the throttle position and whether the car is to be driven forward or backward. No other driver decision is required in the later steam cars.

The control of the power system has been fully automatic since 1907 in the better makes of steam cars, notably the White. Today, the driver of such a modern steam car would only need turn on the key switch and moments later drive away.

The car takes care of itself in all respects of steam pressure and temperature. You could simply ignore it.

This does not also imply that some highly complex multi computer system is demanded, such complication and expense is not needed nor wanted. Simple relay logic controls are well developed and have been used for the past seventy five years in steam cars with complete success.

Microprocessors and limited computer control systems can be applied to the steam car to provide totally automatic operation and complete operational safety if really desired; but it would be a minimal involvement. There is no need to incorporate some complex computer controlled system, when a much simpler version will perform all the necessary functions with reliability.

Click Here for more

The Wankel Rotary Engine.

This engine has very interesting possibilities if given sufficient development. It does offer a powerful package in a small volume and mechanical simplicity and good balance. It is an expensive engine to have to construct from scratch; but not if one started with a production Mazda Wankel 13-B or three rotor 20-B basic engine.

As a gasoline engine with a turbocharger added, it is capable of very high power output, high torque and a reasonable speed range. The racing activities of the Mazda Corporation has produced seal materials that withstand full power output for long periods. After all, they did win the 1991 LeMans 24 hour race with a Wankel engine. This four rotor engine developed over 700 HP and over 450 lb/ft of torque while being highly turbocharged. This shows that the modern Wankel engine with available racing seals and strengthened hub and rotor gears works at a very high BMEP, actually higher than would be needed in a steam car application. This special racing hardware is easily available off the shelf, making the development of a steam conversion a relatively easier matter than if one had to develop special hardware from scratch in order to make it survive while giving high power and massive torque.

Case distortion due to the high steam temperature would also require careful analysis. The Mazda rotary engine when used in racing has a reputation of fatal distortion problems if allowed to severely overheat. One may observe the rather large oil cooling radiators used in such cars. However, analysis of the heat distribution and modification of the clearances used, could provide a solution, as the ultimate temperature when used as a steam expander is considerably below what would be reached in an I.C. engine with failed oil cooling. There are also good material changes that would benefit the use of the Wankel engine as a steam expander. This appears to be an easily solvable design problem.

If converted to steam, it requires a good inlet valve design that would work at one-third output shaft speed. Again, a double-seated balanced poppet valve is ideal.

However, being a positive displacement design, the output shaft speed can be kept to under 4,000 RPM and permit a more normal cam operated inlet valve, while still delivering optimum power for the displacement.

The rotor in the Wankel engine turns at one third the speed of the output shaft. In one aspect, this is a very good thing in that the apex seal rubbing speed is only one third what it would be if it ran at shaft speed.

Several investigators have proposed that the Wankel engine be used with two inlet valves and two exhaust ports per working chamber. If one examines a dismantled Mazda 13-B engine, it will be seen that to use the maximum chamber volume for expansion, the inlet and exhaust ports would be slightly in excess of 180° apart. This indicates that trying to incorporate two inlet and exhaust ports would by necessity either reduce the working volume, or cause some serious timing overlap that would let the incoming steam rush directly out of the exhaust port. Both of these conditions would seriously reduce the potential expansion ratio and thus lower the final water rate. This is not acceptable for obtaining the highest efficiency that the Wankel is capable of delivering.

The Holy War in Congress?

Virgil Goode, Republican Congressman from Virginia wants only the Bible used for swearing in of officials and wants to drastically restrict immigration to prevent a "Muslim Majority" in Congress. What the F? Keith Ellison is a converted Muslim that is a Democrat Congressman from Minnesota. The comments Goode has made about Ellison should cause alarm. The US Constitution should be the book our elected officials should refer to. They all should honor us and respect our forefathers' good intentions for our American Future.

There should be no place for Big Mouthed Bigots who act Unconstitutionally. Free Speech is one thing, denying a group or individual their Constitutional rights is another thing.

The controversy told on a YouTube clip:

Friday, December 22, 2006

The War On Toddlerism

Treating children as young as four as sexual deviants, criminals and subversives emphasizes slip towards the police state

Steve Watson
Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nothing emphasizes the decline of America into an authoritarian police state more than the treatment of children as possible enemies, deviants or criminals. A few cases, involving very young children, have caught our attention this month that indicate in the current climate any sniff of power is corrupting absolutely those who believe they have it.

The AP reported today that a five year old boy has been accused of sexually harassing a kindergarten classmate:

Washington County school officials told Charles Vallance that his son pinched a girl's buttocks earlier this month in a hallway at Lincolnshire Elementary School. The school says that meets the state's definition of sexual harassment.

The father of the child insists that his son knows nothing about sex and was just playing. Nevertheless the "offence" will remain on the child's file.

This is not an isolated case. The same report from the AP says that in Marlyland alone, where this incident took place, 28 kindergarten students were suspended for sex offenses in the last school year - 15 of those suspensions for sexual harassment.

Earlier this month a four year old boy was accused of "improperly touching" a female school employee. The principal of La Vega Primary School sent a letter to the parents of the boy that said the pre-kindergartener demonstrated "inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment."

The school says that the boy rubbed his face in the chest of the employee. Again the parents were outraged insisting that a four year old cannot know what it means to act sexually.

What kind of sick light does this put America into where teachers and school officials are suspending children barely beyond the age of toddlers for sexual deviancy?

Just because adult culture has become saturated in sex does not mean that children no longer have innocent minds and must be treated as if they are corrupted little perverts.

