Thursday, December 07, 2006

Arresting Connecticut Police for Crimes Committed

Without a rubberstamp on abuse, the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs Unit, under question for their own police misconduct, Connecticut Police Officers may actually be punished when they rape, rob, beat, and murder. There is a crack in the foundation of official Connecticut.

All 3 branches of government, all departments, all Commissioners, all police, all judges, all prosecutors, and all lawyers helping abusive Official Connecticut fleece, retaliate, abuse, falsely arrest, and imprison citizens, are going to see themselves nailed for crimes committed, at least that is the hope of some gound up in Connecticut's Official Meat Grinder.

Reporting Governors, police, judges, lawyers, and other criminals to the Washington DC in letters written by regular snail mail might just do the trick.

Will we soon see Connecticut Judges such as Chief Justice William Sullivan, Howard Scheinblum, Jonathan Kaplan, and others arrested, taken away in handcuffs to lock up, to face trials for their violation of laws, abuse of the US Constitution, and crimes committed against innocent citizens that just wanted their tax dollar’s worth, justice, and for police and the courts to act as advertised?

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(Connecticut Police have a "100 Club" where they arrest citizens, guilty or not, for drunk driving to become part of the "100 Club" for making 100 or more DWI or DUI arrests, What!!!???)

Is this going to be a typical story when cops are caught doing bad in Connecticut?:

Former Police Official Arrested
December 7, 2006
By KEN BYRON, Courant Staff Writer

PLAINVILLE -- The former second-in-command of the Bristol Police Department, who had been accused of drunken driving while on the force there, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Plainville Tuesday.

Daniel Britt, 50, was driving a red Mercedes on New Britain Avenue around 9 p.m. when an officer on routine patrol saw it being operated erratically, said Capt. Peter Costanzo. Britt refused to take a breath test, but "there are a series of field sobriety tests we do, which he did not pass," Costanzo said.

He was also charged with failing to renew his license. He was released after posting $500 bail, and he is due in Superior Court in Bristol on Dec. 19.

Britt, who was a captain when he retired from the Bristol force last year, had been the subject of an internal affairs investigation into allegations that he had driven under the influence a number of times and showed up at a crime scene intoxicated. The investigation exonerated him on some counts and on others could not substantiate the accusations, which were made by a fellow officer.

Britt could not be reached on Wednesday for comment.

Bristol Chief John DiVenere on Wednesday declined to say whether he was ever concerned about Britt's behavior.

"It's unfortunate that he put the Plainville police department in a tough situation," DiVenere said about Britt's arrest. "It's always unfortunate when police have to arrest another officer."

Britt, a 25-year veteran of the Bristol department, had been on paid leave for two months when he retired in November 2005. At that time, an investigation was underway into allegations that Britt and another officer had broadcast racial slurs on a pirate radio station the other officer allegedly operated. The investigation did not find evidence that racist remarks had been made on the air.

Simultaneously, a separate investigation was underway into allegations that Britt had showed up for work drunk and had been stopped for driving while intoxicated a number of times. That investigation - the results of which were released a week after Britt retired - showed the incidents described in the complaint either were not true or could not be substantiated. But the report did say that Britt admitted to drinking or that others saw him drinking alcohol prior to some of the incidents.

According to the report, Britt was stopped in May 2005 by a Bristol police officer who saw him weaving across the road several times in his car. The complaint alleged that Britt was drunk at the time. But Britt told the officer he was tired and the officer decided he was not intoxicated. The report states that Britt had attended a retirement party earlier that evening and was seen drinking at that event.

In September 2005, a motorist called the department and reported seeing a car being driven erratically. The license plate number was for a car registered to Britt, and an officer sent to investigate found it in the driveway of Britt's home but took no action. The report states that Britt later told investigators he had been drinking at a picnic earlier that day. Investigators also said they were told that Britt was seen at a bar prior to the report his car was being driven erratically.

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