Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ethics and Separation of Powers

Emailed to, Governor M. Jodi Rell, at approximately 8:30 AM EST Jan. 25, 2007.

Governor Rell,

Elected Officials, also paid workers for the Connecticut Judicial Branch, are working and being paid as Elected Officials in the Connecticut Legislative Branch. With a Separation of Powers I am asking that you look into the matter and contact all elected officials in the Legislative Branch on whether or not practicing Attorneys can at the same time hold elected office.

Lawyers are disbarred and worse when they are critical of each other, prosecutors, cops, and mainly, Judges. How then can a legislator on the Judicial Committee be impartial in the Judge nominating and discipline arena?

Lawyers make the most money on discord, immorality, a system working with maximum inefficiency, unfair fining and taxation, maximum bureaucracy, and the policies of Separate and Unequal. How then can lawyers that are elected officials legislate on behalf of the people?

The answer is they can’t. Please act accordingly for the Constitution, for ethical reform, and for those that voted you into office.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd. # 156
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

P.S. more info at the, should Judge Jonathan Kaplan know the difference between a criminal and the victim of a crime? Kaplan knew I was a victim of an attempted strong arm robbery and assault. Kaplan knew I was trying to have him removed for years for his bias in Civil Cases. Kaplan knew I was having a feud with police over lack of protection of service. Kaplan should have recused himself in my case. This is obvious retaliation.

Chris Kennedy alleges that Kaplan took away his kids in retaliation for Kennedy having lodged a complaint.

The legislature is skewed with practicing attorneys and won't discipline and remove bad judges. The Judicial Review Council doesn't investigate complaints and just shreds the complaints sent into them. YOU should do something.

Should I not be able to get a job or most lodging in my name of the rest of my life because I didn't like heroin and crack cocaine being sold off and near my property and because I did not like my property being wrecked? Should I have been retaliated against by police for wanting them to actually do work that they were being paid to do, but are too lazy and arrogant to do? Should a rigged trial with Police Officer Perjury be allowed to stand?

Please review docket # CR01-0074672. If felonies have been committed by a judge, prosecutors, an attorney, and police officers, AND some official or other person knows this and does not report it to the proper authorities, isn't that official or person guilty of a crime?

The ethics outrage that should have been acted on in 1997, Click Here

My FOI request regarding former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Henry C. Lee, Click Here


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