Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Getting stuck out in the Outback with George W. Bush

Imagine the scenario of somehow getting stuck out somewhere in the wilderness with George W. Bush.

There is enough food for one and co-operation would be needed.

I just don’t see Bush sharing or anyway respecting my space. I never saw Brokeback Mountain, but I think Bush is the type that might not be picky on gender, and I would not trust him to not want something inappropriate.

Bush lied twice under oath to become US President. He said he promised to uphold the US Constitution. Bush has since dismantled it. Bush lied about being brief beforehand about the New Orleans levies failing and then after a news clip was shown of him being briefed. Bush is a liar and worse. Whether or not you believe the WTC disaster was a planned demolition to bolster citizen support for going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, you would still have to question the moral character of someone that would put our troops at risk by advocating torture. If we say it is ok, then how can we complain when ours are also tortured? It seems there were more plentiful, powerful, and inexpensive hard drugs after we are occupying countries that are the sources for these drugs. Are they cheapest and strongest near US military bases and oil tanker ports?

As a landlord and small business person I have had run ins with sociopaths and psychopaths. They have no concern for anyone else’s needs of or feelings, except their own. They don’t know empathy or how to act so they have to copy someone else’s real emotions in order to pull off appearing normal. I believe both labels fit Bush before he became a pickle, his brain, a factory with alcohol and maybe even “freebase” cocaine which is now known as “crack”frying away. Yes, I believe Bush sucked on the glass dick, a crack cocaine pipe. Most that do that, I assume are permanently rewired. I have heard few adult males almost dying, choking on pretzels, and not being able to even ride a bicycle without hurting himself.

I probably don’t agree with some or most of the political views of other leaders such as Chavez, Putin, or Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but I would share my food with them in the outback and sleep comfortably knowing they are on the other side of the campfire. I would feel their humanity would be inner and they would just work together to survive.

I would tell Bush I love America and the American people, and that he had to fend for himself and find his own way back.

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas advocate against a US Police State

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Blogger Al S. E. said...

President Ahmadinejad's views are summarized on this website:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 10:15:00 PM  
Blogger The_SRV said...

to above poster, I put this comment in your blog:

I linked to this post from my blog, The Stark Raving Viking.

There has been something wrong in the US too long. There is a White Elite that owns most everything and their powerbase has been under threat for a while based on birthrates and "illegal" immigration.

The throwing as many poorer whites and minorities as possible in prison was a overused short term solution. Felons can't vote, may never have steady work, and have extreme difficulty in getting housing in their names.

The US final solution to the "minority" problem might be Martial Law and George W. Bush not facing election in 2008.

Try looking up the name "Steven G. Erickson" in a word search engine.

The Police in the US have a "Secret Enemies List". If you are a mouthy minority or a white that connects the dots, you are arrested and usually end up in prison.

I had a small business built up over 2 decades and was current on 3 rental property mortgages. I was a target of the police for what I wrote in newspapers.

Non-Whites that owned pizza restaurants or convenience stores in "White Only" areas were also targets.

The world should know.

New Orleans was a testing ground for what can be done. White police, mostly State Police from around the country were called in that had sniper experience. The National Guard has too many minorities. The Death Squads killed the Blacks in New Orleans and allegedly put them in refrigerated tractor trailers to be flown over the ocean by Chinook Helicopters to be dropped out in the open ocean.

The BBC had reported on new "Crowd Control" weapons developed by Israel and the US. Those could kill contained crowds using microwaves. The mostly minorities could be loaded in containers, loaded on container ships and the ship could be sunk at sea in deep water to hide the evidence.

Maybe George W. Bush's Final Solution.

Then there is world domination.

* * * *

Drugs such as Crack Cocaine and Heroin have been sold in "bad neighborhoods" with police cooperation. It is the new Jim Crow. I complained about what police were really doing in "containment areas", US Downtown areas.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 11:06:00 PM  

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