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Society feasting on itself to “liberate” the people

History has a way of repeating. The movie, “Eleni” staring John Malcovich and Kate Nelligan does an excellent job of telling the true story of what was the first arena of Communist expansionism being tested in Greece after the close of World War II.

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Your family, your home, your job, your community; everything can be consumed when a government system will feed on all around to just survive and thrive.

All at the expense of everyone and everything.

It is allowed to go its course out of control.

America’s “New Government” is eating freedoms and consuming everything in its path.

If we do not pay attention and do something, history will repeat itself.

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Based on the autobiographical novel by Nicholas Gage, Eleni traces Gage's search for the truth behind the execution of his Greek mother Eleni. John Malkovich plays Gage (herein referred to only as Nick), a New York Times journalist assigned to cover a border war in Albania. Intimately familiar with his beat--it's where he grew up--Nick periodically flashes back to his childhood, and his memories of his late mother Eleni (Kate Nelligan). Not at all concerned with politics, Eleni goes to extreme lengths to shelter her children from the ravages of civil unrest. For attempting to smuggle her kids out of the country, Eleni is arrested and executed. Back in the present, Nick manages to locate local politico Katis (Oliver Cotton), the man who signed Eleni's death warrant. He wangles his way into Katis' confidence, then prepares to kill the man--but he's in for a surprise, and something of an epiphany.

~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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It's about motherhood, not ideology., 18 August 2001
Author: Mag-13 from northern Virginia

Other people commenting on this film complain about its being mere propaganda against communism and supporting fascism. What a lot of baloney. It's about mothers and children, and about how, no matter what kind of brawl is going on, the men run to the hills, leaving the women and children behind to be brutalized. And it's about how one woman lost her life because she refused to give her children up to the state, no matter who that state was.

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