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Telling a Governor to go "F" himself while he is in prison- PRICELESS

a past post. The below text of letter probably ended up on former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland's prison bunk for his very first day of federal prison.

Maybe my life's defining day, today

A letter mailed out today:

Federal Inmate # 15623-014, Ex-Governor (CT) John G. Rowland
P.O. BOX 1000

Dear Federal Inmate # 15623-014, SHITBAG, Ex Connecticut Governor, John G. Rowland,

You deserve to spend your life in prison or be hung for treason, you piece of shit.

When you look in the mirror, it is the man in the mirror that put you where you are now.

Maybe my hours, efforts, and mental concentration of wanting you in prison, disgraced, without the comfort of your wife, family, to lose the respect of those around you, and for your life being forever altered and tarnished may have not happened, but for me.

I live for this day, and to mail this letter, that is what got me through the anger of having been put in prison for complaining to your office about being pissed off about heroin and crack cocaine being sold off my Stafford Springs Connecticut yard by teens fighting, swilling beer, smoking pot, using my yard as a toilet, and a hangout for sex orgies, asking that something be done about that, Connecticut State Police misconduct, and the bias and unlawfulness of the Connecticut Court System, which is merely a revenue collection system, manned by armed revenue collectors, police, and Mafia Dons, Members of the Connecticut Judiciary.

If there is justice in America the RICO statutes should be used to punish you, the former head of the Connecticut State Police, the rogue judges, and others that were part of your criminal empire.

You probably, with your charisma and contacts, would have been the next Republic(an) Golden Boy, the man to succeed Bush 2.

But, no, you sit in prison, with absolutely no chance of political office, or even voting in an election, ever again.

You’re welcome, asshole.

Thank me, no, thank yourself, you disgusting, lying piece of shit.

You were in no trouble and there was nothing in the papers about anything about any kind of scandal or shenanigans involving you, your office, or that of your friends.

I got out of prison and immediately called the US Attorneys for Connecticut, the media, and contacted state and federal politicians telling them there was a corruption connection between you, the Connecticut State Police brass, and members of the Connecticut Judiciary.

The first Republicans to denounce you asking you to resign were the politicians that I emailed the day before, copying the print and television media.

You are and were the number one on my shit list as I sat in prison. I was ruined and silenced for complaining about corruption and abuse, not for crimes.

I contacted your office from 1998.

It was reported to me by one of your aids, threatening me with more prison, if I didn’t shut up about your corruption involving Connecticut State Police brass and members of the Connecticut Judiciary, that told me you are ground zero for what happened to me and other citizens looking for justice after being ground to a pulp through your corruption machine.

It was made known to me that you had personal knowledge of me, that former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada, and his buddy, Judge Jonathan Kaplan railroaded me to prison on Connecticut State Police Officer perjury, a rigged case, and that I lost my family, home, Connecticut rental properties I fixed up from a boarded up condition over years with my own hands and 100’s of thousands of dollars, my dog, my job, credit, retirement, health insurance and the sum total of my life after having paid bills on time, worked my ass off, obeyed laws, and paid outrageous taxes.

I was living in fear of police and the criminals they were sending out to harass me out of Connecticut, hiding in my house, mainly out only to work, when I was caught out in my yard, beaten during a robbery attempt.

The criminal admitted to his crimes, even under oath to Judge Jonathan Kaplan- to stalking me, threatening my life while demanding money, to get immunity for attacking, threatening me, and trying to rob me to maliciously prosecute and railroad me to prison for having to defend my life, and prevent further injury to myself in my dark driveway, by using pepper spray to end the attack and injuries I was sustaining, as self-defense isn’t legal in Connecticut.

Because of you and your sleaze, I was thrown in prison, a productive, honest citizen, for being a crime victim in my own yard, and a criminal parasite, violent, alcoholic, drug abuser is allowed to go on assaulting people, living off of taxpayers, and harassing the elderly trying to live in peace and quiet.

You, personally made life in downtown Connecticut miserable, dangerous, and economic and quality of life, disasters.

I now have the ability to sit in a suit and have you hauled up wrapped in chains, ankles shackled, in prison garb, forced to answer questions I want answered, regarding your lifetime pattern of deceit, living high on the hog at the expense of the average man and woman, while thumbing your nose at the law and the US Constitution, to answer to the victims of your greed, your crimes, and the efforts of you and your friends to cover their tracks, ruining countless honest Americans.

I have that option, if I sue your piece of shit ass in Federal Court.

