Saturday, December 16, 2006

Accidental Release of Poo

Imagine being terribly sick. Imagine having Lyme Disease which is too often misdiagnosed as Lou Gehrig's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson's, Lupus, and so many more different diseases.

Lyme Disease is a recurring fever and at this time there is no cure, no vaccine, only very costly treatments that need to be administered for the rest of one's life.

Although, if the right antibiotics are given just after a tick bites, probably before any red ring or other sign shows up, the disease can be halted at that stage.

Those that are sick with Lyme and are higher functioning might discover the insurance fraud, the lame treatment, and the bogus testing regarding Lyme. Facts bare this out.

Lyme patients often are so sick they have digestive problems. Either too soft or too hard, and if the digestive system starts to shut down in the very sick, stomach acid, bile, and a green-like liquid substance just passes right through the entire system. I have been told that the most sensitive parts nearest to the way out, really can be severely irritated. 24 hour discomfort and other symptoms must be hard to take, day after day.

Imagine having this condition and then seeing five or ten minutes later, seeing the news of the event posted on the Internet for the world to see. What!!!???

Not making it to the bathroom because of severe diarrhea should not be for everyone to see. If you did not annouce this or tell anyone, how would someone else know, or worse yet, why would it be posted on a very public newsgroup?

Kathleen Dickson, a former research scientist at Pfizer discovered that a vaccine put out by Smith Kline Beacham along with Yale University researchers was dangerous and ineffective and that the testing had been tampered with to allow the fraud. She testified in front of the FDA and the drug was pulled. Click Here for Ms. Dickson's website.

She was then arrested and confined and her kids were taken away. Kathleen is a Stonington Connecticut area resident. Lisa Masterson in the London area of England, separately came up with some of the same conclusions as did Ms. Dickson. Lisa was arrested, confined, and her kids taken away. The same official and corporate thugs are probably behind both incidents and more to silence the very vocal about this very complicated international corporate fraud.

Do large corporations that are committing fraud and massively ripping off the world employ thugs such as "Chuck P. Adams" to do their dirty work? Are the sick being harassed?

This is the title:

and this is the text:

Click here for forum thread on the Google Groups Lyme SciMed forum

Click here for

Internet harassment is a crime. The "Chuck P. Adams" character posting under various names should be prosecuted. Should the companies that send out "bagmen" be criminally liable? Should remedy be sought in Civil Court?

Is Connecticut's Department of Administrative Services involved in domestic and international spying? I have been told by many that the ISP for Connecticut's Department of Administration Services comes up on blogs and websites that post information regarding Yale University, Official Connecticut Coruption, Judicial Corruption, Lyme Disease Scams, Smith Kline Beacham, Baxter, Connecticut State Police and Judicial Misconduct, for those trying to expose Connecticut Officials involved in fraud and other scams, or those that become dangerous to powerful, connected individuals with connections to the elite in Connecticut. There may also be computer hacking of personal computers and websites of whistleblowers out of the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services anywhere in the world.

Are your Federal and State Tax Dollars funding the abuse or being used to "protect and serve" you?

Click Here for the 10 minute YouTube video regarding "The Math" regarding the Lyme Disease scam in testing and treatment.

Every state in the USA should sue Connecticut over the Lyme Disease scam as it is fraud that is costing Federal Taxpayers and Human Misery. Foreign governments should also sue official Connecticut in my opinion.

Every state in the USA should sue Connecticut for lost State and Federal Taxes based on Connecticut massive scam of arresting as many citizens as possible for DUI as a fun way to belong to the "100 Club" [click here for post]. False imprisonment and false arrests costs everybody and hurts the economy. The MASSIVE Police Misconduct, alone, in Connecticut should be a Red Flag to the whole state being examined. There can't be that much open and flagrant police misconduct without there also being across the board Judicial corruption and elected officials acting, not for the people, but for themselves, their families, and their friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa Masterson wants nothing to do with Kathleen Dickson. Lisa is a true lyme activist unlike Kathleen who spilled the beans and signed a letter saying she was insane just to get out of jail. She folds under pressure, not a good friend to have. Her website "" is a collection of pro-Nazi propaganda against the Jews.

Here is a letter from Lisa Masterson posted in the Lyme usenet group this month:

Kathleen take my name off your goddamn racist website. All you can do
all day is spout hatred against Jewish people.

Don't you think Jewish people suffer from Lyme? What about the Jewish
LLMDs (and there's quite a few of them).

What ethnic origin do you think Blumenthal is you fool?

I was one of the last people who stood by you when all your friends in
Ilads and the Lyme campaigns didnt want to know you. I was the one who
wasted days and days trying to help YOU.

I'm sorry I ever set up a support campaign for you. I'm sorry for every

minute I wasted on you. Because this is how you pay me back - posting
hatemongering shit against my people.

And now I see you have the fascist Lyndon LaRouche on your website. the

same Lyndon Larouche who supported white South Africa , the Ku Klux
Klan, and all the rest of it.

Yes I know he is playing games these days, pretending to be against
racism hoping that people wont look up his history.

Except for one of his racisms - anti-semitism. Because it's always fair

game to kick the Jews, right?

When are you going to get it into your thick head that it's your own
damn US government that did this to us - not "Jews", aliens from outer

space, "communists" or anyone else - but because it's the most powerful

government in the world and wants to stay that way. Don't you
understand what collateral damage is?

Fuck you, Kathleen. McSweegan may burn in hell - but you'll be burning
right by his side.


Saturday, December 16, 2006 5:40:00 PM  

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