Furthermore, the double standards on display here are astounding given that kindergarten children are now being taught sex education in some schools. Some even go as far as to have "diversity" programs whereby kids as young as four and five are taught about gay sex. One Father in Lexington was jailed for opposing this, as if he was some kind of evil person for not wanting his child, a baby barely out of nappies, to be taught anything about sex, especially gay sex.

''This is not about creating a forum for hate . . . for any segment of society," Mr Parker said after his arraignment. ''I'm just trying to be a good dad."

The war on toddlerism doesn't stop with sex either.

There have been all kinds of cases all over the country that paint a picture postcard which illustrates the downfall of America into a police state divorced from any form common sense or reason. Here is a short list of links you can check:

Handcuffing Of 5-Year-Old A Picture Postcard Of America's Decline

School Suspends Kindergartner For Bringing Pocket Knife To Lunch

Skateboarding Children Arrested in Massachusetts

Child arrested for bringing a toy to school

Child Arrested for Trying to Bring Water to Terri Schiavo

No homework? Tell it to the judge

Officer's Taser is used on girl, 9

Student's refusal to adjust cap leads to arrest, controversy

9-year-old arrested for stealing bunny

Boy investigated by FBI for researching paper on Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Secret Service Questions Students

Goose Creek Police tape prompts questions on school raid

Last month we also reported the story of a fifth grader named 'Mark' who called in to Alex Jones' Infowars TV show by phone and reported that he had been sent home with a disciplinary report for visiting 9/11 Truth websites such as

Mark's father revealed that the school has also approached him, recommending a psych test for behavior such as "running" and "making farting noises." Indeed every child would be subject to behavioral testing under The President's "New Freedom initiative."

Meanwhile, schools like Lee Middle School in Wyoming, Michigan conduct drills where police officers burst in and point guns at children's heads, all without informing the students or the school beforehand. "Some parents," the AP reported, "were upset."

"Some kids were so scared," said Marge Bradshaw, the mother of one of the students, "they wet their pants."

This is part of a chilling effect to nullify even the pursuit of freedom of speech. How does it reflect upon the nature of discourse in a free society when even the principal of an elementary school feels the need to crush the desire of enquiring young minds who are simply trying to learn more about the seminal event in American history?

Schools are being transformed into prisons where freedom of thought and expression in education has given way to an enflamed environment of paranoid suspicion.

Beyond schools, baby milk is being taken from mothers at airports and babies are being put through x-ray machines because they could be terrorists.

In a broader sense this is indicative of the decline of everything good about America. When it has got to the point where children are looked upon as possible sex criminal terrorists what hope do fully grown citizens have of not being treated in the same manner?

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The Who is Who in Corruptikut

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Connecticut Police Officers Paying Police Informants $10,000 to kill or ruin those that make police misconduct complaints

Rell Dismisses 7 Key Officials
Further Changes Expected To Come
December 22, 2006
By CHRISTOPHER KEATING, Capitol Bureau Chief, The Hartford Courant

In the most sweeping changes yet in her administration, Gov. M. Jodi Rell is replacing seven key commissioners as she charts a new course for the next four years.

The changes, which include the commissioners of the two most prominent social service agencies, are the most significant since Rell ousted top-level leaders from the administration of former Gov. John G. Rowland after she took office as governor in July 2004.

Now, after winning a huge re-election victory by 28 percentage points, Rell is cleaning house in a long-awaited reshuffling of her management team. Six of the seven commissioners let go on Thursday had been appointed by Rowland. More changes are coming among deputy commissioners, but those were not announced Thursday.

Since Rell had sought the resignations of about 60 top appointees soon after winning re-election, the state Capitol has been abuzz with speculation over which managers would be changed. Rell's office declined to give detailed reasons for the specific changes Thursday, other than saying that it was time for a change. No announcements were made on replacements for the ousted commissioners.

"A new term in office brings new beginnings, new ideas, and a renewed passion to serve," Rell said in a statement. "The next four years will be filled with a great many challenges. I now turn my attention to assembling a new leadership team to work with me as we meet our challenges and chart a new course."

Those being replaced include Patricia Wilson-Coker, who oversaw an annual budget of $4.6 billion and more than 2,000 employees at the Department of Social Services. Wilson-Coker ranked among the state's highest-paid commissioners at $157,880 annually - even higher than Rell's salary of $150,000.

Wilson-Coker's departure was not a surprise to the union members in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 4, who had called for her resignation in October after nearly 700 workers gave her a vote of no-confidence. Union members said the department was woefully understaffed and morale had fallen to an all-time low.

"The Connecticut Department of Social Services is in a crisis," union President Belinda May said at the time. "The people who are suffering the most are the neediest children, the elderly and disabled, and the poorest families in our state. We need a commissioner who will fight for these people, not against them."

Although Wilson-Coker ran the largest agency of the commissioners replaced Thursday, Rell also accepted the resignations of Darlene Dunbar of the long-troubled Department of Children and Families, and former University of Connecticut basketball player James Abromaitis of the Department of Economic and Community Development. Abromaitis, who was originally named by Rowland to replace Peter Ellef as DECD commissioner in 1997, had been routinely criticized by Democrats during the recent election campaign. Ellef is now serving a federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to corruption charges in the scandal that also sent Rowland to prison.

Abromaitis, who was paid nearly $140,000 a year, was grim-faced as he sat alone in the governor's office suite Monday while awaiting a meeting with Rell.

