Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lock up your valuables, hide your wife and daughters

Here comes the Connecticut Police, famous not for protection and service, not for courtesy, but more and more for raping and robbing citizens, beating them for whatever reason, White Officers executing Blacks where the prosecutor purposely botches the case so the Racist Officer skates on Appeal, for manufacturing evidence, perjury, suppressing evidence, witness tampering, obstructing justice, dealing drugs, abusing drugs and alcohol, contributing to the delinquency of minors, creating teen "informant gangs" where the only way out means beatings or prison or worse, creating a climate of fear and mistrust, increasing crime rates, and although most officers are probably good, the "Bad Ones" are wrecking the reputation of all officers, nationwide.

It is time to contact Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell and elected officials and demand that the Connecticut State Police be dismantled and what remains have anything to do with police or law enforcement stripped off their uniforms and remaining cars. Connecticut does need a "Highway Patrol". After New York State Police Internal Affairs issued their report of Connecticut State Police Officers' conduct, there just is no fixing this abortion of justice. Police absolutely cannot police themselves.

The Department of Administrative Services is set to "help" investigate police misconduct complaints in Connecticut. Department of Administrative Services awards contracts and has financial duties. Isn't it conflict of interest that such a department could cover their own misconduct and shady deals? The Department of Administration Services is more than rumored to be mainly a Domestic Spying operation. Lisa Masterson in the UK was allegedly hacked by the Department of Administrative services as she had tried to expose a fraud involving Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, officials in Connecticut as regard to the Lyme Disease fraud in testing and treatment.

Citizens need to feel safe from beatings, retaliation for Free Speech or in proposing legislation to elected officials. Women need to feel that police are safe to go to, not that they might be another Connecticut Police Officer rape victim. The elderly should not be beaten by officers and then charged with assaulting an officer, because an officer was rude and a veteran and honest retired citizen is rude right back.

We the people should feel that police are not out to rip us off or to wreck are small businesses when we are in competition with their "connected" friends.

Towns and cities need their own police. Calls into police should have a courteous voice answering, as we the people pay the bills.

Police should not have a "100 Club" where they falsely arrest citizens without probable cause and true evidence. Incarceration, divorce, and other costly social detriments arise. Should we let officials be so callous and carefree as they wreck our lives for fun? Click Here for post on the "100 Club".

Why hasn't former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada been arrested? Didn't he misappropriate Homeland Security funds? Didn't he demote the highest ranking police woman out of his office, was he afraid of ethics being instilled into the Connecticut State Police? Why can an official such as Spada, be out golfing, be carted around, chauffeured at taxpayer expense when a dirtbag refuses to do an honest, ethical job and then fraudulently turns in paperwork to cover up his crimes and the rip off of all taxpayers, nationwide?

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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To FN Lazy to Protect and Serve?

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Officer Charged With Taking Eatery's Lobster, Shrimp
December 28, 2006
By DAVID FUNKHOUSER, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

MADISON -- Veteran police Officer Joseph Gambardella was charged Wednesday with burglary and larceny after being caught on videotape stealing several hundred dollars' worth of lobster and shrimp from a popular seafood restaurant in the dead of night last October, police said.

Gambardella, 48, is a 15-year veteran of the Madison department who made $127,000 in salary and extra-duty pay last year. He turned himself in to state police in Bethany on Wednesday morning and was released on a written promise to appear in court Jan. 4.

Police say he stole $924 worth of lobster and $18.60 worth of shrimp from Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale Restaurant in two separate incidents in which he pretended to be responding to break-ins.

"It's very disappointing," said Madison Lt. Robert Stimpson. "I wouldn't say it's a shock; we've all known that this thing's been under investigation for a while."

Gambardella was put on paid leave in October after the thefts came to light. Madison police asked the state police Central Division Major Crime Squad to investigate.

Reached at his Guilford home, Gambardella declined to comment. His lawyer, Hugh Keefe of New Haven, said Gambardella would plead not guilty. He described his client as a respected member of the community and the police force.

"There are videotapes that at times are not what they appear to be," Keefe said.

In the early morning of Aug. 4, Gambardella radioed Madison dispatch to say he had found a door open at Lenny and Joe's at 1301 Boston Post Road and would check it out, according to a state police affidavit. He later reported everything appeared OK, secured the door and left.

When owner Joseph Schreck opened the restaurant later that morning, he noticed several bags of lobster meat and shrimp missing.

A day or two later, Gambardella walked into Lenny and Joe's and introduced himself. He asked Schreck if anything had been discovered missing after the recent alarm, the affidavit states.

Schreck said nothing about the missing seafood because, he told police, he believed the matter may have involved his staff, and he wanted to handle it himself. That's when he installed a video surveillance camera.

Early on the morning of Oct. 9, the store's alarm went off. Gambardella again reported he had found an open door at the restaurant during a check. Without waiting for backup, he told dispatch he was entering the restaurant to look for perpetrators.

Schreck noticed more lobster missing the next day and reviewed the videotape. On it he saw Gambardella walk straight to the cooler with a large plastic bag in his hand, the affidavit states. After little more than a minute, the affidavit continues, Gambardella left the cooler carrying an "expanded and weighed down" bag.

The camera caught Gambardella walking out and then returning to the cooler for about 20 seconds with a white cloth towel. The video also captured Gambardella talking on a wall phone to someone police believe was a representative of the store's alarm company.

Schreck then took his complaint to the police.

Gambardella faces up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for two charges of burglary in the third degree, a felony. He also faces two charges of larceny in the fifth degree, a misdemeanor.

Gambardella remains on paid administrative leave. His base salary is $53,000.

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