Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Domestic Spying

When police spy on citizens based on their race, economic status, political affiliation, for what they speak or write about, or for what laws or legislation they propose to elected officials, it is tyranny of the worst kind.

Police can't treat citizens that want protection and service, or that make complaints, as a mere nuisance to be arrested or worse if they persist. Police are employees of the people. So are judges and other officials. It is time the bosses made the employees aware of who is in charge.

Connecticut State Police have sent out individuals to spy on, discredit, and set up for false arrests and imprisonment, citizens that get vocal in opposition to Connecticut State Police policies or that try to complain about a member of their organization.

I have read more than 200 pages of their own reports and newspaper stories. With the "100 Club" alone there have been mass false arrests leading to mass false imprisonment. If cops lie and manufacture evidence in one arena, they are suspect in all arenas. Click Here for post on the "100 Club" where police arrest as many people falsely as they can for fun.

Spying on citizens is bad enough, but covertly wrecking lives, families, and injuring the economy one family at a time is just plain criminal.

There needs to be Civilian Oversight of Police with Quality Control Questionnaires that go out to those that need police protection and service with a Civilian Board independent from police needs to oversee investigations of police misconduct. Heads of police and police chiefs need to face elections so the police are subject to the will of the people. Police should not have unions that act as an Organized Crime Syndicate. Police should not have unlimited access to our tax dollars and tell us when and where we are allowed to have rights that are guaranteed by the US Constitution.

The Connecticut Judiciary is at least equally to blame for the massive brewing scandal regarding police and members of Connecticut Courts that is now starting to see ink in newspapers. As it is now more than 99 percent of complaints are allegedly not investigated when you make a complaint about judges and court officials, or are just shredded possibly upon sending out a cookie cutter denial letter to the complaining citizen.

Connecticut Attorneys have gotten a free pass. Philandering, drinking and driving, having illegal weapons, possessing drugs, patronizing prostitutes, and fleecing and not serving legal clients has been more the rule than the exception. Lawyers that actually serve their clients against the wishes of judges and others in power behind the scenes can see a lawyer going against the blue wall of silence with the Black Robed Mafia in charge can be arrested, disbarred, label mentally incompetent, or even end up penniless in prison.

Citizen or official, if you speak out, want corrupt officials punished, and propose solutions to elected officials openly that would make the system more public friendly and end the official free for all you can be maliciously investigated, falsely arrested, have your family dismantled, end up in prison, never able to own a home or have a comfortable job and life again just for speaking out.

It is time to end the abuse. Click Here for my picture and claim of abuse. Click Here for the complaint I mailed into the Washington DC office of the FBI.

End Domestic Spying with Covert Retaliation in Connecticut and all over the USA.

Let your elected officials know by letter, email, fax, and phone call. The repeat, repeat, repeat, and do not take "no" or silence as an answer.


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