Others being replaced are Edwin Rodriguez at the Department of Consumer Protection; Jennifer Aniskovich at the Commission on Arts and Tourism; Susan Cogswell at the Department of Insurance; and William Ramirez at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Both Cogswell and Ramirez have accepted positions as deputies in their agencies. Insiders at the Capitol had frequently mentioned Wilson-Coker, Abromaitis and Aniskovich as those most likely to leave their posts.

Aniskovich had been controversial ever since being nominated by Rowland to the arts commission in December 2003 because her husband was the deputy Senate minority leader at the time of her appointment.

Cogswell was involved in several recent controversies. During the recent election, Democratic nominee John DeStefano called for firing Cogswell because of her approval of a controversial health insurance plan by Aetna. The plan included a maximum annual benefit of $1,000 for health care coverage, which DeStefano termed "fraudulent." Cogswell was also involved in controversy when she initially allowed insurance companies to demand that shoreline homeowners install storm shutters in order to get homeowner's insurance. After an outcry along the shoreline, Cogswell changed course and issued new rules for insurers that allowed alternatives to the expensive shutters.

Most recently, Ramirez's agency, the DMV, was criticized over its licensing of school bus drivers. The issue erupted after a West Hartford man died after he was struck by a school bus driven by a convicted felon.

Several of the ousted commissioners were involved in the extended scandal that began about a year ago when M. Lisa Moody, Rell's chief of staff, handed out invitations to a fundraiser for Rell on state time. Cogswell and Abromaitis were each fined $500 for giving their subordinates invitations to the Dec. 7, 2005, event at the Marco Polo restaurant in East Hartford.

Of the seven commissioners, Ramirez is the only one Rell had appointed.

Legislators, lobbyists and staff members said some high-profile Republicans have been mentioned as possible replacements, and some have already undergone background checks by the state police - normally the last step before an announcement. Among those being mentioned for possible appointments are outgoing House Republican leader Robert M. Ward and outgoing Sen. Catherine W. Cook, who ran for state comptroller in the fall with Rell's support.

Rell's new chief spokesman, Christopher Cooper, declined to confirm which Republicans might be considered for the top jobs.

Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams, the highest-ranking senator, said he was not surprised by Thursday's developments.

"I recommended 2½ years ago that the governor put her own stamp on her administration," Williams, D-Brooklyn, said. "I didn't have any direct problems in my dealings with [Abromaitis]. But even in the business community, I've heard many folks say change needs to come to the department." The department has been criticized for not helping businesses enough, and for failing to spur better job growth in recent years.

In a speech only last week to the Metro Hartford Alliance, Rell referred to Abromaitis several times, prompting confusion among some business executives in the audience over whether the long-running speculation about Abromaitis' imminent departure was correct.

At the Department of Children and Families, Dunbar had one of the toughest jobs in state government as her agency dealt daily with troubled children.

"We're hoping this is an opportunity for the governor to appoint somebody who will have more understanding of the front-line staff and what they've gone through in the past few years," said Sandy Dearborn, president of AFSCME Local 2663, which represents DCF workers. "We haven't been listened to very well in the past couple of years."

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Much Less Than Honorable, Former Connecticut Supreme Court Justice William Sullivan

Ex-Chief Justice Decides To Testify
Sullivan To Appear Before Judiciary Panel Despite Pending Appeal
December 22, 2006
By LYNNE TUOHY, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

Former Chief Justice William J. Sullivan has reversed his stance and said he will voluntarily testify before the legislature's Judiciary Committee about his secret withholding of a controversial ruling on access to the courts.

Sullivan's change of heart raises more questions than it answers. First among them is whether the appeal involving the unprecedented subpoena for his testimony is now a moot issue. Sullivan maintains that it is. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and the co-chairmen of the Judiciary Committee who issued the subpoena, asserted that it is not.

"In our view, the legislative subpoena is valid until the committee is satisfied that [Sullivan] has complied by testifying fully and truthfully. ... The litigation will be pending as well until that time," Blumenthal said Thursday.

"We strongly disagree with former Chief Justice Sullivan's contention that the appeal is now moot, and we have so stated to the court in a formal filing today," he added.

In a notice to the Supreme Court on Thursday, Sullivan's lawyers noted his willingness to testify during the Judiciary Committee's investigation into his conduct and stated, "In light of this, it would appear that the appeal is moot."

The court is not instantly embracing that notion. Instead, Appellate Judge Thomas Bishop, who presided over the panel that heard arguments in the case last month, directed lawyers on both sides to file briefs on whether the court should still rule on the issue. Those briefs are due Jan. 5.

Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor, the co-chairmen of the Judiciary Committee, issued a subpoena to Sullivan on June 22, compelling him to testify at a committee hearing June 27. Sullivan instead filed a motion to quash the subpoena and for a temporary injunction to bar Lawlor and McDonald from compelling his testimony. Superior Court Judge Dennis Eveleigh granted both last summer; Lawlor and McDonald appealed.

Sullivan's extraordinary conduct in holding up release of the opinion, admittedly to aid Associate Justice Peter T. Zarella's chances of succeeding him as chief justice, has spawned a series of extraordinary events. Because the other justices of the state Supreme Court were embroiled in the controversy to some degree, the court disqualified itself from hearing the appeal.

Instead, a panel of Appellate Court judges, headed by Bishop, heard arguments on the appeal Nov. 1 and was expected to issue a ruling any day now.

Sullivan's case to quash the subpoena was based on separation of powers issues, and Eveleigh ruled on that basis. The court held that the legislature - a co-equal branch of government - could not subpoena a sitting judge absent impeachment or confirmation hearings.

