Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Pressing National Issue

Do we have a 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 14th Amendment protections in the US or is it all just a bunch of crap?

Will Connecticut's gun grabbing policies go national?

Will the methods used by the Connecticut Judiciary promote the new "Jim Crow" policies of separate and unequal nationally?

Will those that live and pass through Connecticut continue to be victims of a "fleece the public" policy of the Connecticut State Police, called the "100 Club" to falsely arrest drivers for DUI for fun? Click Here for post on subject.

Will workers at the Connecticut DMV continue to sell driver's licenses to anyone who wants who can't get one or needs a false identity for the tune of $3000 per false document sold to possibly even terrorists out of the Connecticut DMVs?

Will CT Gov. Rell or her Chief of Staff M. Lisa Moody be arrested for illegal campaign contributions and conspiracy?

Will the Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal be investigated for giving million dollar no bid contracts to his former law partners?

Will Connecticut US Attorney Kevin O'Connor be investigated for running interference to obstruct justice in the corruption scandal of former CT Gov. John G. Rowland?

Were bribe type renovations done on O'Connor's' lake house as they were on Rowland's nearby?

Will former Chief Justice William Sullivan be arrested and tried for trying to stack the court so that his friend and other "more important" people could judge and prosecutor shop to get off while those that blew the whistle get a judge and prosecutor that will see citizens and officials that break ranks roasted and toasted?

Judicial Immunity needs to be abolished now. There can be no fairness in courts, checks and balances, or separation of powers with Judicial Immunity.

Chris Kennedy is accusing Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Connecticut Superior Court of blocking his way out of court with his car, following him around court, making racist remarks in taking away kids from parents with glee, and acting illegally in targeting whistle blowers, retaliating against those that try to have him removed or that complain about police misconduct, etc.

Chris was so alarmed he reported Kaplan to the Connecticut State Police Major Crime Task Force. Chris was then told by police to turn in his guns and that his accusations for serious judicial misconduct and law breaking by Kaplan would not be investigated.

If anyone needs to turn in guns for mental illness or for stalking and harassing someone, it should be Judge Jonathan Kaplan. Should judges be allowed to stalk and harass citizens with no consequences?

There are rumor rumbling that the orders to police to terrorize and threaten Kennedy came from the top, possibly even out of Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell'’s Office.

Chris Kennedy was arrested, previously, just after making a police misconduct complaint to Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs. After an investigation into the operations of IA, it was found to arrest and discredit as their policies to respond to citizen complaining. Click Here for a post on Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs.

Should Chris Kennedy be yet another victim that faces false arrests, false imprisonment, losing his home, family unity, retirement, credit, reputation, and the sum total of his life’s work to be retaliated upon for having exposed corrupt officials, police, and judges to be maliciously investigated, tried, and held at your Federal Tax Dollar expense.

Haven'’t you been defrauded by Official Connecticut long enough? It is time to stop this national rip off of Federal Taxpayers.

Click Here for a post of the text I sent to the Washington DC FBI

Click Here for post about Todd Vashon talking about being paid to kill either Phil Inkel or Stephen Murzin for making a police misconduct complaint about Colchester Connecticut Police Officers Thomas and Nardella.


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