Look in your rearview mirror pal, there are more pissed off citizens that want redress of their grievances through honest elected officials and FAIR courts of law. Two things, few and far between, in Connecticut, which is your legacy, SHITBAG.



Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730

Former People’s Republik of Korruptikut Political Prisoner # 305662

* * * *

A letter to Leonard C. Boyle, current Commissioner of the Connecticut State Police, Jan. 20, 2005, asking him if Connecticut State Police misconduct still goes unpunished

My March 10, 2005 request of the US DOJ to look into possible misconduct of the Attorney General of Connecticut aiding in covering up Official and Police misconduct and corruption

Please investigate and punish Arthur L. Spada, former judge and Connecticut State Police Commissioner

added 4:44 PM EST March 30, 2005:

A Governor John G. Rowland Executive Order, Jan. 25, 1995
(The names, positions, and what is being done, says much about cooperation, good and bad, both the good and evil workings can be derived. Looking just at this document tells me there is much more uncovered sleaze and criminals, yet unpunished.)





WHEREAS, the taxpayers of Connecticut deserve a state welfare system that is sound and secure from fraud and abuse; and

WHEREAS, the beneficiaries of our state welfare system deserve a method of assistance that can truly help lift them out of poverty, not keep them there; and

WHEREAS, State Superior Court Judge Arthur L. Spada conducted a State Grand Jury investigation that uncovered wide-spread welfare fraud and abuse facilitating an insidious link between our current welfare system and the illicit drug trade; and

WHEREAS, Judge Spada’s report contained findings and recommendations that must be given serious attention if the current abuse of our welfare system is to end.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John G. Rowland, Governor of the State of Connecticut, acting by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the statutes of this state, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT: (link) to more






WHEREAS, the taxpayers of Connecticut deserve a state welfare system that is sound and secure from fraud and abuse; and

WHEREAS, the beneficiaries of our state welfare system deserve a method of assistance that can truly help lift them out of poverty, not keep them there; and

WHEREAS, State Superior Court Judge Arthur L. Spada conducted a State Grand Jury investigation that uncovered wide-spread welfare fraud and abuse facilitating an insidious link between our current welfare system and the illicit drug trade; and

WHEREAS, Judge Spada’s report contained findings and recommendations that must be given serious attention if the current abuse of our welfare system is to end.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John G. Rowland, Governor of the State of Connecticut, acting by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and by the statutes of this state, do hereby ORDER and DIRECT:

1. That there is hereby created a bipartisan Blue-Ribbon Commission (hereinafter Commission) to investigate Judge Spada’s findings and consider his recommendations.
2. The mission of the Commission shall be to, having investigated Judge Spada’s findings and considered his recommendations, propose significant welfare reforms that will reduce the cost of welfare administration and address, in a fundamental way, the problems faced by our welfare system, especially those uncovered by Judge Spada.
3. The Commission shall be chaired by Mr. Dennis King of Waterbury and shall consist of at least eleven members, including:
a. the Chief State’s Attorney;
b. the Commissioner of Public Safety;
c. the Secretary of the Office of Policy & Management;
d. Judge Arthur L. Spada;
e. the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services;
f. the President of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association;
g. the designee of the President Pro Tempore, who shall consult with the Majority Leader of the Senate;
h. the designee of the Minority Leader of the Senate;
i. the designee of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall consult with the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives; and
j. the designee of the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.

4. The Commission shall have forty-five days from February 6, 1995 to report back to the Governor on its investigation and recommendations for reform.
5. That this order shall take effect immediately.

Dated at Hartford, Connecticut, this 25th day of January, 1995.

Filed this 2nd day of February, 1995.

Miles Rapoport, Secretary of the State

Content Last Modified on 4/12/2004 2:12:26 PM

* * * *
* * * *

added April 24, 2006, 9:30 AM EST:

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

Police, Prosecutorial, Judicial, Official, and Attorney Misconduct

A Connecticut State Police Officer’s Limp Winky

Posted by Vikingas on 03/30 at 10:13 AM
  1. DAMN: A person reading this would gather you didn’t think much of this crook! I do tend to agree that he should have gotten at least life with his balls hooked to a hot battery.

    Posted by GUYK on 03/31 at 01:29 PM #
  2. Hanging isn’t good enough for the bastard ...

    * * * *

    A lesson is to be learned by police and officials.

    If an individual is spouting off in newspapers and trying to redress his/her grievances through elected officials, 2 distinct rights according to the First Amendment, railroading that person into prison using criminal acts of police and judges, will not shut that individual up.

    Killing me would have shut me up, putting me in prison for doing nothing wrong, other than being a loud mouth with no tact, only made me grow longer teeth.