Curiously, in his letter Lawlor and McDonald dated Dec. 20, Sullivan asserts that it was his pending disciplinary hearing before the Judicial Review Council that the "impediment" to his testifying before the Judiciary Committee. He seems to have abandoned the separation of powers claim.

"The impediment to my testifying before your committee does not exist any longer, since my hearing before the Judicial Review Council has concluded and a decision has been rendered," Sullivan wrote.

The council concluded Nov. 17 that Sullivan had violated the Code of Judicial Conduct by impugning the independence and integrity of the judiciary and by allowing his social or other relationships to influence his judicial conduct. The council suspended Sullivan, now a senior justice, for 15 days.

Sullivan has appealed the council's findings and sanctions, rendering even more bizarre his reliance on the conclusion of the Judicial Review Council's proceedings as the reason for his about-face about testifying.

Neither of Sullivan's attorneys, William Maum Sheehy and Robert J. Cooney, were available for comment Thursday.

McDonald found Sullivan's new stance to be confounding.

"He never ever claimed that the JRC's proceedings and his rights before the JRC could be jeopardized by his testimony [before the Judiciary Committee,]" McDonald said. "He didn't know there was going to be a hearing before the JRC when he filed his application for a temporary injunction. It's completely inconsistent with the factual history of the case."

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Organized Crime has a free reign in Connecticut, these guys must have pissed somebody more important off

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Letter Complaining to CT Atty Gen about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

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Too Many Officials still aren't caught for doing things like this:

Former DMV Worker Convicted In Illegal License Scam
December 22, 2006
Associated Press, The Hartford Courant

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- A former examiner for state Department of Motor Vehicles has been convicted of 38 counts linked to selling hundreds of driver's licenses to illegal aliens and felons.

Jannette Rodriguez-Roman, 34, of Waterbury, was accused of violating the state Corrupt Organizations Racketeering Act and multiple counts of bribery, bribe receiving, conspiracy to commit bribe receiving and second-degree forgery.

She's the fifth former Bridgeport DMV worker to be prosecuted in the scheme to sell thousands of illegal licenses, but the first to go to trial. The other four have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced.

The alleged ringleaders of the scheme, Venita Bines, of Bridgeport, and Tracy Stevenson-Lucas, of Stratford, are serving 7-year sentences.

Authorities said the defendants sold more than 1,500 licenses and nearly 1,000 Connecticut identification cards between June 2000 and December 2004. The state has recovered only a small portion of the licenses, authorities have said.

Rodriguez-Roman, collapsed into sobs as the verdict was announced Thursday in Bridgeport Superior Court.

"Oh my God! Oh my God, my children, my children," she cried as judicial marshals handcuffed her and led her away.

She faces up to 330 years in prison when she is sentenced Feb. 2


Information from: Connecticut Post,

Another Connecticut Department of Mismanagement

Authority's Mistakes Continued After Audit
December 22, 2006
By JEFFREY B. COHEN, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

The Hartford Housing Authority continued using federal funds improperly for almost a year after officials told the agency to stop, racking up an additional $800,000 in debt the troubled authority now must repay.

An audit by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development released in September 2005 found that the housing authority improperly used more than $1.6 million in federal public housing money to pay for state public housing projects at the deteriorating Bowles Park and Westbrook Village.

But now federal and housing authority officials say the practice didn't stop until August 2006.

The authority has spent the past four months beset by allegations of corruption, mismanagement, lawsuits and federal investigations. Events culminated last month when Mayor Eddie A. Perez replaced four of the board's five commissioners, calling for a clean slate.

Regarding the audit, former board members said this week that former executive director Lancelot Gordon Jr. led them to believe the issue had been taken care of by January and that they were upset to learn from an outside consultant in August - after Gordon's dismissal - that it hadn't been.

Craig Dickinson, Gordon's attorney, said that Gordon, too, thought the process had stopped. Gordon told staff members to stop the payments, but they didn't follow through, Dickinson said.

Victor Rush, the authority's associate deputy director of administration, said Gordon never issued such an order.

"I never received a directive from Mr. Gordon to totally stop," Rush said.

Regardless of where the blame falls, the situation sheds more light on the troubled management of the authority under its former leadership.

It also puts back into focus the dire financial situation at Bowles Park and Westbrook Village - the two state-financed housing complexes that get little to no state aid to keep open, that have increasingly fewer tenants to pay rent, and need an interim plan while their long-term future is up for discussion.

"This is probably one of the single biggest issues we're going to have to deal with immediately," new board Chairman Mark Ojakian said. "What do we do with these units? You can't keep having the housing units without the money to sustain them."

Going forward, there will be limited funds for repairs at Westbrook and Bowles. That means that only those tenants who have units in need of repairs that qualify as health and safety concerns will have their problems addressed, Ojakian said.

He also said the state has just finalized a $250,000 loan to the authority to allow it to start fixing the 158 vacant units at Westbrook Village so that they can be rented and start generating revenue.

The problems at the authority exploded in August, when the board dismissed Gordon for failing to follow agency policies in nearly $11,000 worth of financial transactions. Gordon filed a federal lawsuit after his termination, denying the charges and claiming that he was fired because he was trying to resist deep-rooted corruption. Local, state and federal officials are still investigating.

In November, Perez appointed four new board members after he removed four others - three of whom he said inadequately addressed the concerns of federal audits, among other things.

On Wednesday, the new board decided to deal with the unfinished business of the HUD audit and pay the federal government $800,000 immediately, and about $140,000 a month until the debt is settled.

The money will come from proceeds the authority gets from sales of homes at Charter Oak Terrace and Stowe Village, as well as the lease payments it gets from its retail tenants at Charter Oak Marketplace, Ojakian said.

