Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The new "Joan of Arc", savior of non-custodial parents, 95% men?

Peggy Briggs Brooks, [far left], Prince Albert II of Monaco [far right], at an inaugeration party in Monaco. [click here] for a pic of Peggy in her fashion model days. [click here] for the upcoming film she is producing, "Solitary Birds", starring Alec Baldwin and Kate del Castillo.

Most of the public may not care of a man can't see his children and if child support payments are beyond what he is netting weekly. But when the issue is directed from the children's point of view of being deprived of a loving parent, maybe some attention can be raised. When a loving mother is denied the right to see the children that want to see her, maybe her example can be held up to see what is wrong with the system nationally.

[click here] unfairness in the courts and non-custodial parent issues.

Joan of Arc
[click here] for more information

[click here] for information on the movie "A River Made to Drown in", Peggy Briggs Brooks, Executive Producer.



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