    There are those very sorry I was not killed in the process or that I ended up being fucked over to begin with.

    If I have my way I will continue to raise holly hell, legally, fighting for justice and in clearing my name.

    -Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

    Posted by Vikingas on 04/01 at 10:02 AM #

* * * *
* * * *

A letter mailed out to Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle, Jan. 20, 2005, a former post:

Subject: fixing the police

Below the fold I ask the head of a police force of a state if the police are in charge of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

I�m asking if we live in a Police State.

I offer proof that it just might be the case in America.

And, if it isn�t, I�m asking a Police Commissioner to prove it isn�t by investigating police misconduct, obstruction of justice by officers, police perjury, and harassment of citizens who blow the whistle, threaten to sue, or propose laws that anger police brass.

We don�t live in a free country if you have to ask police what you are allowed to say, write in newspapers, laws you are allowed to propose to elected officials, whether or not you are allowed to own property or have business, have a significant other, contact with your children, a job, or even freedom, as those citizens that piss off even one officer can find themselves behind bars.


An email sent to:

To Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle or to whom it may concern:

I�m asking you to act for Justice and the US Constitution, NOT for corrupt friends, cronies, rank and file, and in acting to �Protect the Integrity of the System,� regarding revenue collection and hiding police misconduct.

From what I understand about the legislative process, liaisons from the Connecticut State Police monitor legislation proposed regarding police.

I�m also have been informed complaining to the Governor�s Office about the head of the Connecticut State Police or about the Connecticut State Police is forwarded to the Connecticut State Police with the citizen�s name, address, and other information. The police then respond to the complaint letter. What!!!???

So, I was told that when I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials the former Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada was notified of my name and address. I assume officers in my area were given my name and told of Spada�s displeasure with me.

Should someone who pisses off a police commissioner go to prison losing everything? Should someone who pisses off a police commissioner be ridiculed and abused in prison by guards for pissing off the Connecticut State Police, and then KICKED OUT OF THE STATE?

When I complained to Gov. Rowland�s office starting from 1998, asking if Connecticut downtown areas should be run as criminal breeding grounds hurting the economy, quality of life, promoting teenage delinquency, crime, drug and alcohol addiction, and the police would refuse to protect citizens, on police officer whims, and mainly are revenue collection tools, not criminal correctors, I was then harassed, threatened, and was a target for removal from my life and property, to prison, and then forced to leave Connecticut to avoid more prison time.

Mr. Boyle, I�m asking you to have the former head of the Connecticut State Police investigated along with a number of officers, because while under his watch, Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs would either flatly refuse to investigate one of their friends or would just go through the motions doing a lame investigation.

I was told by Connecticut State Police Officers to leave Connecticut, �Or else,� after proposing Civilian Oversight of Police.

After proposing legislation, after I had complained about police officers, after I had been complaining to Rowland�s office and Spada was allegedly notified each time, after I had written Bush because I was so upset about the heroin, crack cocaine, and crime problems hurting business owners and property investors, and AFTER I told Senator Tony Guglielmo that I intended to sue Connecticut State Police for violating my Civil Rights, I was falsely arrested.

Troopers Langlais and Amaral on 10-11-01 refused to take my complaint/statement after I was beaten on my property during a robbery attempt by Brian Caldwell, a police informant, and then committed perjury when I was forced to go to a Connecticut State Police FIXED trial at taxpayer�s expense.

My incarceration for having used pepper spray to end the robbery attempt and beating in my dark driveway cost taxpayers about $74/day for the length of my prison sentence. Loss of my credit, business, and ability to earn a living cost the Connecticut economy.

So many criminals, parasites, and bad behavior was ignored while police looked to take me out, the productive, taxpaying, home owning citizen.

The pair of officers also refused to take my tenant�s complaint regarding their police informant after I was attacked on my own property after he terrorized, stalked, and threatened for weeks. My assailant left me a voicemail telling me he would attack me when I got home, so for that reason and the fact he told me he would cut my penis off if he caught me out in my yard, I was carrying pepper spray.

Amaral and Langlais committed perjury at my trial saying I never asked to make a complaint against my assailant, where Judge Jonathan Kaplan allegedly a friend of Spada�s, told my lawyer he was not allowed to defend me. A worker for the police was allowed to be jury foreman. The jury was shown a videotape on how to find me guilty but nothing about finding me innocent or anything about reasonable doubt.

So my being found guilty and going to prison was a foregone conclusion before the mock trial.

Can any reasonable person reading the trial transcript or knowing the facts assume I got a fair trial?