"Everybody worked really hard to get this done," Ojakian said of resolving the audit. "I think now the message is, `We're not going to tolerate any sort of inappropriate handling of funds.'"

Ojakian said this week he is reviewing the applications of people who want to be the agency's next executive director, but that he is also considering scrapping the search and starting over.

"I don't know if [the job] was advertised broadly enough," Ojakian said. He is also not confident that there was enough "outreach to other states or other people who might know of extremely qualified candidates."

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Connecticut Police Officers Paying Police Informants $10,000 to kill or ruin those that make police misconduct complaints

In Connecticut, the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs will either refuse to take your police misconduct complaint, or they will discredit and arrest you. In some cases they pay $10,000 as that seems to be the going rate to either kill you or railroad you to prison.

Connecticut Officers paid Todd Vashon to kill Phil Inkel. Vashon had possession of $10,000. Where did the cops get the money to pay for the "hit"?

Connecticut Police Officers allegedly offered Barbara Sattal $10,000 to have drinks with me at a local Stafford Springs, Connecticut, bar until I was intoxicated where Connecticut State Police officers would lie in wait near my home to pull me over for DUI, find narcotics planted on me, beat me up saying I assaulted them, and charge me with "crimes" to put me away for 10 to 20 years on bogus charges other than the set up DUI. Click Here for pictures and more.

Click Here for the Connecticut State Police Officers story on the "100 Club" where police make false arrests, make false police reports, manufacture evidence, and cause mass chaos, family hardships, and nationwide economic damage for "fun" and promotions.

Are cops to FN lazy to protect and serve? Click Here

Click Here for my complaint to the Washington DC FBI

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Part of Rip-Off Central, Connecticut, Eminent Domain is now national

Plaintiff Sends Angry Holiday Message
1:42 PM EST, December 20, 2006
The Associated Press, The Hartford Courant

NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) -- The woman at the center of a national battle over property rights has sent some not-so-joyous tidings to people involved in taking her house to make way for private development.

Susette Kelo's holiday cards feature a snowy image of her pink house and a message that reads, in part, "Your houses, your homes, your family, your friends. May they live in misery that never ends. I curse you all. May you rot in hell. To each of you I send this spell."

The cards were conceived and produced by a friend of Kelo's and sent to city officials and members of New London's development agency.

Kelo said she also considered sending the cards to five U.S. Supreme Court justices who ruled in June 2005 that New London had the right to take homes in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood to make way for a riverfront project slated to include condominiums, a hotel and office space.

Kelo, one of the last holdouts, earlier this year accepted a $442,155 settlement, more than $300,000 above the appraised value of her home in 2000. Her pink cottage will be moved elsewhere in the city. She has until June 15 to move.

"It's amazing anyone could be so vindictive when they've made so much money," said Gail Schwenker-Mayer, a supporter of the development project who received one of the cards.

New London Development Corp. member Reid Burdick said he put the card on his mantel with his other Christmas greetings.

"I think the poor woman has gone around the bend," he said. "I haven't gotten any mail from her in years. I still feel bad for Susette. The sorry part of this is that the things she's angry about were not done to be mean-spirited toward her personally."

Fellow NLDC member George Milne, a former top executive at Pfizer Inc., called the card "immensely childish."

"It's sort of sad she elected to do this," Milne said. "We were trying to do things for the city. It was nothing personal."

Kelo, a nurse who handles lead paint and lead poisoning cases for the city of New London, said the card was her idea.

"This all could have been solved and ended many years ago," she said. "They didn't have to do what they did to us, and I will never forget. These people can think what they want of me. I will never, ever forget what they did."

Information from: The Day,

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News Flash: America has become a Military Dictatorship run by George W. Bush

Read in between the lines H.R. 6166: Military Commissions Act of 2006 and see who decides what, errors of law, and all of the wording for what really is being said. They could have been short, sweet and honest, and say, “Kiss your ass good-bye,” but that would be honesty in government and since we had a CIA Czar as President continued by his pickled brain spawn, it hasn’t existed.

What are they really saying in all of the words of H.R. 6166? Click Here for text.

Well, if you have seen the darker side of humanity having worn rose colored glasses your entire life as I have most of my early rich, suburban, spoiled, and somewhat beyond “us and them” attitudes, life, there is now stark reality. Everybody that questions Bush or the policies of the ruling corrupt, corporate Blue Blood elitists are enemy combatants.

The Military in the US has to do Satan’s bidding or be placed in the torture detainment centers themselves. Any individuals or organizations, including a Town Hall Committee for apple pie selection, or your local police can be placed on the enemy combatant list and be subject to the King’s rule and the military, just question the 9-11 findings, infer Bush is a moronic sociopath, or in any way transmit text, images, or video to foreign officials or governments that Bush is a complete asshole psychopath and include proof.

Be accused of torture, even in error, can they torture you?

Officials that railroad you in “error” can have their accusations and made up proof kept secret from you.

What would a sociopath do if he were all powerful and could do anything HE wanted?

Well, we might not ever get an honest, or coherent, answer out of George W. Bush.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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$8.3 million in a sex-discrimination case

If you are of a protected group you can sue if your rights are violated and possibly have a victory, but what about the rest of us?

Janet Peckinpaugh in a file photo from the 1970s.

Dec. 20, 2006

Copyright 2006, Hartford Courant

Another Anchor Going Away
December 20, 2006
By MARYELLEN FILLO, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

She was often nicknamed the "Barbie" or "the blond bombshell" of the news business, monikers that focused on her looks instead of her journalistic acumen.

