Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don’t Piss on me and tell me it is raining: A Constitutional Crisis

There is supposed to be separation of powers in the American System of Government. There is supposed to be checks and balances. There is not, and that should change.

Lawyers are for each other and are Judicial Branch minded.

So an elected official that is a practicing lawyer has a conflict of interest and is working and being paid by two branches of government. So lawyers can draft legislation in their language, only language they understand, to benefit their brethren and the Judicial Branch, FOUL!!!

Are We the People absolutely stupid without a clue?

Liaisons from the police tell legislators what they can and cannot propose for legislation. What!!!???

So, who is in charge here?

Elected officials are supposed to represent the people.

How can they if the police and the Judiciary have stolen all the power?

We elect puppets for the abusers, why?

Lawyers should not practice law AND hold elected office.

Pick one or the other.

No more double dipping in two branches.

There should be a national vote taken on whether lawyers should be able to practice law and hold office.

Judges should not have immunity to break the law and cover up for abusers and retaliate against whistle blowers. If judges do the crime, they also should do the time.

Let your elected official know now that you mean business and want America back in the hands of the people, not arrogant bleepholes.

-Steven G. Erickson


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