Was I forced out of $500,000 in investment properties, my contracting business, my family, and the sum total of my life�s work because I pissed off Arthur L. Spada and other police officers by proposing Civilian Oversight of Police and for what I wrote complaining about police antics in newspapers?

10-12-01 in the early AM, Sgt. Sticca came to see me in my cell at Troop C, Tolland, Connecticut at State Police lock-up. Sticca claimed I �confessed� to crimes. I contacted Major Wheeler and asked him to prosecute Sticca for lying, filing a false police report, obstructing justice, and/or for whatever applied. I heard no more about my supposed confession.

Is claiming, falsely, that an arrested individual �confessed� Connecticut State Police policy? Should lying and committing of crimes be punished when a police officer is the perpetrator?

I contacted Lt. Davoren and explained how I had seen years of crimes, drug use, drug dealing, police catching teen vandals drunk and high smashing my windows and fighting after midnight doing nothing (one later beat a man near death with a baseball bat during a robbery, and the other died in a high speed roll over involving drugs and alcohol a short time after), that teens and others drug dealers would threaten me with arrest if I called police reporting them selling cocaine and heroin off my front yard.

The Connecticut State Police informant who had threatened my life, threatened to cut my penis off while banging on my door after midnight disturbing me and my neighbors, that demanded money from me while threatening to kill me, and who jumped me in the dark, was given immunity to prosecute me to the maximum extent of the law, after being a crime victim, because self-defense is not legal in Connecticut.

But mayhem, assault, threatening, stalking, attempted robbery, and other crimes are ok if committed by a police officer or their informants, right?

Lt. Davoren (now a Captain?) of Troop C told me his only job was to, �Protect the Integrity of the System.� What about enforcing laws on the books, acting in the public�s best interest, honoring the Connecticut Constitution, honoring the US Constitution, acting morally, and what about police acting as more than mere armed revenue collectors?

I wrote Colonel Barry (post) soon after my arrest, and still nothing was done to remedy the injustice and it was allowed to go to completion. Col. Barry later wrote me on how Connecticut Police Officers won�t abuse the MATRIX system, the one touch computer system that allows police to get every record available on a person, phone, medical, court, divorce, and the most personal information. I was concerned as I felt police were abusing their powers BEFORE the MATRIX.

I told Sen. Guglielmo that Connecticut State Police Officers were bragging around town that �Big Mouth� was going to prison BEFORE I even had a trial, They had previously been bragging �Big Mouth� was going to be run out of town and taught a lesson, BEFORE I was arrested.

I complained to Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs, Lt. Wack. Wack told me he wouldn�t investigate his friend Sgt. Sticca and told me officers would be informed of my address and the nature of my allegations, and if I wished to proceed. When I did, he refused to investigate my complaints about Sticca, Ameral, and Langlais.

Stafford Resident Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Police Officer Prochaska allegedly gave Peter Coukos immunity to sexually harass my young teen daughter, threaten my daughter, threaten me, and to get me out of Connecticut by whatever means. They allegedly offered or possibly offered Coukos the ability to get a pistol permit even though Coukos is allegedly a frequent smoker of marijuanna, an alcoholic, a former or present user of crack cocaine, known to be erratic and seemingly psychotic, and after having gotten a DUI after continually smashing into an African American woman�s car during one of his roadrage incidents.

I was eligible for a program for $100, AR, for first time offenders. I wasn�t offered this program, and when it was found out that I was the victim and I had forced police to do an investigation and my assailant was found to be the cause of the incident, the prosecutor, John Panone, told me that I could not be �unarrested�, which I assume he didn�t want the officers disciplined for police misconduct and me to have a golden reason for a multimillion dollar civil suit.

Are the head officials ok with police perjury and misconduct, promoting crime, drug and alcohol abuse, contributing to the delinquency of minors, promoting misery, and in putting whistleblowers to corruption and abuse of the system in prison?

Is it ok for Connecticut Police Officers to threaten a landlord, if he doesn�t evict tenants that dare have me visit in Stafford Springs after police had kick me out of Stafford and out of Connecticut?

Can police decide who lives in a state, owns a home, has a business, or who has any rights at all in Connecticut?

Please have Internal Affairs investigate Officers Spada, Sticca, Davoren, Wheeler, Barry, Wack, Mulcahey, Prochaska, Desso, Amaral, Langlais, and others involved in the obstruction of justice, retaliation, illegal behavior, preventing a citizen from proposing legislation, violating a citizen�s First, Fourteenth and other Amendments to the US Constitution.