But newscaster Janet Peckinpaugh didn't let her appearance and the fact that she was a woman in a male-dominated profession get in her way. Instead, she recalls, she used those assets - a combination of looks, gender and personality - to get the news, and the result was slam-dunk stories that made her one of the state's best-known anchorwomen.

On Friday, Peckinpaugh will leave her desk at WVIT, Channel 30, two months before her current contract expires, to begin a new career, one that she's still figuring out.

"The sky is the limit, but I think I want to own my own business," said the single mother who worked on all three of the state's major television stations at one time or another during her 29-year television career. "I had limits because of my son, but he will be going to college next year," she said. "Now there won't be any reason not to do something different. I need a change."

Peckinpaugh joined WTNH, Channel 8, in 1984 and moved to WFSB, Channel 3, in 1987. She joined WVIT in 1995.

On Tuesday, she recalled a career that included being the first on the scene at the 1999 lottery shooting in Newington, an interview with former President Clinton, covering the inauguration of President George H.W. Bush, the Michael Skakel trial, and several investigative stories. The television anchorwoman became the story herself when in 1999 she was awarded $8.3 million in a sex-discrimination case against Post-Newsweek Stations, her former employer and the former owner of WFSB. (The award was later reduced to $3.7 million. )

Peckinpaugh said she began planning her own retirement in early November, the day after co-worker and news anchor Joanne Nesti, who also left the station this month, began planning hers.

"I'd been thinking about it," said Peckinpaugh. "It was her announcement that prompted me to go, too." The next day, she put her West Hartford home on the market.

Looking back, Peckinpaugh is candid about her eye-catching looks and their effect on her career.

"Especially when I was younger, people wouldn't take me seriously," she said. She recalls that when she began her news career in the Virginia legislature, Tom Brokaw warned her that she'd have to overcome looks in order to hold her own in the press corps.

"So I'd stand back, wait for the guys to ask all their questions and then when they left it would be me and whomever they interviewed standing there," she said Tuesday. "And that was my chance to get the slam-dunk story. I prided myself on not being just a pretty face," she said. "I wanted the story first and I wanted it right."

There have been rumors that the 56-year-old, who during her career in Connecticut was one of its highest rated and highest paid newscasters in the Hartford area, was being pushed out of her 5 and 5:30 p.m. news slots, but Tuesday she and station management both insisted nothing could be further from the truth.

"It's just something she wanted to do," said station president and general manager David Doebler. "She is an excellent journalist and great TV personality. We really want to support her in her efforts."

Peckinpaugh said she has honed her news ability over the years by being approachable, patient and sincere.

"I love the business," she said as she prepared for her newscasts on Tuesday. "I never cared where I was, as long as I was doing the news," she said. "The thing I miss most right now is that I don't get to cover the breaking news."

Asked about the darkest period of her career, she takes but a split second to reflect on her successful lawsuit against WFSB. Asked about the best, she says she can't list them all.

Peckinpaugh isn't sure yet what the next challenge will be.

"I am retiring from the television news business," she said. "But there are so many ideas I have about what's next. I'm not sure yet."

Contact MaryEllen Fillo at

Al Terzi is the alleged sexual harasser.

To FN Lazy to Protect and Serve?

Steven G. Erickson lets official Connecticut have it, live on television:

Connecticut Police are under fire now for being too drunk and high to return police cruisers to the next shift, male police officers drinking in bars with female DCF workers handing out baggies of marijuana, white male officers abusing everyone else, White Police Officers executing Blacks and then the prosecutor purposely botches the case so the racist officer skates, for officers beating and raping citizens, thefts, hanging out with prostitutes, drug dealers, and criminals to manufacture evidence, suppress evidence, tamper with evidence, rig juries, conspire with a corrupt judiciary, etc, etc, etc.

I bought a home in Stafford Springs Connecticut in Oct. of 1994 with my then wife at a HUD auction for $39,000. The four bedroom, one bathroom house had frozen pipes, no heat, needed a roof, electrical work, and so much more. I completely went through the house at 3 Brown Ave. Ext. Brown Ave Ext. was listed as "Cat Alley" on the deed which was down the street from the Connecticut State Police, Troop C, horse barn, Town Hall, a Church, and the restaurants and bars downtown. Stafford Springs is an old mill town and is probably the site of the first Northern Bed and Breakfasts and America's first resort town.

"Cat Alley" was named such, not because there were cats in the alley, but because there were cats of the human variety plying their wares.

I had gone the Connecticut HUD auction because the bank was a day late on getting me the approval for the Massachusetts HUD auction. The Connecticut one was just after.

I then learned about the teen alcoholism, drug, vandalism, and crime problem in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

Police officers, town and state, told me I was dumb for having bought property in a crime area and said they did not have time for youth crimes or to help out.

I helped start a Crime Watch with other residents and we met weekly. I often was a speaker. I asked Stafford Police Officer Prochaska to take a walk with me on any Friday or Saturday night as I wanted to point out where the teen drug dealers, underage drinkers, vandals, and the underage girls that were on crack cocaine hung out to find "customers" to help them with their addiction.

Prochaska threatened me with arrest if I persisted on wanting police to deal with youth crime, wanted him to walk a beat with me, or to deal with the downtown drug and crime problem.

My wife later fell down the stairs with the Flu while I was sleeping. I dialed 911. Stafford Police Officer Prochaska was there to push and assault me, telling my wife, "He pushed you down the stairs, didn't he?", "You're resisting", as he was slamming me against my house. He could not get my wife to falsely accuse me of anything. And, I called to the ambulance people, telling them that I was doing nothing wrong, why is this officer shoving me around?

