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Governor Deval Patrick

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, click here for the official site

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Faxed to: (617) 727-9725 and (202) 624-7714, at approx 8:15 AM EST:

January 16, 2007
Dear Governor Deval Patrick,

Subject: Civil Rights Abuse and Economic Damage being done to Massachusetts due to Connecticut’s “Secret Police Enemies List”, Civil Rights Abuses, Official Kidnaping of Children at about ten times more than should be taken, racist illegal court proceedings, and the separate and unequal across the board policies of Official Connecticut

Please check this website:http://starkravingviking.blogspot.com/ for more information.

The Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs was taken over by New York State Internal Affairs and a scathing 168 page report was issued about gross police misconduct of the Connecticut State Police. Please obtain the report as part of an investigation into civil rights violations of Massachusetts residents at the hands of Connecticut State Police and their rubberstamp judiciary. Please send a copy to the Massachusetts Attorney General, US Attorney for Massachusetts, and any appropriate investigating bodies. Please look into the allegations within this letter and on the above noted website.

The Connecticut State Police have a “100 Club” for falsely arresting as many citizens as possible for DWI. False reports, bogus paperwork, obstructing justice, police officers committing perjury, and citizen abuse is Connecticut State Police business as usual. How many Massachusetts residents have been taken off the taxpayer roles, have lost their jobs, and lost their families because of this official illegal abuse of citizens? How much has the economy suffered? How many sit in prisons that should not. How many can never again get a decent job, rent an apartment in a good neighborhood, or ever own a home because of this gross judicial, prosecutorial, police, attorney, and official misconduct?

I seek a reward, Qui Tam, for informing you of fraud that if fixed will save Massachusetts and Federal Taxpayers. Please get back to me on this issue.

Those that wish to sue the Police in Connecticut for Civil Rights Abuse, write things in newspapers or blogs police don’t like, or propose laws to elected officials, such as Civilian Oversight of Police are placed on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List” and then are maliciously investigated to be arrested and imprisoned as political prisoners in Connecticut. Please obtain and review my trial transcripts, docket # CR01-0074672, Rockville Connecticut Superior Court.

I believe I was placed on the Connecticut State Police “Enemies List” for wanting equal protection and service from police as they refused to take complaints regarding such crimes as heroin and crack cocaine drug dealing and other crimes going on and near my Stafford Springs Connecticut rental properties that I had fixed up from a boarded up condition. I refused to agree to “not rent to African Americans and other minorities” when the former Stafford selectman told me that Stafford was “White Only”.

Racism and keeping poorer whites out of the Rich White Only neighborhoods means labeling as many citizens as possible as criminals to deny rights and access. Taking away as many children as possible, defrauds all Federal Taxpayers. Breaking up families does social and economic harm for generations. Connecticut Prisons are used as birth control for Connecticut’s unwanted citizens, minorities and poorer whites. False imprisonment is also defrauding all Federal Taxpayers.

Police in Connecticut operate their own teen gangs to threaten, terrorize, and enforce Connecticut State Police unofficial properties. Crime, contributing to the delinquency of minors, separate and unequal, prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse, blight, the lowering of the quality of life, and other social problems are increasing due to the activities of the Connecticut State Police. I would like to see legal action initiated to abolish the Connecticut State Police. Connecticut needs a Highway Patrol, not a police force that operates to enforce unofficial “Jim Crow”. Please help fix possibly the most abusive police force in America. KGB style policing should not be anywhere in America.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan feels comfortable bringing up someone’s race and heritage, the areas of someone ancestors origins, to make racist stereotypical comments on the record and because of racist stereotypes makes judgments such as taking away children. Please contact me for examples.

Judge Howard Scheinblum formerly of the Enfield Court would tell poorer Whites and minorities defendants to take plea deals, guilty or not, under duress, without a lawyer present. Intimidation and terror should not be used to deny citizens their Constitutional Rights.

Please look into this Judge. ADA laws have not been followed by Connecticut Courts since their passing in the early 1990's. Please look into having every case that has been heard in Connecticut since then to be reviewed for legal and Constitutional proceedings and if they are not the records and convictions should be thrown out. Please forward this request to the appropriate persons.

The Connecticut US Attorney might be guilty in obstruction justice in the prosecution and investigation of former Governor John G. Rowland who spent time in Federal Prison for taking bribes. The Connecticut Attorney General might be part of a syndicate to defraud taxpayers by issuing no big contracts to former law partners and not properly investigating a Lyme Disease testing and treatment scam with members of Yale University allegedly involved.

Please take legal action against Official Connecticut to benefit all of America to again foster faith in government, police, and the American Justice System.

