Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hartford, Connecticut, is it the NEW Selma, Alabama?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- "A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE"

Dear Governor Rell,

I testified in front of the Judiciary Committee yesterday, live on Connecticut's version of C-SPAN. regarding having cameras in the courts. I think cameras should be in all areas of the courts so that judges and prosecutors can no longer abuse citizens and their families across the board. The reason the OJ Simpson trial comes to my mind is that judge, those prosecutors, and those police had no practice having trials and operating legally, the right way, and had to do so while under the spotlight. The cockroaches that have been parasites on society too long need to scurry into the prisons, not those citizens caught up in Official Connecticut's Meat Grinder of Abuse.

I am posting this email to you on

Should Connecticut Judges like Howard Scheinblum tell citizens, especially minorities and poorer whites to shut up and take a deal, guilty or not, without a lawyer, terrorized into taking a plea deal to avoid an absolute BBQ?

Should Sheinblum rent out courts for parties and play the violin listening to notes played for being good or bad in order to decide how harshly to sentence a defendant?

Should Judge Jonathan Kaplan act like an absolute lunatic, in my opinion, by following those around courts, blocking their exit from the courthouse with his car, and retaliate against those that try to have him removed with prison, false arrests, and/or having their children illegally removed? Should Kaplan bring up racial stereotypes as reasons for his ruling in open court?

Why should White Police Officers be able to execute Blacks, shoot them in the back, and the prosecutor in Connecticut purposely botches the case so that the Racist White Police Officer skates and appeal?

Why should the Connecticut State Police continue to get away with their policy of "Arrest and Discredit" when a citizen makes a Police Misconduct Complaint. Why are complaints regarding Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct routinely shredded, not investigated?

Why are Connecticut Attorneys allowed to do just about everything wrong and immoral, drive drunk, have inappropriate relationships with young clients, etc., and they usually skate through the "Wink and Nod Pedophile Priest Investigations by Pedophile Priests"-like style of discipline and quality control? Attorneys that have no ethics can be told to BBQ clients by judges, prosecutors, and police to deprive citizens of liberty, life, and pursuit of happiness for kicks, racism, bias, and retaliation by the officially corrupt in Connecticut.

I would like Chief State's Attorney Kevin T. Kane investigated for having been possibly under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during his testimony, while on duty, yesterday, live on television.

I would like to see those that are allegedly on the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" have their cases looked into for possible help and compensation. Journalists, bloggers, and those that are political activists should not have to automatically face false arrests and prison to block their Free Speech and to prevent them from proposing legislation and redressing grievances to elected officials if they upset those now really in charge in Connecticut, the heads of the police and the judiciary. Are ALL elected officials mere puppets of police and members of the Judiciary?

Governor Rell, can Connecticut become American and not possibly America's most corrupt state, a Police State?

Governor Rell, how come minority citizens are routinely pulled over if they pass over the "imaginary" border into West Hartford and Wethersfield from Hartford, Connecticut? Is that ok with you?

I request that you Governor Rell look into why there is a mass exodus of citizens and businesses out of Connecticut. Please also look into whether or not Connecticut's unofficial racist policies to eliminate "White Trash" and minorities can be eliminated by studying the reasons why the racial percentages aren't the same just into other districts just into Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and lower New York State.

Please bring back America and Ethical American Justice to Connecticut ending the national stain of Apartheid once and for all? It is my opinion that Connecticut is the worst and last bastion of Separate and Unequal.

Please set me and those likewise abused by Connecticut's Corrupt and Abusive System, FREE.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd # 156
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

* * * *

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