Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Open Letter to Vermont's Attorney General

January 10, 2007
Dear Vermont Attorney General William H. Sorrell and Staff:

I’m back in the great State of Vermont. I wish to prevent further injury to Vermonters and our Nation, please look into my allegations in the text of this letter and please offer remedy and assistance.

I should have never left Vermont. I invested in rental property in a boarded up condition in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. To do this, I had to believe in the American Dream. Official Connecticut is so corrupt, it is an absolute nightmare for those that don’t have connections and wealth of primarily Caucasian heritage.

I am contacting you in behalf of myself, my family, and for the untold hundreds to thousands of Vermont victims of Connecticut’s corruption. I seek a reward and/or Qui Tam for saving Vermont State and Federal Tax Payers money by informing you of fraud committed against the State of Vermont and all Federal Taxpayers.

If a Connecticut Police Officer rapes a woman, the case is either not investigated properly or the woman is intimidated or terrorized into not lodging or pursuing a police misconduct complaint. We all have mothers, but those of us that have daughters and sisters find this especially heinous. The policy of anyone who lodges a police misconduct complaint in Connecticut is arrest and discredit, which means Vermont residents have been falsely arrested and possibly imprisoned for having made a complaint. The court system in Connecticut can’t even abide by ADA laws and are retaliatory, are racist, biased, and in no way represent how an America System of Justice should be conducted. The New York State Police Internal Affairs took over Connecticut’s after it was temporarily shut down. Please obtain the 168 page report as it is an eyeopener.

The Connecticut State Police have a “100 Club” where citizens are falsely arrested and possibly imprisoned on manufactured evidence, suppressed evidence, false documents, abuse of authority, tax dollars, discretion, and a videotape of how to find a defendant guilty with nothing about innocence or reasonable doubt is plain and simple jury tampering. Every arrest of a Vermont citizen in Connecticut should be questioned and every case of a Vermont resident in a court of law in Connecticut should be questioned. This fraud has to stop.

If there are 10 times more staff needed to take away and confine children in Connecticut, there are possibly 10 times too many children taken away from their parents. Are any Vermont families in children victims of one of Connecticut’s scams to defraud Federal Taxpayers and depriving citizens of liberty and their Constitutional rights?

It has been recently reported that the Connecticut State Police have a “Secret Enemies List” where photos and files are distributed of citizens that lodge complaints and/or are vocal about citizen abuse and public corruption. I am asking you to head an investigation to end this KGB style of Secret Police and Kangaroo Courts in Connecticut that is harming our great nation.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police as officers refused to protect and serve me because I catered to “Niggers and Riffraff” for supplying affordable housing. The former selectman told me who I was allowed to and not to rent to, “Or else”.

Police refused to investigate thefts, vandalism, when I was assaulted or threatened, or for basically any complaint. I was told by officers to go back to where I came from and shut my mouth, “Or else.” I was told I would be arrested if I did not sell my properties and leave the State of Connecticut.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to former Representative Mordasky and State Senator Tony Guglielmo of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Rosemarie a staffer of Mordasky’s told me I was going to be severely retaliated upon by Connecticut State Police for what I wrote in newspapers and for the legislation I proposed to elected officials. Please find out who that police liaison was that told Rosemarie I was going to be falsely arrested and thrown in prison as a political prisoner. The liaison told legislators what they could and could not propose for legislation regarding police. I would like the liaison from late 2001 identified and questioned.

I was falsely arrested and imprisoned, please request transcripts for. Docket # CR01-0074672, Rockville Connecticut Superior Court, Judge Jonathan Kaplan presiding, Connecticut vs. Erickson

My trial transcripts will bare out that I was stalked and harassed over months of time, harassed, had my life threatened, and the individual that was stalking and harassing me and that demanded money threatening to kill me when I came home to my dark driveway, a violent felon and police informant, was given immunity from arrest and prosecution was given immunity, to maximumly prosecute me for having to defend my life after taking a severe beating. Self-defense is not legal in Connecticut.

My daughter has been deprived of a father and Vermont has been deprived of a citizen that had excellent credit, the ability to own a home, that had health insurance, that had the ability to get good paying work, that had a retirement plan, that could get most lodging opportunities, and was a productive, honest taxpayer. The fraud of the courts and police in Connecticut is costing all citizens in Vermont.

I should not suffer the rest of my life for a false arrest, false imprisonment, and bogus criminal record. Why should I be deprived of most living accommodations and jobs because of fraud of the court in Connecticut and gross police misconduct of Official Connecticut?

Vermont, our nation, and our economy could be improved by looking into my case and that of all others likewise abused by and in Official Connecticut. Please investigate the claims made in this letter to you.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd. #156
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, telephone 802-[snipped]


Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Cover page sent with fax to Arnold, California Governor along with the text in the post above:

If California women are in Connecticut and are raped by police officers they are further terrorized and unable to lodge complaints that will be investigated. There are false arrests of citizens to belong to a club within the Connecticut State Police. The Chief Justice in Connecticut is involved in a court stacking scandal. If there is major fires or earthquakes in California I can no longer help as I was fired from my job as a first responder at [snipped] Catastrophe Services in [city and state snipped]. I can no longer get any job or lodging in my name because of judicial abuse in Connecticut. I proposed laws to elected officials and wrote in newspapers and was retaliated against. Please help me to be a first responder in your state to help people., -Steven G. Erickson,, 802-[snipped]

Thursday, January 11, 2007 8:55:00 AM  

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