Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Connecticut State Police Get Straight F’s!

Leonard C. Boyle, is he a moral and good human being, disgusted and wanting to get out of a sewer of sleaze? Is he a savior to the oppressed and officially ruined?

Is it any wonder that Leonard C. Boyle wants to step down as the Connecticut State Police Commissioner?

Would you want to be part of an organization that thinks it is ok for other members to rape, rob, and if you are White, execute Blacks while standing on their backs is ok, as Connecticut Officer Scott Smith did?

If someone wants police to actually serve the public in Connecticut and talks to legislators or the newspapers, that person faces arrests. Connecticut State Police Officer bogus reports, malicious investigations, and perjury in the Connecticut Court System is the process to get that “mouthy” citizen to shut up. Other states can be as bad, but others wouldn't be as bad if Connecticut were publicly corrected.

Ruining lives, raping, retaliating, and being a general menace to society should not be what a police organization should be about.

Changes have to be made, and the whole nation needs to see just how bad it can get.

Official Connecticut being used as the most modern, and blatant, example of how out of control everything can get would teach a good lesson. When there is no Civilian Oversight of Police and the Courts. Judges, Police, Prosecutors, their family, and friends should not be immune from prosecution where the average citizen in retaliated against and ruined just for pointing out the truth, there needs to be accountability for all officials, they need to serve the public's best interests, face oversight, and be punished if found to have been doing wrong.

I have been told Boyle has a conscience and has made a difference on the Federal level with ethics and fairness being something that is important to him.

Boyle's Connecticut “experience” as Commissioner probably can’t be cleaned off with just soap and water, as “Connecticut Sleaze” permeates to the bone.

Leonard does not want the express route to hell, so is he is resigning?

Is it a good thing, at the right time, for a good man?

Those that are victims of the Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut Courts still haven’t seen justice. I hope Commissioner Boyle is stepping down to step up.

We can only hope.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

P.S. Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court in Connecticut should know the difference between a crime victim of an attempted mugging, a strong arm robbery, and crimes committed. There has been a blatant abuse of discretion, and worse, retaliation and collusion with corrupt police officers that are too lazy and immoral to do their jobs, actually earning their pay paid in tax dollars, protecting and serving, in the public's best interest, so all suffer and pay the freight for corruption and its aftermath.

My trial transcripts should be reviewed and Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Arthur L. Spada, and others should be hauled off in handcuffs, to be tried in a legitimate, honest court, hopefully found guilty, and hopefully will spend the rest of their lives in prison as an example to what happens to immoral and sleazy officials, police, and judges that act illegally to harm. I can only hope.

A doctor can "accidently" amputate the wrong leg on a patient and be civilly and criminally answerable. Judges can do more financial and social damage in one month than any Middle Ages Despot or Monarch. Yes, they need to be watched and punished for wrongdoing.

If you steal a candy bar from a candy store with the value of less than a dollar, you can go to prison under certain circumstances. Those that steal the value of millions of candy bars and wreak havoc on the populace need to have the same fear of arrests and prison that the rest of us have if we do wrong. THEY will then behave if they feel they will face punishment if they do not. If they behave, We the People don't have to fear becoming political prisoners just for educating others and speaking our minds.

That should be America as our Forefathers intended. Fighting men and women should not suffer and die on battlefields all over the world in the name of freedom if freedom does not truly exist.

Police, prosecutors, judges, and asshole elected officials, such as George W. Bush, need to face the music when they commit crimes. No one should be above the law.

* * * *

Click Here for the report that shows the Connecticut State Police, Straight F's

Commissioner Looking For Another Job
2:58 PM EST, January 23, 2007
The Associated Press, The Hartford Courant

Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle told state lawmakers Tuesday he's looking for a new job.

Boyle, a former federal prosecutor who helped oversee investigations of state government corruption, said he has asked Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell not to reappoint him to oversee the agency, which includes the state police.

"I have asked that she not submit my name for re-nomination," Boyle told members of the legislature's Public Safety Committee. "For personal and professional reasons, I believe it is time for me to move on to other things."

Boyle testified Tuesday about a recent 13-month investigation by Connecticut and New York officials that found incomplete and inadequate internal affairs investigations of complaints against state police troopers.

Boyle has been on the job since July 2004.

State Rep. Christopher Caruso, D-Bridgeport, asked Boyle whether he was planning to leave because Rell had reassigned one of her civilian commissioners to oversee the revamped state police internal affairs division. Boyle had told lawmakers he wasn't consulted about the appointment and didn't learn about it until Rell's chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody, told him that Rell wanted Linda Yelmini to lead the division.

Boyle said a number of factors influenced his decision. He said he decided about six months ago that it was time for a change.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who was also testifying with Boyle, joked that the commissioner didn't have to answer the question. He said, "As your lawyer, you have the right to be silent."

Asked again by Caruso whether he was offended professionally by not being personally consulted by Rell about the Yelmini appointment, Boyle quipped, "I am going to rely on Attorney General Blumenthal's advice, thank you."

Lawmakers praised Boyle for his efforts as commissioner, and expressed dismay that he was leaving the job.

"You certainly have raised the bar in terms of the agency, and I thank you for that," said Sen. Andrea Stillman, D-Waterford, co-chairman of the Public Safety Committee.

A former East Hartford police officer, Boyle worked in the U.S. attorney's office for 17 years. He was most recently an assistant U.S. attorney and counsel to the U.S. attorney for Connecticut.

Boyle investigated and prosecuted public corruption, corporate fraud, civil rights, violent crime and drug trafficking. Connecticut U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor selected him in 2003 to oversee a new corporate fraud unit.

That same year, he helped successfully prosecute a case against a Boston investment firm, Triumph Capital Group, and its officials. Triumph was fined $4 million after being found guilty of having corrupt dealings with former state treasurer Paul Silvester.


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