I then, after owning the house a number of months took a four country tour of Europe and the former USSR for over a month, going everywhere, walking, taking trains, planes, buses, and having the time of our lives. And, there was not one time we were even concerned about being attacked or robbed.

I came home to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and soon after happened upon a powdered cocaine dealer, Peter Panciera. He outweighs me by about 80 lbs and in probably 5 or 6 inches taller than me. Panciera accused me of being an undercover cop in front of his drug customers and told me to leave or else, and then when I refused he beat me and bit into my ear after picking me up with my feet dangling and took a bite into my ear.

I dialed 911 with blood dripping down my neck, down my chest, all the way down soaking my underwear.

The drug customers told Peter to leave the scene, because he was "holding" and when the police came the customers did not know who the guy was that attacked me.

I wanted to know if my attacker had HIV, Hep, or some disease as he bit me.

The police wanted to drop the matter. I wanted them to do their jobs, so with 3 cruisers we toured all the bars in town to find Peter Panciera in the Finish Line Cafe.

I called the Lt. Trapp of the Stafford Police Department because I did not want to have to deal with Prochaska a.k.a. "Fat Frank" of what the Connecticut State Police and town residents called, "The Town Clowns".

About 6 weeks later I was arrested in front of my wife. We had been at home just watching television. I found out that police had re-interviewed the drug customers and they "suddenly" remembered their long last friend and that I had attacked him and he was in fear of me. What!!!???

My attacker was not arrested and I was told to plead guilty and go to prison for a year and a half for breach of peace and assault 3rd or face a trial which would have been at taxpayer expense. I told the prosecutor that I would not hire a lawyer, but would just play the 911 tape and have my attacker stand next to me at the trial and then ask the jury directly, "If you were me, would you be out attacking this man?" After going to the court 7 or more times and asked why not plead guilty and then not lose my job. I was a contractor and could make my schedule flexible so that Connecticut weasel court tactic did not work on me.

My wife and I decided the main reason for our getting divorced was our moving to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and my wanting to stay and buy rental properties that were boarded up to fix them up and rent them out.

After we divorced, I spent 100's of thousands of dollars and years fixing up the properties I bought in Stafford Springs and Somersville Connecticut.

I got fed up and wrote President George W. Bush on 9-15-01 saying I was under siege and needed police protection and service and that small business and downtown property owners needed judicial fairness and protection and service to survive.

I got answers back from HUD, the SBA, and the White House that indicated Bush had actually read my letter. I was attacked on my property 10-11-01, and PLEASE NOTICE THE TWO DATES POSTED IN THIS STORY.

A mugger, a violent felon, attacked me from behind on my property at night from behind. He demanded money and said he would kill me if I did not. Brian Caldwell was never arrested for attacking me, nor for trying to attacking me or trying to attack me at least 6 more times. I called State Senator after each incident, and after police refused to protect and serve, nor to do and honest investigation of the incidents on my property that caused only me to be arrested.

I could never get police to come, of if they did, hours would have gone by. They were right there to arrest me after I was jumped, beaten, nearly robbed, and ended the attack with pepper spray.

Brian Caldwell admitted demanding money from me while threatening to kill me stated this under oath at my trial for assault 3rd and breach of peace. I had tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed from the bench and the prosecutor that was to prosecute me BEFORE I was attacked on my property. A criminal was given immunity to prosecute me for "overreacting" to being beaten and nearly robbed on my own property for having used pepper spray. Self-defense is not legal in Connecticut.

A video tape of how to find me guilty was played to the jury. The tape did not contain information about reasonable doubt or how to find me innocent.

My lawyer, Michael H. Agranoff, told me that Judge Jonathan Kaplan told him he was not allowed to dispute Connecticut State Troopers, Amaral and Langlois statements and perjury, the prosecutor, and that he was not allowed to defend me.

Agranoff refused to strike a juror at my request that was a worker for the police, possibly soon to be a police officer. This man became jury foreman.

I had no chance.

For having used pepper spray on my property, I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation, losing contact with my daughter, my pets, my retirement, my home, my credit, health insurance, my ability to get most housing and jobs, and the sum total of my life's work, AND FOR WHAT!!!???

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Blogger Vikingas

Click Here for more information on my case and about move victims of Connecticut Police, Prosecutorial, Official, and Judicial Abuse

The Stafford Springs and Somersville Connecticut properties that I fixed up:

The work I do now to keep warm and fed:

Kristine Blake, formerly of the Connecticut Department of Retardation made a complaint and found herself falsely accused. Had she not been out of the country with a stamped passport, the false allegations that Manchester Connecticut Police knowingly took from other DMR workers encouraged to help retaliate against whistleblower Kristine Blake, she could have easily just gone to prison. Her story on the news:

A teenager allegedly gets beaten up by Colchester Connecticut Officers, Nardella and Thomas of wearing baggy pants. Phil Inkel sees this and lodges a police misconduct complaint. Phil Inkel gets beaten up at the Colchester McDonald's and US Marine Stephen Murzin returning home from service to his parents' sees Inkel being beaten up by Officers Thomas and Nardella. Stephen Murzin, son of now former Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective, Richard Murzin, and his brother Ian were pulled out of their parents' house in the middle of the night to be beaten by Colchester Connecticut Police Officers, Thomas and Nardella, and a Connecticut State Police Officer at Troop K HQ. Nardella and Thomas gave police informant Todd Vachon $10,000 to whack Stephen Murzin and/or Phil Inkel and got scared and told authorities. Stephen Murzin was later stabbed 13 times by a Felon on probation, also an alleged police informant. The Felon stabbed two other people, and later was caught, and for attempted murder later dropped to simple assault, received no jail time for almost killing 3 people while on probation. On Connecticut News, Stephen, Ian, and Richard Murzin:

A National Issue of Property and Family Rights out of Georgia

Patriots Witness "The Property War"

Taffy Rice gets almost to the end of the video until she gets to the part where lawyers work for the courts, not us. If they work for us they get disbarred and worse.

