Thursday, January 11, 2007

Journalists are Subversives to be hunted

It can be argued whether or not bloggers can be considered journalists. Whether or not someone is photographer or writer for the Hartford Courant that might be considered a threat to the Connecticut State Police or the Connecticut Judiciary, or a “Big Mouth” blogger, there are files with photos being kept on citizens for a takedown, and ARE distributed through the police network.

Taxpayer dollars are used for domestic spying. Those that want ethics and the police and courts to act in the public’s best interest are considered ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

Police Officers can repeatedly get you fired from jobs, ask Don Christmas of Enfield, Connecticut. Police can present your wife with a bogus complaint against you, and she is told to sign it, unread, again, ask Donny. If you are on the list and you are dating, your date can be pulled over, twice, followed all the way home, groped and searched twice, and told not to date you after being terrorized over miles of road, ask me.

Propose laws to elected officials that are upsetting to law enforcement and the judiciary and find your self on a HIT LIST of what are now considered a SECRET POLICE FORCE with SECRET FILES to take down citizens. Is this what our forefathers intended? Are our honorable fighting men and women fighting for freedom and justice, or for protecting the cruel propagandists of a POLICE STATE?

If you are on the list, your person relationships, including those with your children, are fair game to be ruined by the police, in the minds of the official abusers. So is your job, you ever owning a home or getting most rents for the rest of your life. Get labeled a criminal and you are discredited. Go to prison and your friends and family may shun you for life. False accusations are readily taken. Perjury of police has a name, it is called, “Testalying”.

No one is safe, anywhere.

Anything involving children can be secret in the eyes of the police or the judiciary. DCF is the ultimate tool of a Secret Police. Surveillance can be done, and all the activities and results can be kept sealed and secret. The Department of Administrative Service, of Connecticut, allegedly procures contracts, distributes funds, consumes and distributes goods, AND allegedly is responsible for domestic and international spying, and might be hacking into computers to set citizens up or for gathering information for a smear campaign or take down, to crash a website, or other mayhem, just ask Lisa Masterson (click) of England.

This case (click) is the best example to date of what I am talking about regarding out and out Constitutional abuse of those involved in exposing truth whether or not you consider anyone a journalist or not. Freedom of the Press and FREE SPEECH should apply to everyone.

Whether or not you live in Connecticut or not, if you live in the US and there is no Civilian Oversight of Police or the Judiciary, YOU LIVE IN A POLICE STATE.

Speak up, act, and be effective now, or all future generations will be living in fear of upsetting those that are living high on the hog consuming lives and children as a Rich, Ruling, Elite that gets richer at the expense of everyone else.

There is such a club growing out of control. The center of the spider web just might be Connecticut as there is no greater arrogance and perception of “entitlement” based on associations and family anywhere else in the world in my opinion. If there were a State that most represented an Organized Crime Syndicate, it is Connecticut.

Do something.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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