I would also like each investigated as to their adhering to their oaths regarding the Connecticut and US Constitutions.

I complained to Carol Amino of Governor Rowland�s Office February 21, 2003, sending a 10 page fax regarding my complaints against Arthur L. Spada and other members of the Connecticut State Police.

Amino�s response indicated to me that Spada and the former Governor Rowland were aware of me, of my complaints, and that I would be arrested and serve more prison time if I pursued justice and having my complaints heard.

Should a Governor and the head of a police force act together to protect corrupt practices and official criminals?

It is my belief that top Connecticut State Police brass were instrumental in making Rowland feeling comfortable enough to arrogantly enrich himself and his friends, in giving State Police Carte Blanche, in obstructing justice, violating citizen�s rights, punishing whistleblowers, falsifying documents, committing perjury filing false reports, and retaliating against those breaking ranks, including going after caring judges. I believe the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government are really run by the Connecticut State Police Commissioner.

Is Connecticut a Police State?

If it isn�t I�m asking you to investigate my accusations. If you can�t or won�t investigate, nor act Constitutionally, why shouldn�t concerned citizens act through the Federal Court System to Abolish the Connecticut State Police with the same statutes used to dismantle the Mafia?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083


This post (click) is an expanded version of this letter and contains links to police complaints not taken, names names, has a link to my picture and much more.

* * * *

Mark Gaines Police Misconduct Website lists the bad cops

Posted by Vikingas on 01/20 at 02:00 PM

* * * *
* * * *

another former post, I ask the USDOJ March 10, 2005 to do an investigation:

March 10, 2005

I�m publicly asking for an investigation

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

Attn DOJ:

I would like the former Governor Rowland of Connecticut, the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, and Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal investigated for running a corrupt, criminal organization, and be investigated and punished under the RICO act.

If a State�s Attorney General can�t even return phone calls, letters, and emails sent by a U.S. Congressman when that Attorney General won�t address, nor answer a citizen�s complaints, does a State�s Attorney General, go from the responsibility of protecting a State�s interests into the area of Obstruction of Justice?

I�m asking that Governor Rowland, Arthur L. Spada, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and their minions, be arrested and prosecuted for Treason against the State (America). I formally request that I be allowed to testify as a victim of Rowland at his upcoming sentencing hearing, to argue for the maximum federal sentencing and imprisonment for the former Governor.

Why Treason? Well, if an official takes an oath to uphold and honor the US Constitution, and obstructs justice, shields friends and themselves from prosecution, breaks laws, federal and state, and has arrested and imprisoned anyone that dare question their misconduct, then isn�t that Treason?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730


P.S. I am posting this email to you on FreeSpeech (dot) com, today in the AM Eastern Standard time, March 10, 2005. Please review Docket # CR01-0074672, Rockville Connecticut Court, presiding, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, for evidence of jury tampering, Connecticut State Police officer perjury, A CSP Sgt. falsely claiming I ‘confessed’ then recanting, judicial, prosecutorial, law enforcement, and attorney misconduct. I believe I was retaliated upon for complaining about heroin and crack cocaine being sold off my front lawn by teenagers swilling alcohol all hours in lawn chairs, spouting off about official abuse of downtown property and business owners in newspapers, for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, for threatening to sue Connecticut and Police for abusing my civil rights, pissing off the head of the Connecticut State Police by having my name come across his desk when I complained to the corrupt Governor’s office about Police Corruption, for having a ‘Big Mouth’ etc., etc. Please put the name, “Arthur L. Spada” in a yahoo search engine to view my evidence of corruption, illegal behavior, and obstruction of justice.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email in a snail mail letter sent to me at the above address.

A post containing one of my first complaints regarding Connecticut Officials and Obstruction of Justice, to the Connecticut Attorney General

The above emailed to:,,

Subject: Please look into my obstruction of justice complaint

United States Dept. of Justice (DOJ) website

Posted by Vikingas at 08:21 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Ever hear of KARMA?

Go FUCK YOURSELF as well your miserable wretch.

John Rowland is a far beter man than you will ever be, (assuming that you do have genitalia.)

Saturday, December 16, 2006 7:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the links that are for don't go to the proper posts, they are no longer available. The other links do work, not for

Saturday, April 21, 2007 12:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rell and Moody are even more sly and retalitory than Rowland ever was. She is a woman and won't get prosecuted. Rell uses the Connecticut State Police to spy and threaten citizens that can turn her or other officials in for thier crimes.

Rell is running an organized crime syndicate. The Connecticut State Police are the street enforcers.

Monday, July 09, 2007 2:26:00 PM  

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