Please mail me a response to this fax.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd. # 156
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Tel. 802-[snipped]

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Click Here for http://judicialmisconduct.blogspot.com/

Click Here for "To FN Lazy to Protect and Serve"

Click Here for

The Recipe for Making Americans Hate America

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I emailed the above complaint to Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell.

I had fixed up 3 Connecticut rental properties, 2 from a boarded up condition.

I had a contracting business in Massachusetts with 4 Yellow Page ads built up over 2 decades also lost due to Connecticut State Police misconduct, perjury, and retaliation for my having wrote things about Connecticut Police in newspapers, for telling elected officials that I intended to sue Police, and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to Connecticut elected officials.

I believe the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada conspired with his Rockville Connecticut Superior Court buddy, Judge Jonathan Kaplan to shut me up and ruin me by rigging a trial to send me to prison.

There was jury tampering by showing a videotape of how to find me guilty and nothing about reasonable doubt or finding me innocent. A worker for the police became jury foreman against my wishes. Attorney Michael H. Agranoff told me he was not allowed to dispute the police or disagree with the prosecutor in a private in chambers conference with Judge Jonathan Kaplan regarding my case.

A police informant had been threatening my life for weeks, stalking me, and tried to rob me on 10-11-01, where I ended the attack with pepper spray. Brian Caldwell either attacked me or tried to attack me 7 more times before my trial for "overreacting" to being beaten during a robbery attempt by ending the attack with pepper spray. What!!!???

Stafford Connecticut Police Officer Prochaska and Resident State Trooper Mulcahey allegedly offered Peter Coukos help in obtaining a pistol permit if he was able to threaten and harass me and my then 14 year old National Honor Society Student daughter out of Connecticut. Coukos allegedly has smoked crack cocaine, is an alcoholic, abuses prescription drugs, smokes marijuana, and in a racist road rage incident continually smashed into an African American woman's car while drunk over miles of road to be arrested for DUI. Coukos is also allegedly known to be a frequenter of prostitutes and offers young women money to sleep with him.

I called or left a message for Stafford Springs Connecticut State Senator Tony Guglielmo after each of the attacks or attempted attacks by Caldwell and Coukos. I also told Guglielmo that I had been denied AR to make me lose my properties and business. I told Guglielmo that officers were bragging that I was going to prison BEFORE the kangaroo trial.

I told Guglielmo that officers had threatened me with another arrest if I did not shut my mouth and leave Connecticut. I had also told Tony that police had refused to take my and tenants' complaints and/or statements regarding Caldwell's stalking, harassing, attempted robbery of me on my property, his threatening my life, and beating on my door after midnight telling me he would cut my penis off if he caught me out in my yard before I was arrested after he attacked me.

I wrote George W. Bush 9-15-01 about what I was going through regarding being punished by police and the courts for having invested in the American Dream buying downtown rental properties. The absolute nightmare became worse when I was attacked by Caldwell 10-11-01. Notice the two dates!!!

Should I never have a decent job or place to live ever again because of a bogus criminal record and false imprisonment? Should this common Connecticut prosecutorial, attorney, judicial, official, and police misconduct be ended to stop the defrauding of all Federal Taxpayers?

I have been faxing and writing governors and attorneys general of states to let them know that I cannot service their state as a first responder during natural disasters as I was fired from my job due to Connecticut's false arrests, false imprisonment, and the bogus criminal record that I have been saddled with.

Click Here for my YouTube video

Click Here for the Connecticut Secret Police doing their "Secret Enemies List" surveillance and citizen abuse using uncover operatives.

Click Here for the story and photo of the woman allegedly offered $10,000 to set me up for false arrest and prison.

Click Here for the YouTube video of Connecticut Police Informant Todd Vashon talking about Officers Thomas and Nardella that had paid him $10,000 to kill either Phil Inkel or Stephen Murzin for having lodged a police misconduct complaint against them on a Connecticut News Broadcast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Erickson,

The Office of the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia is in receipt of your e-mail dated January 8, 2007. Your desire to be a first responder is admirable. Your e-mail summarizes numerous events that have occurred in Connecticut. However, the Attorney General only has limited authority to investigate specific allegations of personal knowledge of alleged crimes committed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. See Va. Code Ann. § 2.2-511 (2005). Therefore, the Attorney General’s Office for the Commonwealth of Virginia is not the appropriate entity to respond to your e-mail. An attorney may be better able to advise you on where to direct your concerns. Thank you for your correspondence.


Lelia Beck

Assistant Attorney General

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 2:52:00 PM  

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