Thursday, January 18, 2007

Short Clip: The Waffle Shuffle Politician Expression

Subject: Cameras in the Courts

Connecticut State Representative Michael (Mike) Lawlor of the Judiciary Committee was asked by Chris Powell, last night Jan. 17, whether the public records of judges being reviewed was being made public. Lawlor's expressions tells it all, and there goes the idea for the title of this post. Click Here for Mike Lawlors's picture and webpage.

I didn't know I was live on television in Connecticut on CTN because the regular news reporters left shortly before I was to testify. I think that if cameras were in the courtrooms there would be less racist and absolute abuse of citizens by judges.

I bring up the OJ Simpson televised trial. The Judge, Prosecutor, and Police in that case had no practice doing things the right way. If there were cameras on in the courtrooms all the time, there would have to be politeness, respect, and those that are being paid tax dollars would have to do the work to earn them. There would be fewer false allegations of judicial, attorney, prosecutorial, official, and police misconduct.

There would also be a video record to use to see that these offenses are actually prosecuted.

When judges, police, prosecutors, tax paid officials, and even attorneys break the law, they do not get investigated and punished properly now. Cameras in all areas of the courts, except in the bathrooms would bring back ethics and justice to a morality challenged official Connecticut.

Rep. Green of Connecticut asks Chris Powell to explain more about what he is supposed to do as an elected official approving and reviewing judges. Don't they give these guys handbooks or something so they know what they are doing?

William (Bill) Mulready has been making the courts and legislators know that the courts are, and have been in violation of ADA guidelines. Notice that Bill tells the legislators live on camera about the problems and there ARE NO QUESTIONS ASKED BY LEGISLATORS.

Complain about a Judge, such as Jonathan J. Kaplan of the Rockville Connecticut Superior Court and you can be retaliated against, Chris Kennedy, also speaks out last night, live of CTN, Jan. 17. Kaplan brought up that Kennedy is Irish and his kids are going to be taken away. What!!!???

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