Should packs of Lawyer, or political lawyer pacts, and arrogant, unfeeling members of the Judiciary rip off our property, take our children, claim Judicial Immunity, and then tell us to, "Shut up and like it"?

The above YouTube video is of average or worse quality, mentions the biggest property owner rights website and discusses a national issue of abuse of citizens by lawyers and lawyers' groups that are too politically powerful, out to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else and Freedom itself.

Judicial Immunity means that official retaliation is ok, that police, prosecutorial, attorney, official, and judicial misconduct will mostly go unpunished. Citizens that complain can end up arrested, having their kids taken away, losing their jobs, their home, and end up in prison, devastated, never to heal.

If elected officials have to fear corrupt judges and police heads, they fear acting in our best interest.

We the People, should see that elected officials and others working on our dime, act in our best interest not theirs, as we are the boss as we pay them.

Let them not forget.

Silence signifies acceptance.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Connecticut Department of Domestic Spying?

With all that happened in the Rowlandgate scandals an ethics commission was established in Connecticut. Former Governor John G. Rowland was not an isolated criminal. I believe the current Governor M. Jodi Rell knows of criminal activity, racketeering, and the obstruction of justice, but is just keeping quiet about it.

Many believe that the Department of Administrative Services in Connecticut is a mainly a covert domestic spying unit that allegedly hacks into computers and websites, worldwide.

Lodge complaints against police, judges, prosecutors, or other important people in Connecticut and their associates, and you can find yourself under surveillance.

In the report on Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs missteps, if was known that those that lodged complaints were just nuisances to be dealt with by discrediting and arresting them. It makes the Connecticut State Police sound like a well dressed group of armed thugs, no better than any street gang, does it not?

* * * *

Rell Fills State Police Internal Affairs Post
December 17, 2006
Associated Press

HARTFORD -- Gov. M. Jodi Rell on Saturday appointed State Administrative Services Commissioner Linda Yelmini to lead the Department of Public Safety's troubled internal affairs division.

The appointment comes after a 13-month investigation by Connecticut and New York officials that found a slew of problems in the handling of complaints against the state police.

They found incomplete, inadequate investigations of complaints accusing state police personnel of bribery, drug use, drunken driving, association with drug dealers and prostitutes, sexual assault, falsified overtime, assault of a motorist and improper drunken-driving arrests.

Yelmini will be given the title of deputy commissioner of internal affairs, the governor's office said.

Yelmini has served as head of the Department of Administrative Services since December 2004. She had previously served as the state's director of labor relations at the Office of Policy and Management.

On Friday, Rell announced a special commission to oversee reforms in the unit.

* * * *

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Press Release emailed into me:

Press Release
Thursday December 14,2006 two Disability
(Father's) Rights
Activists set a case precedent in Danbury Superior Court for
all persons with disabilities. This decision will effect all court and indigent-disabled persons.
John DiBiase Jr., Divorced father with a disability of Meriden, CT. and William Mulready of Woodbury,CT. argued a Civil
Rights case regarding the right of persons with disabilities to
be represented in court by legal representation and the right to access to court records (court transcripts). The presiding Judge was Judge Referee, Sidney Axelrod.
Mr. DiBiase Jr. was petitioning the court to award him with a G.A.L. attorney and for the court (state) to pay for court transcripts which Mr. DiBiase could not afford because he is indigent. A Guardian Ad Litem is a person,usually a parent,
appointed by the to represent a child or unborn person in a court case. If a family member is not available, a judge may appoint an attorney. Mr. DiBiase argued that a person with a mental health,hidden disability should have the same rights
as a child before the court. Also as an indigent person Mr.
DiBiase argued that he was entitled to and attorney and
for the court to pay for his court transcripts. This very issue
was debated at the recent Governor's commission and Supreme Court hearings on Judicial Accountability and the
publics access to the courts and court records. Mr. DiBiase argued that because he was granted a fee waiver for the same
request of court transcripts that he should be granted the same request in Danbury court. Mr. DiBiase was granted fee waivers in Meriden Superior Court only weeks before for court transcripts by Judges Romeo G. Petroni (Judge Referee) and
Superior Court Judge Mark H. Taylor.
A motion for a G.A.L. attorney was denied by Judge Nicola E. Rubinow in the same Meriden court where Mr. DiBiase had applied for a fee waiver for court transcripts and a G.A.L.
attorney because he is indigent and disabled. Mr. Mulready
was unable to assist Mr. DiBiase on that day because of work.
Mr. DiBiase being disabled with a hidden disability was unable to effectively present his case therefore he lost his case.
Mr. DiBiase believes that there was an abuse of discretion
regarding the denial of court transcripts by Danbury Judge
Axelrod. Mr. DiBiase intends to appeal both denials. The denial for court transcripts at Danbury Superior court and the denial
of a court appointed attorney by the Meriden court.
The appointment of an G.A.L. attorney for an indigent-disabled
person and the granting of a fee waiver for an indigent-disabled person is a significant achievement for disadvantaged persons coming before Family Court and all other court.

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