Sunday, February 25, 2007

Will the Entertainment Industry Boycott Connecticut over this case?

[click here] where a blogger/journalist can be on a Secret Police "Enemies List" for posting and writing stuff the Governor of Connecticut and her goon squad [click], the Connecticut State Police, don't like.

or ... even cases like this:

Peggy Briggs Brooks has paid over a million and half dollars on lawyers to see her two sons. They both want to see her and there is no reason she should not see her boys. Lawyers can deliver nothing and bleed you dry. Judge preside over trials where the decisions of who is going to win based on wealth, power, and influence happens behind closed doors before any proceeding begin.

Should your tax dollars be used to destroy children and non-custodial parents?

Should courts of law be a SCAM or a public service?

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Disclaimer: Those that have been likewise abused by the system are considered my friends over time. I don’t post names and likenesses of anyone I am having a personal relationship with, if I am having one. I am open to the opposing sides comments questions and statements. I have posted rebuttal posts here from the opposing side on so many previous blogs, I don't intend on changing that policy. I have been critical of authorities, but each individual I consider, individually. I have a growing number of friends from all walks of life, even those with Federal and State jobs, or even those formally in those jobs for whatever reason. email:

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