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The Enforcers of the "Rich and White Only" Policy in Connecticut?

Click Here for the YouTube Video of the Connecticut State Police Graduation Ceremony from last Summer.

The video goes from color to black and white, back and forth, it sometimes resembles a morph between a Ku Klux Klan Rally and a Hitler Parade.

No offense to anyone of the homosexual persuasion, but it is about as flamingly gay as Mel Brooks latest movie version of "The Producers". But, ironically the Connecticut State Police have gotten bad press for "Gay Bashing" their own when they are "outed".

The recent behavior of Connecticut State Police that has come out in print would be comical if it weren't so appalling.

This post is dedicated to Ritt Goldstein a former prominent, Connecticut small business owner that advocated, and for legislation, to ensure an honest, public serving justice system. He and others testified in front of the Connecticut legislators in December of 1996 and produced a videotape called, "Under Siege".

Here is a clip where former Norwalk Mayor, Bill Collins, talks about police officers vandalizing his house, wearing ski masks to abduct citizens, to covertly beat and torture them at an abandoned warehouse. Those that have proposed Civilian Oversight of Police get put on the secret police, "Enemies List" in Connecticut. Goldstein later fled to Sweden seeking political asylum as gross police misconduct is that bad in Connecticut. Since, it has only gotten drastically worse.

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Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

Connecticut's version of separate and unequal, does the old racist cartoon still apply to what is reality in Connecticut?

Click Here for a post asking whether or not the Connecticut State Police and Judges are involved in getting profits from prostitution, drug dealing, and other crimes.


Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

To All [scroll down for list of recipients' emails],

if Judicial Complaints are shredded, and if you make a police misconduct complaint the policy of police is to arrest and discredit you.

Poorer whites and minorities are being run out of Connecticut. It would be interesting to study shifts in population and the percentages of minorities compared to "more American" states.

If Judges, Prosecutors, and Police can do as they please, they will. Elected officials are merely lackey puppets if they have to answer to a bunch of Armed Thugs and their buddies the Black Robed Mafia passing themselves and "Honorable" Judges.

Check out this post:

or try doing a word search on Steven G. Erickson

>Subject: (no subject)
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 04:50:27 EST
>John DiBiase Jr.
>17 Newton Street # 2
>Meriden,CT. 06450-4414
>e:mail _jdibiasejr@aol.com_ (
>Phone # 203-379-7772 cell
>Judiciary Committee
>L.O.B Hartford,CT.
>Re: False Domestic abuse
>accusations by female spouses.
>Access to the court houses by persons with
>mental health illnesses. Improper notification
>Dear Judiciary Committee members:
> Thank you for giving me
>the opportunity to address your committee. I have been personally been a
>victim of false accusations by former
>spouses and by biased Judges who approve Restraining Orders (R.O) by
>vindictive spouses who use the courts and police to punish their spouses. Yet when a
>man tries to get a restraining order against a violent spouse he is denied.
> I was unaware that on April 19,1999 my estranged wife Elena
>DeBiaso had made a complaint of assault against me to the Danbury police
>department, for hitting her in the stomach. The truth of the matter was, that the bag
>that we were struggling over accidentally bumper her in the stomach. I was
>arrested months later,on July 4, 1999 when I had a minor car accident in the
>Stop & Shop parking lot in Naugatuck. I was cuffed and put in a patrol car and
> transported to the Danbury Police Department where an arrest warrant had
>been issued. During this time no other incidents were reported my my ex-wife.
>This same spouse had on a number of instances threatened me with knives and had
> assaulted me but I did not make a complaint against her for fear of having
>my complaint fall on the deaf ears of the police department.
> Months later I left my wife because of an abuse incident against our
>then three year old son at the suggestion of D.C.F. Why is it that
>Restraining Orders are approved for female spouses when the is no physical evidence to
>support their claims of abuse? They merely have to say that they fear their
>spouses to get a restraining order? This abuse of restraining orders has to
>stop. It is ruining the reputations of many good men and fathers like my self
>that don't have a violent bone in their body.
>My my mental health disease is often mistaken for an act of aggression but
>it is out
>of fear not anger. I have passive aggressive disorder. I also have suffered
>from panic attacks which are anxiety based.
> I have numerous times tried to get restraining orders against
>my spouses to protect me and my son only to be denied.
> There needs to be gender sensitivity training of judges and
>training in A.D.A. Law. People with mental health issues are very often the
>victims of stereo typing and are stigmatized by the public.
> I have submitted a Bill proposal to require Judges to
>verbally notify litigants
>of their rights as persons with hidden disabilities and their rights under
>the A.D.A..
> Persons with alcohol abuse or substance abuse problems are
>being treated like criminals instead of being treated for their illnesses they
>are incarcerated. Persons with these ailments are considered disabled under
>the A.D.A. Act. This abuse of the
>disabled must stop.
> There is a recommendation of Governor Rowland's Report on
>Children,Custody and Divorce that says the Superior Court Rules Committee should
>explore the idea of adopting rules and procedures for dealing with pro se
>litigants who abuse the court system by filing multiple frivolous motions. I
>have been recently become a victim of this new rule change in that I was
>stopped for filing motions in court for a whole year. I believe this action is
>unconstitutional. I have to repeated re file motions because they were denied
>because I had not filed the motions properly and had to re file them. One of
>the reasons was because they hadn't been served by a sheriff or some other
>procedural reason not because they were frivolous. My ex-wife took this
>opportunity to deny me access to our son for month and I finally after weeks asked the
>Judge to grant me permission to file a contempt motion and he did.
> Another recommendations by the Governor's Commission was
>to Create and implement a conflict management service, which I have not seen
>yet. This is on page 20 of the Governor's report.
>Yours Truly,
>John DiBiase Jr.
>(Qualified Disabled Individual)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 7:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Example of Connecticut's Corruption as Usual:

Larceny, Conspiracy Charges Dropped
January 17, 2007
By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer

MERIDEN -- The larceny case involving former state police Maj. Gregory Senick, which heightened two years ago with Gov. M. Jodi Rell's declaration against a "culture of corruption," has collapsed as prosecutors have quietly dropped all charges against a co-defendant.

Joseph Murphy walked out of Superior Court in Meriden last week after a brief hearing at which the conspiracy and larceny charges against him were dismissed five months after Senick was found innocent by a jury that called the state's case "politics."

Murphy, 47, was a property manager for the state-owned house where Senick was living when the state accused the veteran trooper of stealing about $11,000 in services during the time he lived at the former Altobello complex in Meriden.

Murphy was charged with two counts of first-degree larceny and one count of conspiracy to commit larceny.

Senick, who is now working as a private investigator and said he intends to ask for his job as a state trooper back, declined to say whether he has plans to sue the state. But he lashed out at the state - including Rell, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and prosecutors over the handling of the case.

"They paraded us through the streets as two criminals. They ruined both our lives," Senick said Tuesday. "As far as I'm concerned, Jodi Rell and people in her administration decided to use me as a poster child."

Richard Harris, a Rell spokesman, said there is no question the governor set a new tone for ethics in state government. "But that had nothing to do with Mr. Senick's case since that investigation began many months before Gov. Rell took office."

Murphy, his attorney and prosecutors could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Senick said the civil case against him brought by Blumenthal is still pending, "even though the jury did not find me guilty of even sixth-degree larceny. So where is the state's case?"

Blumenthal said the criminal charges have no bearing on the civil case, which is continuing to go forward.

When Senick and Murphy were arrested in July 2004, Rell, newly installed as governor after John Rowland resigned, used the case to highlight her administration's more stringent ethical standards.

She said the case illustrated her concern about the state's "culture of corruption" that had festered under the Rowland administration. Earlier that day, she and her staff had a meeting with state police officials about the arrest, and she ordered that Senick be suspended without pay.

Senick originally rented the single-family residence from the state for $1 a year in 1999. Under the terms of his lease, he was required to pay for all maintenance, including plumbing and heating repairs, lawn care, snow and ice removal.

But investigators for the public integrity unit of then-Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano discovered that Senick had asked the property management firm of DeMarco, Miles & Murphy to make repairs and do other maintenance.

But two years after the arrest of Senick and Murphy, the six-member largely jury came to a very different conclusion after listening to 33 witnesses over three months, including testimony from Senick. They acquitted him in just two hours last August, saying the state failed to prove larceny.

"I can't get over the emotional stress it's taken on me," said Senick, who still breaks into tears when he speaks about his arrest.

"I have every intention of returning to the Connecticut State Police with my head held high," Senick said. "I expect justice to be served, not just in the criminal arena, but in the civil arena. It's not going to go away until my family and my reputation are restored."

Contact Tracy Gordon Fox at

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 7:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does the Connecticut State Police have Generals, Colonels, Majors, Captains, etc. are they just highly paid jobs that are given to the privileged and connected?

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars being wasted of taxpayer money being wasted on each of these pompous asses.

Connecticut does not need the expense of an army of armed revenue collectors, the need actual law enforcement that is best serves the public as local, city, and town cops, not a mostly White Male Military-style street gang of overpaid thugs that have no accountability to the US Constitution or laws.

Bring back America to Connecticut, bring back the local community police officer that lives in the neighborhood that maybe attends the local church and has kids that grow up in the same neighborhood.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 8:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet you the Police take their video off due to this post. I predict the headline in the Courant will soon read: Steven G. Erickson hung on Capitol Front Lawn for annoying Connecticut State Police


Who's guilty of murder if they all took shots at him?


Too many suspects in the Steven G. Erickson murder to do an investigation

What do Jimmy Hoffa and Steven G. Erickson now have in common?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 10:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't get that, "Hail, Hail, State Police," chant out of my head. This video is evil.

Thursday, January 18, 2007 1:42:00 PM  

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