Saturday, January 20, 2007

High Level Public Corruption Arrests

If much of what happens in the UK hierarchy also mirrors trends in the US Government, I like this latest news from the UK. No matter how high someone is in government, if they are doing wrong, they should face a standard arrest and be hauled off to the lock up in handcuffs to face trial.

There are so many reasons Bush and Cheney should be arrested and then tried. I would like to see their financials along with all their cronies investigated for profiteering and defrauding taxpayers. Click Here for more on the UK Scandal brewing in the UK.

Click Here for videos post regarding Bush's Police State. Does the Governor of Connecticut have a goon squad out to track down those on the secret "Enemies List" for false arrests and imprisonment?

Click Here for a story on Judges' and State Police Officers' "Rub and Tug" brothel.

Click Here for story on how those that drive through Connecticut, especially the elderly face corrupt officials and their attorney friends to take the assets of those that get caught getting sick to have attorneys appointed for them "in their best interest". This is the excuse to divide a persons assets up between the state and lawyers to put "patients" in mental hospitals unable to see their adult children.


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