Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The "Red Flag" of Abuse

Why would a state that keeps drastically losing population keep building more and more prisons and youth detention centers. Why would a state that has a stagnant and shrinking tax base keep spending more and more, expanding state government, hiring more and more workers to work on the taxpayer dime?

How does the math work?

Well, the more citizens that get "processed" by the system, arrested, take state run classes, are on probation, parole, are incarcerated, have their kids removed, and are in mental hospitals, the more the State gets in the nation's federal tax dollars. You pay to help ruin America, one family and child at a time.

Connecticut courts are notorious for being completely out of control. No rules are followed and their in pandemonium on the people. Separate and Unequal is maintained. Whistle blowers are barbecued and ruined for life. Families are being broken up for profit. Children are ruined for life and are a state's future credit card to charge to lock up yet another human being.

Stafford Springs town police and Connecticut State Police had refused to protect and serve me. I was threatened and then attacked on my property. I was not looking for trouble, but my attacker was. I went to prison losing everything for having a "Big Mouth".

I had spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing up boarded up, downtown Connecticut rental properties. I was railroaded to prison based on police perjury for having wanted honest policing and ethical courts of law. You paid Federal Tax Dollars for a fixed trial to railroad me to prison.

You paid at least $76/day for each day I stayed in prison to deprive me of my home, job, and family. Did you pay this woman, click for story, $10,000 with your Federal Tax Dollars to date me to try and set me up for a DUI, where I get pulled over, have drugs planted on me, police beat me up and charge me with assaulting them, and I wake up in the hospital to face ten to twenty years in prison. That plan failed and many back ups were tried until the police finally got me out in the open, my own yard after I was beaten by one of their police informants.

There are cop gangs where youths are either severely beaten or worse just for trying to get out of a Connecticut Police gang. Many are called informants. Drugs are sold, citizens are beaten, citizens are killed. Police are raping, beating, robbing, and killing citizens. Just look at the New York State Police Internal Affairs report on the Connecticut State Police, as the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs was too abusive to even officers complaining about other police officers abusing them.

Stephen Murzin came home from the Marines to see Phil Inkel being beaten at a Colchester Connecticut Connecticut McDonald's. Colcester Officers Thomas and Nardella paid police informant Todd Vashon $10,000 to kill Phil Inkel and or Stephen Murzin. Vashon punked out and went to authorities. Although there was probable cause to arrest the officers, they were never punished for a "Murder for Hire" plot. Stephen Murzin was stabbed by another Felon police informant, 13 times, two others were also stabbed. The Felon, who was on probation, got no prison time. Stephen Murzin was arrested in the hospital when he woke up by the police officers that he has accused of beating he and his brother. You, the taxpayer are paying for this kind of daily abuse. Click Here for more information.

The policy for complainers regarding Connecticut Police was to discredit and then arrest citizens. Those that wanted justice are in prisons. Connecticut holds political prisoners at probably record numbers.

The conditions are often horrid, abusive, and inhumane. There are Black and White sections of Connecticut prisons.

When I was held at Hartford Correctional Institute there were not enough cells. I was put in a holding cell where there was not enough room. Inmates were lying under benches and sitting on the toilet. Those that were coming off drugs and alcohol were throwing up and soiling themselves. Imagine the horror if it was you. Married couples that argue, are arrested, placed on probation, can end up as inmates for a simple violation of probation. The prison is for anyone of any age.

I was placed in the cafeteria, there were 2 overflowing toilets without seats for hundreds of inmates. I was placed near the entrance of the prison and there were guards coming in and out all hours calling us "smelly pigs" I was sleep deprived and the conditions are inhumane. No American should have to endure what I did and too many others of this country or not, do in American Prisons.

Pools of blood would show up on the floors daily and even more often as inmate on inmate assaults are all too common. Guards would encourage fights and abuse for entertainment. At anytime a guard can tell you to get up against the wall, kick your ankles apart with boots, bruising your ankles, having you pull your pants down as many times as they want in a day, openly, where you have to spread your ass wide to show the inside, turn around and move your testicles around for a guard's sick pleasure.

I tried to get a information out to the Hartford Courant as Federal Inspectors came to the prison. Guards woke us up at 3 to 4 AM near Halloween 2002 and had us hide our bedding. The Federal Inspectors were delayed as guards watched the cameras and jockeyed hundreds of us around the inspectors to hide the abuse and inhumane conditions. Hundreds of us were locked up in shower areas after inspectors had seen these areas.

Captain Murphy told me I was “kicked out” on Hartford Correctional in Connecticut for being an asshole. I tried to inform the media.

Minorities in Connecticut are kept out of most housing, neighborhoods, and jobs by corrupt police and kangaroo courts. The rest of America pays in higher taxes and more and more reduced freedoms. The quality of live for average people and families will continue to plummet until something is done.

Silence signifies acceptance. Don’t be silent.

The United States Prison Population increased tenfold from 1980 to 1999. Level today have gone way beyond. Are we truly the land of the "FREE"?

Click Here for the Steven G. Erickson story with YouTube videos.

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State Prisons Bulging Again
9:21 AM EST, December 26, 2006
Associated Press, The Hartford Courant

HARTFORD, Conn. -- State officials say Connecticut's prison population has again boomed to the level it was three years ago when overcrowding forced the state to ship some prisoners to Virginia.

Figures show that the increase, which comes after three years of decline, is especially sharp among prisoners awaiting trial.

The prison population jumped from about 17,700 in 2001 to 19,200 in 2003. It was less than 10,000 in 1990.

The big increase spurred lawmakers to examine alternatives to prison, especially for drug addicts and nonviolent offenders.

The population steadily declined in 2004 and 2005, dipping below 18,000 again at the beginning of this year.

But it crept up to 18,500 in the middle of this year and surpassed 19,000 this fall, said Brian Garnett, a spokesman for the Department of Correction.

The state has had to house prisoners in gymnasiums at a few prisons, he said. State Correction officials have asked federal immigration authorities if they can remove illegal immigrants from state prisons.

They're also asked judges in the state if they can release more defendants awaiting trial on nonviolent charges instead of jailing them on bond.

"It's not a mandate" to the judges, Garnett said. "But it's a way to give us some breathing room."

It would cut the number of inmates awaiting trial, a group that typically accounts for about 25 percent of the jail and prison population, Department of Correction statistics show.


Information from: The Advocate, http://www.stamfordadvocate.com

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