Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rich, "The Fixer"

There is an unholy marriage between the FBI, Connecticut State Police, local police, members of the Connecticut Judiciary, and too many Town Hall workers.

There used to be a bar called "Larks" in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

"Rich" ran it. Peter T. was a bartender and ran an illegal gambling operation out of the bar. "Rich" was allegedly a former Israeli freedom fighter, maybe got into intelligence work, and married a FBI agent, now retired, "Linda" and had the bar in her name.

Peter T. was also allegedly Jewish Mafia. His relatives allegedly own or owned "Uncle Al's" and other Hartford Connecticut Strip Clubs.

"The Finish Line" and "The Springs House" were bars that were in competition with Rich's business. Rich played cards almost everyday with the town's selectman in Arizona Restaurant from before noon on. Money would change hands, even a small suit case of cash on at least one occasion. Bribery in Stafford Springs, is as bad as it is in "Mob Central" Enfield, Connecticut.

169 Elm St in Enfield is an interesting location. The owner of the insurance agency told me that in order for him to get a bigger sign in his parking lot, he had to lose at an illegal high stakes poker game, where officials ran the game in a Rt 5 liquor store backroom. That was a way to "bribe" to get the bigger sign.

Like in Stafford and other Connecticut towns, rental property owners and other small business that are either minority owned or serve minorities are targets to be taken down by police, town hall, and the rigged courts. The Jewish Mafia and other organized crime are part of the police, the courts and marry and interact with elected officials. The other business on 169 Elm St is a convenience store. They were made to get a 25 k plus sewer drain system only required of restaurants. Had the owner been white they would not need have gotten the drain system.

"Frankie's Firehouse Pizza" joint was an inside joke in Enfield. The owner of the insurance agency told me that Frankie is connected and doesn't pay taxes, especially Enfield town taxes. The bar/restaurant got its name as everytime Frankie needed extra cash or renovation, the restaurant would burn down for more insurance fraud. Frankie also owned sewage pumping/removal business and did not want to bother have the proper waste facilities so he would drive his trucks on conservation land and then run the sewage out of the truck polluting aquifers and sewage would bubble up in neighborhoods. Frankie was rewarded for his behavior by getting multi-million dollar bond public work projects.

Enfield Police Officers in Connecticut go out collecting overdue library fines and go after anyone who complains about organized crime or the official corruption going on so openly.

DCF allegedly use false allegations and false statements to take kids away, ruin people, to enforce drug turf and do organized crime biddings.

What goes on in a Town Hall with the Connecticut Blue Blood elite, goes on the same way from the very top of Connecticut State Government, all 3 branches.

If you don't have a grandfather buried in the local cemetery and if you do not know who is who, you can quickly become toast having a business that is competition with the "in crowd" or if you get mouthy about Organized Crime or Official Corruption.

Connecticut is that bad and needs to be cleaned up.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Blogger Vikingas

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Click Here for what is the Organized Crime, who is who, and where are we today, book. Keep track of the names from the 70s and 80s, and fast forward to know. They are stilling doing the same crimes and scams, only worse.

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