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World Organized Crime and Citizen Abuse Hub: CONNECTICUT?

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George W.'s uncle, PRESCOTT S. BUSH JR. a former vestryman at a Greenwich, Connecticut Church, apparently inherited his father's predilection for acquiring unusual sources of income.

Prescott specialized in Pacific Rim business development. He worked on an $18-million project to build the Shanghai Country Club, a resort complex with tennis courts and golf course. His partners in the enterprise were a Chinese government organization and Aoki Corporation, a Japanese construction company

For his role in planning the undertaking, Bush was to receive 25% of the profits with no initial outlay, zero risk and an absence of operating costs.

(Hmmmmmm, isn't this suspicious? Have YOU ever been offered a deal like this?)

Prescott played the middleman in a $5-million deal in which 40% of a company in which he held considerable stock and was a senior adviser was sold to West Tsusho, a Tokyo based investment firm, which gave Bush a quarter million dollars for arranging the deal. In some countries, this payment would have been considered a kickback.

Later, Japanese police identified West Tsusho as a Yakuza dominated company. Yakuza is a Japanese Crime syndicate, something like our mafia. Ties were also disclosed between Aoki Corporation, Bush's country-club partners, and this same Japanese crime syndicate.

Although Prescott Bush represented himself as an expert on Asian business affairs, he responded to the Yakuza scandal as if he didn't know that Japan had a Mafia. Bush maintained that he was totally unaware that his Mafia deals were originating from some of the world's most ruthless, virulent mobsters.

A logical question arises: Why didn't he look a little closer? One logical answer could be that: "Dirty money looks pretty good from a distance." and "It doesn't hurt that my brother is the President of the United States," said Prescott S. Bush.

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Defense Lawyer Charged With Destroying Evidence
Charges Stem From FBI Investigation Of Church Official In Child Porn Case

February 17, 2007
By EDMUND H. MAHONY, Courant Staff Writer

A Greenwich defense lawyer with a high-profile client list was charged with two obstruction of justice offenses Friday by federal prosecutors who say he destroyed a computer belonging to a church music director accused of collecting pornographic images of children.

Philip Russell, 48, of Stamford was charged in a federal indictment with obstructing justice and destroying evidence. He pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court in New Haven and was released on $100,000 bond.

"My client maintains his innocence to the charges and he plans to continue to practice law," said Russell's lawyer, Thomas Williams. "Mr. Russell is optimistic that if the case is not dismissed, a jury will find his conduct to have been lawful."

Nothing made public about the allegations against Russell asserts that he knew the computer he is accused of destroying was evidence in an active investigation. U.S. Attorney Kevin J. O'Connor said certain knowledge of a federal investigation is not required in obstruction cases under sweeping federal criminal laws originally enacted to combat Wall Street accounting crimes.

"It is now not required that we show that the person actually had knowledge of the investigation," O'Connor said. "You only have to show that an investigation was foreseeable."

Nonetheless, O'Connor hinted that Russell was aware in some fashion that the computer was potential evidence in a criminal case.

"I don't think we have to get into detail in the indictment as to what he knew when," O'Connor said. "I think the underlying assumption is that he was aware of it, which I think frankly is why he was retained."

Russell was charged as the result of events that transpired over four days in early October, according to the indictment.

On Oct. 6, the indictment says, the FBI began a child pornography investigation of Robert F. Tate, who had been music director for 34 years at Christ Church in Greenwich. According to the indictment, Tate lived in an apartment owned by the church.

The next day, the indictment says, a church employee inadvertently discovered pornographic images on Tate's laptop computer. The church retained Russell on Oct. 8 to advise it on firing Tate and, on the same day, seized and secured the computer.

On Oct. 9, the indictment says, Russell and church officials confronted Tate, who resigned. Russell and the church officials permitted Tate to pack a bag and arranged for him to leave Connecticut for California. At the time, the indictment says, Tate removed and later discarded his child pornography. Finally, on the same day, the indictment says, Russell took possession of Tate's computer and "altered, destroyed, mutilated and concealed it by taking it apart."

Tate, 64, of Greenwich, who has pleaded guilty to pornography charges, admitted possessing between 150 and 300 sexually explicit images of children. He faces up to 10 years in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for April 12.

O'Connor said that if Russell is convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 on each count. Russell is scheduled to go to trial April 17, he said.

Russell's recent clients included Andrew Kissel, a wealthy Greenwich developer found slain in his home last year. Kissel was the brother of an investment banker killed in Hong Kong in what became known as the "milkshake murder" because his wife fed him a poisoned milkshake and then bludgeoned him to death.

Russell also represented Wendell Woodroffe, a former store clerk charged last year with spiking bottled grape juice at a CVS store that sickened more than 40 churchgoers in Darien.

An Associated Press report was included in this story.

Contact Edmund H. Mahony at

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The below [found here]

George W. H. Bush
By Luis

President Poppy, in other words President George Bush, was born in Milton, Massachusetts on June 12, 1924. Bush had two brothers and one sister. Even though he was born in Massachusetts he grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. When Bush was a child he had five maids and a chauffeur. They even had a vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine. He also had a senator in the family, his father. His father was Senator of Connecticut from 1952 to 1963.

George Bush was a graduate from Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts in 1945. George Bush joined the United States Navy right after graduation and fought in World War II. He became a pilot and flew bombing missions against Japan at 18 years old and he flew 53 missions against Japan. Once his plane was shot down over the Pacific Ocean. Two crew members died but Bush survived. Within a few hours he was rescued and sent back to the United States.

In 1945 he married Barbara Pierce, a Greenwich, Connecticut woman. Bush has a big family of 6 children! Their names are George, John, Neil, Marvin, Robin, and Dorothy. Sadly Robin died of leukemia at three years old. His son George W. Bush is running for President.

Now married, he enrolled at Yale University. He was captain of the varsity baseball team and majored in economic at Yale University in Connecticut. Bush moved to Texas to get into the oil industry, at first Bush was painting oil rigs. After a while he began selling oil drilling equipment. Then Bush co-founded the Zapata Petroleum Corporation in 1953. In 1954 and was became President of the Zapata Offshore Corporation. By the time he was 41 he was a millionaire.

Bush was a Republican. When he was running for President he ran against Robert Dole, Pat Robertson, Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Benten. With Dan Quayle as his running mate he won with 53% of the votes, carrying 40 states and 426 electoral votes.

A great decision Bush made as President was when he sent troops to Panama and overthrew the government. He captured General Manuel Noriega. Bush also signed a compromise Civil Rights Bill in 1991. Bush also vetoed Family Leave bills twice in 1990 and 1992.

While he was President, the Cold War ended. George Bush also promised that while President, he would be an educational and environmental President but instead, the country had a banking scandal followed by deep recession.

In the Persian Gulf War the US won and 149 allied soldiers were killed and 513 were wounded. The estimate of Iraqi dead was a range of 8,000 to 25,000 and 100,000 killed in action. Bush ran for re-election but lost to Bill Clinton. George and Barbara Bush now live in Houston, Texas.

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Subject : Legislating ethics and the US Constitution into Connecticut

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