Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A National Issue of Property and Family Rights out of Georgia

Patriots Witness "The Property War"

Taffy Rice gets almost to the end of the video until she gets to the part where lawyers work for the courts, not us. If they work for us they get disbarred and worse.

Should packs of Lawyer, or political lawyer pacts, and arrogant, unfeeling members of the Judiciary rip off our property, take our children, claim Judicial Immunity, and then tell us to, "Shut up and like it"?

The above YouTube video is of average or worse quality, mentions the biggest property owner rights website and discusses a national issue of abuse of citizens by lawyers and lawyers' groups that are too politically powerful, out to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else and Freedom itself.

Judicial Immunity means that official retaliation is ok, that police, prosecutorial, attorney, official, and judicial misconduct will mostly go unpunished. Citizens that complain can end up arrested, having their kids taken away, losing their jobs, their home, and end up in prison, devastated, never to heal.

If elected officials have to fear corrupt judges and police heads, they fear acting in our best interest.

We the People, should see that elected officials and others working on our dime, act in our best interest not theirs, as we are the boss as we pay them.

Let them not forget.

Silence signifies acceptance.


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