Thursday, December 21, 2006

Connecticut Police Officers Paying Police Informants $10,000 to kill or ruin those that make police misconduct complaints

In Connecticut, the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs will either refuse to take your police misconduct complaint, or they will discredit and arrest you. In some cases they pay $10,000 as that seems to be the going rate to either kill you or railroad you to prison.

Connecticut Officers paid Todd Vashon to kill Phil Inkel. Vashon had possession of $10,000. Where did the cops get the money to pay for the "hit"?

Connecticut Police Officers allegedly offered Barbara Sattal $10,000 to have drinks with me at a local Stafford Springs, Connecticut, bar until I was intoxicated where Connecticut State Police officers would lie in wait near my home to pull me over for DUI, find narcotics planted on me, beat me up saying I assaulted them, and charge me with "crimes" to put me away for 10 to 20 years on bogus charges other than the set up DUI. Click Here for pictures and more.

Click Here for the Connecticut State Police Officers story on the "100 Club" where police make false arrests, make false police reports, manufacture evidence, and cause mass chaos, family hardships, and nationwide economic damage for "fun" and promotions.

Are cops to FN lazy to protect and serve? Click Here

Click Here for my complaint to the Washington DC FBI

Click Here for


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