Monday, February 26, 2007

Non-custodial parent issues

Kate del Castillo, one of the biggest stars from Mexico, starring in the upcoming film "Solitary Birds"

Peggy Briggs Brooks is for non-custodial parent issues, fairness in the courts. There are many looking to Peggy to make a national precedent from out of the Connecticut Legislature. Non-custodial issues are primarily about fathers not seeing their children. It should be about children not being further tortured by the judiciary, DCF, over billing and collusion of lawyers, and a corrupt state government. States should not make up for a loss of an industrial base and that lost revenue through scams and the parasitic bleeding of average families. We are looking to Peggy to be the Joan of Arc for what is a primarily Father's rights issues.

Through channels I am looking to collaborate with those in the entertainment industry for a Blockade of Connecticut by the Entertainment Industry until the courts are fair and the official torturing of children ends.

Disclaimer: Peggy Briggs Brooks said that my opinions are not necessarily hers, so I, Steven G. Erickson take full responsibility for the content of my blogs. There are potential heroes that are lawyers, judges, DCF, elected officials, police, and concerned citizens. I want to tell good stories along with the bad.

[click here] for my pitch to those in the entertainment industry

[click here] for a post on non-custodial parent, judicial abuse, and free speech issues

Peggy Briggs, Film Producer of "Solitary Birds" written by Ron Dobson.



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