Monday, March 05, 2007

1978 Corvette

I lost this:

I lost the car above and my home for complaining about police doing little to nothing about heroin and crack cocaine dealing near my home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. It is easier to go after citizens that want police to do their jobs, than to do their jobs. [click here] for more. Leaving criminals alone to take productive, tax paying citizens offline is just plain officially irresponsible. Note: links in post no longer work.

Ritt Goldstein also suggested Civilian Oversight of Police legislation to Connecticut elected officials. Ritt soon fled to Sweden to seek political asylum as the courts and police in Connecticut don't like citizens trying to get legislative solutions to problems such as corruption in the courts and within the ranks of police. [click here] for Ritt's video. Note: video is at times hard to make out some words, but the witnesses Ritt has testify in front of the Connecticut legislature are compelling.

A quick video of the houses I fixed up, 2 were boarded up before I started:

Instead of getting a reward for being a good citizen, I was falsely arrested and held as a political prisoner in Connecticut. The Connecticut State Police Officers, Amaral and Langlois have yet to be investigated for their perjury. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada have yet to be investigated for their crimes involved in my case and others.

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