Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Arrest and Discredit

Official Connecticut is not a friendly bear.

If you complain about an official in Connecticut, you too, can be a victim of this policy.

Chris Kennedy made a police misconduct complaint. He was reportedly arrested the next day.

Chris Kennedy made a complaint about Judge Jonathan Kaplan to the Connecticut State Police. The transcripts and other evidence shows a pattern of abuse by Judge Jonathan Kaplan.

Chris Kennedy received a call allegedly from Detective Dan Cargill that Chris had to turn in any firearms he may possess. It is sounds like Official Connecticut is going to go after Chris Kennedy for lodging a legitimate complaint.

There are no checks and balances in the Connecticut Judiciary and Law Enforcement.

Speak out, expect to get your tax dollars’ worth, report official criminals, and go to elected officials about making the courts and police act in the public’s best interest and you can have your marriage destroyed, lose your kids permanently, lose your job, credit, home, reputation, and the sum total of your life’s work to face numerous false arrests and false imprisonment.

You should care as this in costing taxpayers nationally. The Connecticut and National Economy suffer. What is going on in Connecticut does not foster faith in government.

Driver’s licenses are now a tool to keep minorities and “the fringe” at bay while collecting revenue for a state in trouble.

Connecticut is losing population and their tax base.

Businesses are going to states that have ethics and a fairer tax system.

Why is Official Connecticut continuing to spend more and more money, hiring more and more for official jobs, if the state is shrinking because people are leaving the state and not moving to Connecticut because of all the Bullshit?

Should you be labeled a criminal just for being a minority or an non-suburban white to be separate and unequal the rest of your life?

Connecticut and some other states are just like meat grinders.

There is no hope, no fairness, and nothing that resembles anything our American forefathers intended.

Civilian Oversight of Police and the Judiciary and to abolish Judicial Immunity would go a long way to put some of the power back in the hands of the people. If the police and the judiciary can operate in secret, do as they please, and get funded as they please, elected officials are merely puppets, afraid like the populace, of being ground to a pulp for saying “boo”.

The Connecticut State Police should be abolished as their would be less rapes, murders, robberies, drug dealing, vandalism, official retaliation, and blight in the downtown areas. Police are necessary to have order in a society, but when police in Connecticut commit crimes the victim often is punished for just wanting justice. The State Police should be shrunk down to a Highway Patrol only. Towns should have their own police departments or share with another town on a limited bases. Police absolutely should not police themselves for the same reasons priest have not and cannot police themselves.

Chris Kennedy is a victim, no different than the 10s of thousand barbecued in Connecticut and in other states for just wanting the system to operate as advertised. Chris happens to have better than average proof of abuse and is an excellent, credible speaker.

Please let Connecticut Governor Rell that the abuse of Chris Kennedy and other citizens should not and will not be tolerated. Please don’t be silent, act for a better America.
-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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Make a Police Misconduct Complaint, Have Your Guns Taken Away

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Should you make the NRA aware of Chris Kennedy's case? Do you want your guns taken away if you are violated by police or the courts and just make a complaint without any conviction?

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