Monday, February 12, 2007

Identify Citizen Abuse

and then do something about it.

[click here] for Stark Raving Viking videos

[click here] for the text of letter sent to 187 elected officials mailed out this past Saturday:

Fixing Ethics in Courts and Police through Legislative Action

To All CT Legislators: Lawyers in Elected Office is Completely Unethical (02-10-2007)

[click here] for the open email sent to elected officials sent out Jan. 31, 2007, where legislators are being critical of "elected liars" or should I say "practicing attorneys" also working in the legislative branch for the people, live on Connecticut Government Television CT-N. Lawyers should not be able to double dip in two branches of government when there is supposed to be separation of powers. The lack of ethics in Connecticut and some other states is just plain amazing.

[click here] for video and post:

Aaron Russo talks with IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohen

[click here] for Rick Green's Hartford Courant piece on Judicial Abuse and the need for Judicial Reforms

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