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Police beat a suspect where they think there are no cameras:

The new tactic for police is to either confiscate video cameras and arrest or terrorize witness to police beating a suspect, or just take a suspect where police think there are no video cameras, and then go to town beating the suspect. Many times handcuffs are taken off to avoid the tell-tale marks of handcuffs put on too tight with all sorts for marks created from a scuffle. Beating a suspect near or to death is easier to explain with the handcuffs off. Check this video out:

If this doesn't advocate the need for National Civilian Oversight of Police, FBI, CIA, all law enforcement agencies, courts, DCF, prison guards, and all covert and overt investigators of civilians in the nation, then nothing does.

I watched as Stafford Springs Connecticut Police Officers Desso and another officer beat Brian Caldwell in handcuffs while he was on the sidewalk downtown. I was making my nightly rounds as one of the founders of the Stafford Springs Crime Watch.

Desso pulled out his handcuffs and asked me what I had seen. I was not too intimidated into not speaking, telling him I was making my rounds as part of the Crime Watch. He asked to see my Driver's License. Desso asked me if I intended on making a Police Misconduct Complaint. I gave the right answer.

Desso asked me what I would like done. I told him to nicely ask Brian Caldwell to get in the back of the Police Cruiser rather than kicking and punching him down on the sidewalk. I did not know Caldwell's name at this point in time. And Caldwell said, "Yes, please ask me to get into the back of the cruiser."

At that point the officers, helped Caldwell up and nicely placed him in the cruiser. If I had not been a member of the Crime Watch and stated so, and not indicated to officers that I was not filing a police misconduct report, I could have gotten the standard arrest, police beating, and charges that I attacked an officer, the police standard to covering up their own brutal behavior, police misconduct, and citizen abuse.

I had purchased a single family home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut and then fixed it up and sold it. I did everything needed inside and out. A bank had been a day late in sending back my approval to go to the Massachusetts HUD action. I was then approved to go to the Connecticut one, a state I had not intended on living in. The missed Massachusetts auction and my then living in Connecticut, just doing the American Thing, just looking for Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in daily life, being productive, owning a home, raising a family, and saving for retirement.

I did not know I was in for a Corruptikut, Absolute Nightmare.

Connecticut is for the rich, living at the expense of everyone else by defrauding all federal taxpayers and abusing and ripping off minorities, the non-connected, and those that aren't rich or suburban in Connecticut. Arresting, processing, confining, and taking children away from families all produce revenue and confiscated assets.

Soon after becoming a Connecticut resident, I helped start a Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Crime Watch. I advocated legislation that would allow police to write youths detentions for infractions to be served year round at local schools. I wanted positive intervention and for kids to go good instead of bad, being arrested and serving time as felon never to have a normal or productive life again, living out their lives a common criminal parasites, inmates, or die addicted to alcohol and drugs, all at public expense.

These kids could have easily been fostered into going good to pay taxes and be society assets.

I was threatened with arrest by Stafford Officer Prochaska, known to most as "Fat Frank" of the "Town Clowns", if I pursued trying to make officers deal with "Youth Crime" as they did not have time, if I tried to have him required to walk a beat with me on a Friday or Saturday night, or if I did not shut my mouth about what police should or should not be doing.

It was not long after that I recall seeing Stafford Police Officer Desso beating Brian Caldwell along with another officer. Caldwell was wearing handcuffs and crying out in pain as officers punched and kicked him on the ground.

Desso saw the alarm on my face and took out his handcuffs and asked me what I intended to do. I think he was referring on whether or not I would make a police misconduct complaint. I told him I was a founder of the Crime Watch out doing my rounds. He then asked me for my driver's license and asked what I suggested be done.

I suggested to Desso that he ask Brian Caldwell nicely to get into the back of the cruiser instead of beating him anymore. I did not know Caldwell's name at the time. I had only observed him staggering around town, walking into posts, passed out, throwing up, and urinating in public. Brian Caldwell was known in town as "Muck Mouth" as he was missing front teeth and had or has horrendously foul breath.

I could not get police to do anything about teen vandals drinking alcohol all hours using my yard as a toilet. Crack Cocaine and Heroin were being sold near and on my property all hours. If 3 arrests are made on or near your business or property, it can be taken under the "Nuisance Statute" so if you do not report drug dealing and crimes, you can lose your property and income, but police in Connecticut downtown areas think they are above actually serving and protecting, minorities, "White Trash", and riffraff.

I was told by a former Stafford Springs Connecticut selectman that Niggers were not allowed in Stafford. Landlords and businesses that catered to them would be dealt with by the Health Department, Building Inspector, Police, the Courts, and have their finances aggressively looked into so they could be taken down. What!!!???

I told State Senator Tony Guglielmo that I intended to sue police for violating my rights in refusing to protect and serve because of my profession, landlord, and because I was "... stupid for having bought property in a crime area."

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to local elected officials. I spoke out in newspaper letters to the editor. Police officers openly threatened me with arrest and worse if I did not leave town and shut my "Big Mouth".

Rosemarie, former Representative Mordasky's aid told me to leave town before it was too late as she told me the Connecticut State Police liaison told her that police were going to retaliate for my having complained about police misconduct and especially for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police.

Town and Connecticut Police allegedly encouraged Brian Caldwell to try and shake me down for cash, threaten, harass, stalk, and attack me. I was able to run from my work van to my apartment for over 2 weeks before Caldwell was able to catch me on my property in the dark when I came home from a double shift of work.

Brian Caldwell jumped me and told me he would kill me if I did not give up my wallet. He beat my back and back of my head. I fought him off and he threw up all over me. I saw him reach for a knife. I pepper sprayed him.

Connecticut State Police Officers Amaral and Langlois were soon there to arrest me, refusing to take my complaint or tenant statements of the abuse I had been taking for weeks. Caldwell either came after me or attacked me 6 more times with police refusing to help me or keep Caldwell away from me.

They then allegedly enlisted Peter Coukos to threaten and harass me with the promise with help in obtaining a gun permit to carry concealed pistols. Coukos has frequently smoked marijuana, been addicted to crack cocaine, abused hallucigens, prescription mind altering medications, in a taped message admitted to being bi-polar and an alcoholic, and was caught drunk continually smashing into an African American woman over miles of roads near Boston, Massachusetts in racist road rage incidents.

I was told by Stafford Police Officer Prochaska and former Resident Stafford Springs Connecticut State Trooper Mulcahey that if I tried to have Coukos arrested for threatening and harassing me and my then 14 year old daughter that I would be arrested. What!!!???

I went to trial at your expense for having pepper sprayed Brian Caldwell after he threatened to kill me if I did not turn over my wallet. He attacked me from behind and injured me. I could have sued the police for millions with getting the information out.

Instead I believe former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada conspired with his former judge friend, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, to railroad me to prison to shut me up and keep me from winning a civil judgment and in getting Civilian Oversight of Police inacted into law in Connecticut.

I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation for "overreacting" to being beaten and nearly robbed on my own property.

Self-defense is not legal in Connecticut. Caldwell was never arrested. Judge Jonathan Kaplan told Attorney Michael H. Agranoff that he was not allowed to dispute police (their perjury) and was not allowed to defend me.

A worker for the police became jury foreman. I asked Agranoff to strike that juror. A video tape of how to find me guilty, but not how to find me innocent or about reasonable doubt was shown to the jury. That is jury tampering.

Should I never own a home again, have a decent job, or have any retirement or quality of life for the rest of my life because I was a crime victim and victim of Connecticut Absolute Corruption?

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Blogger Vikingas

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